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Madden 24: 3 New Pre-Order Bonuses You Need To Know!

Posted: Jun 29, 2023

Posted: Jun 29, 2023

Source:  IGGM

With Madden 24 launching soon, here’s everything you need to know about Madden 24 pre-order rewards. My focus is still Madden Ultimate Team Mode. So we’re going to inspect it and focus on three different MUT pre-order bonuses.

Theme Team Kickoff Pack

First up is an interesting pre-order bonus. I never heard until today that if we pre-order Madden 24 under the first rewards tab, we get Theme Team Kickoff Pack.

Then we can choose a Player Item. I’m assuming this is probably something like 82-83 Overall players. You can take any of them. And you will also get a Welcome Pack, and a bunch of team logos.

If you ordered online, they will email an online code to you. I guess many people probably do this. You enter that code if they take advantage of the pre-order offer. They’ll then give you Theme Team Kickoff Pack from Madden Ultimate Team, which is a cool deal.

I don’t know which pre-order bonus is the best. Because rewards vary depending on where you order. But that’s the first bonus of the pre-order, and it’s a Theme Team Kickoff Pack. Again, we don’t know what it contains.

Madden 24: 3 New Pre-Order Bonuses You Need To Know!

NFL Marble Bills Gear

Next up is the second pre-order bonus. As you can see, Madden NFL 24 Deluxe Edition has different league rewards than the regular version. You may have heard about the three-day Early Access before, and also about Madden Points.

But I want to point out here that the most important reward here is NFL Marble Bills Gear. Because we’ve talked about it before in Hall Of Fame Player Item. That could mean it’s possible it’ll be featured in Hall Of Fame promo instead of Madden Ultimate Team.

If you order Madden NFL 24 Deluxe Edition now, we’re getting Hall Of Fame Player Item on day one. What I’m trying to say is that it’s getting closer to the ultimate release of Madden 24. If you’ve pre-ordered, not only will you get early access to the game for even more MUT 24 Coins, but you’ll also get access to this Hall Of Fame Player Item whenever it appears in Madden Ultimate Team.

Madden 24: Deluxe Edition

Josh Allen Elite Player Item

And finally, there’s pre-order bonus number three, Josh Allen Elite Player Item. I’m assuming that you already pre-ordered Madden NFL 24 Deluxe Edition through Madden 23 or Madden 22. As you can see, the limited time offer is Player Item. This is a Fantasy Pack where you get a certain type of player. Note, please book by July 22. You’ll get a Fantasy Pack, another pre-order bonus option.

I’m going to show you one last thing here. Now there’s an EA Play Pro Edition. I’m not quite sure how that works. But you’ll notice that the pre-order rewards are the same as everything we’ve seen before. But there are still a few changes, including the base game’s Dual Entitlement, Josh Allen.

If you log into Madden 24 EA Play Pro Edition from August 2023 through July 2024. Then, you can earn 500 Madden Points per month. But I wonder how you got this EA Play Pro Edition. I did a little research to see how it all works.

Let’s say that if we pre-order an EA game for a month, it will pop up and there will finally be a way to get it. Although the offers are very similar, you get the same amount of Madden Points.

They’re just spaced out so you don’t get them all, but you might take advantage of that to get more Madden Points.

All in all, this is what I want to share about the three bonuses of pre-ordering Madden 24 and my views on EA Play Pro Edition. I hope these will help you.


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