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New Region and Boss - The Latest Update in Genshin Impact 3.0

Posted: Aug 19, 2022

The update of Genshin Impact 3.0 is coming soon, today we gonna talk about the biggest feature - the new Sumeru region. From what was told during the live stream, there's going to be two very distinct environments here, a lush rainforest and a huge desert area. The developers only focused talking about the Rainforest, so this could mean the desert area comes with the later update. However, the rainforest by itself seems very interesting, there are like these fungal areas and also a thing called “The Withering” which causes forest life to decay and you can see these areas that are destroyed by it.

But besides the map itself, we'll get Archon quests that will further be developed over the course of updates all the way to 3.2 and I am excited to see what type of Archon personality we'll be dealing with.

Also, there's like a ton of new monsters come that comes with this new region, mainly there's 2 new bosses which are going to be Electro Regisvine, the Flower Boss with a new colour and I hope it will get its revenge for all the other flowers.

The other boss is really interesting, it's called Jadeploom Terrorshroom and it has different strategies depending what element you use, for example, Pyro will cause a Burning reaction on it and it will try to extinguish it by deploying spores around the arena. Which brings me to the last part of this segment - the Dendro element. It will have two major reactions with Hydro and Electro, which will then have additional sub reactions you can create, I can make sure that the combat is going to very different when using the Dendro element.

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