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MLB The Show 24: Master 10 Key Tips To Help You Transform Into A Top Player Quickly!

Posted: May 17, 2024

It’s no secret that even veterans can get overwhelmed when jumping into the latest version of a series, and the same is true with MLB The Show 24. If you’re a new player or returning veteran, the game’s diverse challenge modes and mechanics are sure to leave you dazzled.

In this guide, we aim to share some tips that new players need to know before they start playing MLB The Show 24 to help you have a better gaming experience on the field. This guide will cover tips for winning in game modes like Diamond Dynasty, as well as ways to become a top player.

MLB The Show 24: Master 10 Key Tips To Help You Transform Into A Top Player Quickly!

10. Get The Best Players In Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty is a game mode that some new players may not be drawn to first. It has some similarities to NBA 2K's My Team or EA FC’s Ultimate Team, and the primary method of getting the best players in the game is to pay.

What makes this mode one of the best ways to collect cards in some sports simulation games is that you can get all of the best players in the game for free with just a little time invested. Of course, you can choose to spend some money on packs to speed up the process and get the best team as soon as possible.

9. Be Selective In Buying Packs

If you don’t plan on spending money on the game, it’s not worth it to buy packs. You will be completely dependent on the luck of the packs, which can be particularly dangerous because there is no guarantee whether you will get excellent players.

Your focus should be to play as many games as possible and sell any players you can to save up your stubs to buy the best cards in the game. But once you plan to improve your lineup, you can take some risks by buying some packs.

8. Unlock Collections

When you invest some time in the game, you will unlock many collections by getting certain players that you may not have noticed. And redeeming these collections is one of the best ways to earn extra MLB The Show 24 stubs, which will definitely help you improve your team further.

You can redeem more collections if you have been participating in events such as Live Series or Team Affinity, which allow you to exchange some items like Throwback Jerseys for free stubs or packs.

7. Play Mini Seasons

Unless you want to do some flipping in the market, playing Mini Seasons single-player mode is probably the best way to earn stubs in MLB The Show 24. Besides that, Mini Seasons is also a great way for beginners to start the game as it is not challenging at all and will help you learn the game faster.

You can complete various tasks to earn stubs or packs, most of which are fairly easy. You just need to do something as simple as winning a few games on any difficulty and you can get a lot of packs as a reward.

MLB The Show 24 Mini Seasons

6. Complete New Storylines

In addition, Negro League and Derek Jeter Storylines are constantly expanding, with extra parts being added over time. Since they can take quite a while, it’s best to complete them as soon as possible to catch up when the other parts are released.

But that’s not the only reason to play this mode as it is one of the best parts of the game and has a lot of creative and unique content that baseball fans will love. What’s more, it also rewards you with many of the talented players in the game, which makes it even better.

5. More Custom Practice

The custom practice range is back in MLB The Show 24 and it’s better than ever. Practicing hitting or pitching in custom practice is the best way to improve your game. It allows you to constantly perfect yourself, learn the mechanics of pitches, and become a better player.

What’s even better is that the game lets you decide how often and where you pitch when you’re at bat, so you can practice specific areas of your game.

4. Challenge Of The Week

You may have noticed that when you start playing in MLB The Show 24, you get to try out a variety of outstanding game modes, and Challenge of the Week is one of them. You can think of this mode as batting practice and try to hit as many balls as possible to make the multiplier go up.

As you hit some balls, the difficulty level automatically increases, making this challenge harder and harder. Once you get good enough, you can even try to compete for the top spot on the leaderboard and win some prizes.

MLB The Show 24 Challenge of the Week

3. Complete Programs

Similar to collections, you can also complete Programs in MLB The Show 24 to get some players, stubs, and other exclusive items for free. You just need to complete the tasks given in these programs to earn points, which you can then redeem for these packs and players.

Currently, you can unlock players like Sandy Alcantara, Dylan Crews, and even James Wood. Note that if you play these activities in conjunction with other activities, you will be able to build a great team before you even start playing multiplayer game modes.

2. Adjust Your Game Settings

MLB The Show 24 is a game where settings play a huge role. Whether it’s your camera settings, choosing the right hits, the fielding interface, or your Plate Coverage Indicator, every player has their own preferences and you need to find out which settings work best for you. Or you can experiment in-game, which is probably the best way to find out what settings work best for you.

1. Start The Game With Dynamic Difficulty

Whether you are a new player, just starting out or you have baseball experience in previous games, you should always pitch and bat at the dynamic difficulty setting.

This setting will start you with the easiest difficulty and automatically adjust based on your performance. As you progress, the difficulty will increase. This means you have to constantly improve your game to match the strength of your opponents.

Difficulty Settings Guide For MLB The Show 24

These are all the 10 tips you need to know before you start your MLB The Show 24. Master them and you will be able to take your place in the leaderboard faster!


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