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NBA 2K23 Introduces A New Challenge After LeBron James' New All-time Scoring Record

Posted: Feb 15, 2023

Posted: Feb 15, 2023

Source:  IGGM

More recently, NBA 2K23 is taking advantage of LeBron James breaking the NBA's all-time scoring record, introducing a new challenge to the game and giving players special rewards.

From this point of view alone, it is not difficult to explain why modern sports games are popular with players. That's because they know how to combine their game with ongoing activity in their respective leagues. The NBA 2K franchise does exactly this very well.

LeBron James Breaks Record For Top Scorer In NBA History

As we just mentioned, the recent news that LeBron James has surpassed the all-time NBA scoring record holder Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and became the NBA new leading scorer. NBA 2K23 immediately grasped got this information. And very cleverly introduced this information into their games in the form of activities.

If you're a basketball fan, you would know Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He is an NBA legend. The reason for saying this is that when he was a basketball player, he broke the previous record set by Wilt Chamberlain through his continuous efforts. But he did not give up and continued to work hard. Until 1989, when he retired, he set the NBA's highest all-time record with 38,387 points. This record runs from 1989 until February 7, 2023. That is, in this year, a rising basketball star LeBron James has always regarded Abdul-Jabbar's highest score in history as his goal and has been trying to surpass it.

LeBron James is indeed speaking with his own actions. And NBA 2K23 also shared a graphic of him with other previous scorers on his social media account. At first, everyone felt that Wilt Chamberlain's historical scoring record would not be broken. But James did not give up because of this, and has been on the way to win the championship. Until LeBron James officially broke the record. NBA 2K23 also quickly sniffed the news and introduced a new challenge in its own game for all players to challenge.

NBA 2K23 new LeBron challenges

New LeBron Challenge

The content of this new challenge is actually not too complicated. Participating NBA 2K23 players will first need to beat LeBron James' four "iconic" teams. Second, they have to find a way to prevent James from averaging 27 points per game.

If you successfully complete this challenge, you'll earn an HOF Option Pack and can choose 10 out of 15 of them. Actually this is a special challenge. The main purpose is to allow lost NBA 2K23 players to return to the game and provide them with a new way to obtain earning packs. By the way, if you improve your players by using NBA 2K23 MT, you will complete the challenge more easily.

This challenge is undoubtedly positive for all MyTeam fans. NBA fans can intuitively see the wonderful interaction between the game and reality. To put it bluntly, almost every exciting game or news they watch on TV every week will appear in another form in the game they play. The second is that NBA 2K often binds what fans desire in the most important content.

However, there are also some downsides to this challenge. For example, the time for participation in the LeBron James scoring record challenge is limited. Since this challenge will be released on Tuesday, the time for this challenge is only 48 hours. This is very rushed for all NBA 2K23 players. Because they have to complete all the challenges and get the corresponding rewards later on Monday.

But even if you didn't get a reward for this challenge, it's not a pity. Because, as an NBA fan, you can celebrate LeBron James breaking the record. You can also encourage other players to challenge this NBA superstar while experiencing NBA 2K23.


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