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Leveling and Gold Farming Methods in Project Everlook Vanilla

Posted: Nov 18, 2022

Posted: Nov 18, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Project Everlook PTR has released on the 11th of November this year though, I saw some confusions about what is the Project Everlook? Actually is just a WOW version with open source, and the core is basically trying to emulate the original World of Warcraft when it released back in 2004. Of course it is not a complete copy of vanilla WOW, it's just based on the old version client. So for the players who are interested in playing there, I will tell you guys later what you need to do.

Leveling and Gold Farming Methods in Project Everlookg

First quick guide, I want to give you a leveling tip here. So for the Orc starting zone currently, they're just packed people and every mode is getting camped by at least four to five people. I want to share a little tip with you regarding the quest, the Lazy Peon Quest.

Lazy Peon Quest is a very easy completable, because the Lazy Peons can get hit by five plus people at the same time, so if one Lazy Peon is going to lay down, a bunch of people can stand around it, and everyone can hit him approximately at the same time, so this Quest is very easy to do.

There is also a little tip on this quest, for example, if you were in the a team with five people for Lazy Peon, two of members on working, and other three people left off, we were still regarded as five people, and we could all hit the lazy peons, very simple and quick tip for you, you can do the quest a little bit faster.

Another thing I have to mention is don't try to just stand next to them, do not waste your time by waiting for other people to hit it, or make a line to hit them. Just walk around and hit them as long as you see, because everyone will get the quick Quest Credit. Oppositely even though the other ones won't see you get the Quest Credit, you will get it as well.

The tips for gold farming is actually too vrious, you use almost everything you used in the WOW to farm as much Everlook Vanilla Gold as you can. But I do have a tip for you, I have tried lasher farming in DME on a few classes, you can farm the lashers without problem (loot drops are also fine), but you don't have save spots on the broken pillars anymore. So if you make a mistake and pull the treants, you will die (which costs gold and time, making the farm less efficient). It's doable, but there is no room for mistakes.

You can also check IGGM to get some more cheap Everlook Gold, hope this guide can help you a little bit, enjoy your adventure!


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