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MLB The Show 24: Predictions For The Upcoming Roster Attributes Update 4 In Season 2 - Possible New Diamond Tier Players

Posted: Jun 27, 2024

As you all know, Attributes-focused Roster Updates in MLB The Show 24 Season 2 will take place on Friday, June 28th, making this the 4th Attributes Update of the season.

Roster Attributes Update 4 takes into account players’ real-life performance to upgrade or downgrade their OVR and attributes. With the update approaching, let’s predict which players’ attributes and ratings will change in this Roster Update, and which players will reach Diamond tier!

Not only will this bring us more fun, but more importantly, if you have a new card that is promoted to Diamond tier, you will be able to earn a lot of MLB The Show 24 Stubs or use it to upgrade your team. Let’s get started!

MLB The Show 24: Predictions For The Upcoming Roster Attributes Update 4 In Season 2 - Possible New Diamond Tier Players

Garrett Crochet

As the 11th overall pick in the professional sports draft, Garrett Crochet is under a lot of pressure, and despite being a 94 overall card, his career has not gotten off to a great start.

On a team with an AL-worst 4.78 ERA, Crochet pitched to a 3.25 ERA, which is consistent with his 6-6 record. More importantly, Crochet’s 124 strikeouts are second only to Tyler Glasnow in MLB rankings. For now, his appearance in Diamond tier of Attributes Update may be the best chance for fans to see his potential.

Steven Kwan

Next, open your roster and get ready to add a name, Steven Kwan. Kwan is 15-for-32 in spring training with two walks and zero strikeouts, as his ability to get his bat to any pitch is simply amazing.

Not to mention he hit the ball in his first 26 swings this season. Although he is not good at hitting home runs, he has hit 9 hits in 19 at-bats, including 2 doubles and 1 triple. He didn’t hit the ball all over the place, nor did he play for extra bases, and he showed the patience and selectivity of a veteran.

I will also tell you that this player has reached base 15 times in four games with an on-base percentage of .789. His batting average is .692 and his slugging percentage is 1.000. And according to ESPN data, he has reached base 15 times in the first four games of his career, which is the most played by a major league player since 1901. Therefore, he is very likely to appear in this Diamond tier player card list!

Royce Lewis

Minnesota Twins have some promising players in Bullpen and Infielder lineup, and at the top of the list is Royce Lewis. The 24-year-old American is entering his third season with Twins, and his infielding abilities are only the tip of the iceberg of his potential.

In MLB The Show 24, Lewis has good infielding metrics, as well as good Reacting and Arm Accuracy, but lacks the durability to keep him going for longer than nine innings.

Offensively, Lewis performs better against right-handed pitchers, where he can use his contact or power swing and change his strategy to deceive opponents.

He also scored an 80 in Batting Clutch, making him an indispensable player in Twins batting order. If his Plate Discipline and Vision stats can improve in this Attributes Update, Lewis could become one of the better hitters in American League.

MLB The Show 24 Royce Lewis

Tyler O’Neill

St. Louis Cardinals have a unique skill in developing players, and center fielder Tyler O’Neill is one of them. The player has played in the major leagues for multiple seasons and has won two Gold Glove Awards.

Tyler O’Neill’s offensive and defensive attributes are mostly pretty average, with his 82 power and 84 durability against left-handers being his top marks. But one area where he does excel is in speed, which is already at 98. He’s lightning fast and can cover a lot of ground on the field and bases. I think his other attributes should be improved to get a better balance. What do you think? We’ll see.

Daniel Hudson

Many players will convert their extra closers to relief pitchers. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but it puts extra pressure on the bullpen, as true relief pitchers need to be able to handle multiple innings. And Daniel Hudson is a quality bridge between starter and closer.

His three-digit H/9, K/9, and Pitching Clutch are all incredible, even for other top relief pitchers. Looking at his other pitching stats, every attribute except stamina is at least 85. Therefore, he’s a no-brainer on my Diamond Players list, at least.

MLB The Show 24 Daniel Hudson

Clayton Kershaw

The 36-year-old Clayton Kershaw shows no signs of rustiness as he wraps up his 16th season with Los Angeles Dodgers. The veteran starting pitcher has 13 wins in 24 starts, his highest mark in the past five seasons.

Kershaw’s perfect Clutch Pitching stats and solid distribution between H/9, K9, and BB/9 categories make him a well-rounded and versatile pitcher who still has plenty of energy. With Kershaw’s services, Dodgers might be able to bring World Series back to Los Angeles.

That’s my prediction for the player attribute changes and new diamond player cards in Roster Attributes Update 4. What do you think? Do you have any better picks?

If you feel a player is still performing well and has a good chance of improving, go ahead and try to invest in them. However, be careful not to over-invest, as there’s always a chance they’ll underperform for a few games and that could cause their rating to drop. Let’s wait and see!


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