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Genshin Impact: What you need to know about Nilou

Posted: Aug 06, 2022

Posted: Aug 06, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Genshin Impact is known to be updated very frequently, with players experiencing brand-new content every six weeks. Among the many Genshin Impact characters, players have plenty of options to build a team of characters that suit their play style.

For fans of Genshin Impact, the most anticipated thing at this stage is the release of Version 3.0, after which we will see the opening of the Sumeru region and the addition of a large number of new characters. Among them, the exotic Hydro 5-star character Nilou is highly attractive. We can see her figure in the preview trailer of Sumeru and learn more details about her now.

1. Release time

While HoYoverse hasn't set an exact release date, according to numerous leaks, Nilou will meet us in Version 3.1 alongside Cyno.

2. Talents and play style

According to some reliable leaks, Nilou's Elemental Skill is four sword slashes. Whenever she activates a skill, she will perform a first sword slash, and the remaining three swords can be triggered by launching a Normal Attack or pressing the skill button.

Nilou's Elemental Burst consumes 70 energies and has an 18-second Cooldown, but it not only does a very decent amount of damage but also extra Splash Damage.

Overall, Nilou is a character that deals damage around Dendro and Hydro's Bloom reflexes, but her long cooldown and skill limitations make her unsuitable as an on-site DPS.

3. Lore

We currently only know that Nilou is a dancer at Zubayr Theater, but I believe she will play a great role in winning the next plot.

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