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Genshin Impact 4.6: What Impact Will The Latest Changes To Arlecchino Kit Have? - New Rotations & Teams

Posted: Apr 08, 2024

Recently, we discovered that Arlecchino's kit will undergo some changes in Genshin Impact 4.6, both in the form of buffs and nerfs. Here we’ll summarize some of her key changes, and with this guide you’ll find out if she’s been buffed, and if her best teams and rotations have changed as a result.

Kit Changes

Before starting teams with her, I would do a quick review of her kit changes and try to keep it as simple as possible so you’re not clueless.

Genshin Impact 4.6: What Impact Will The Latest Changes To Arlecchino Kit Have? - New Rotations & Teams

Earlier, we could only get 85% Bond of Life with Arlecchino in a single target situation. Of this, 70% comes from marks imposed by her abilities and 15% comes from her burst.

But right now, Arlecchino’s Elemental Burst doesn’t offer 15% Bond of Life. In return, it resets the cooldown of elemental skills. This is a great addition, since elemental skills are her primary way of gaining Bond of Life. This means you can get at least two casts in one rotation.

Not only that, but the way she once obtained Bond of Life has also changed. Now, if you perform a charged attack after applying the mark from her skill within 5 seconds, you will gain 40% Bond of Life. If you wait 5 seconds, you’ll get 70%.

So this means if you get 70% from the first skill cast, and 70% from the next skill cast, you’ll get 140% Bond of Life.

Also, since healing is transferred to her burst, the second skill cast will not clear her Bond of Life.

And the base multiplier of her red death state has been increased. Her elemental skill cooldowns have been doubled from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, but each basic attack reduces her skill cooldowns by 0.8 seconds. Therefore, about 19 normal attacks will reduce the skill cooling time by about 15 seconds. And Bond of Life reduction rate of her normal attacks has been increased to 6.5%.

In short, she can now get more Bond of Life with an increased multiplier, and in exchange, Bond of Life reduction rate has been increased to 6.5%. Although there were many buffs and nerfs in her kit, she ended up getting a significant buff. So now is definitely a good time to buy a Genshin Impact Account and try out Arlecchino!

Genshin Impact 4.6: Arlecchino Kit Changes

General Rotation

Regarding her rotation, I have to remind you that you need to cast at least 2 skills per rotation to get the most out of her kit.

You may want to get 110% of Bond of Life or 140%, depending on how long you want to rotate. You can start with her skill and wait 3-4 seconds. During this time, you can switch to your support. Then use Arlecchino’s burst and a charged attack.

It should be noted that do not perform a charged attack before the burst, because her burst will clear Bond of Life. After using burst, use her skill again, then you can attack normally for 5 seconds or switch back to other supports.

Next, switch to Arlecchino again and perform a charged attack. This will give you the maximum Bond of Life, which is 140%. Or you can use the ability at the beginning for a shorter rotation, then cast her burst, and a charged attack.

Use the skill again and switch to support, then switch back to Arlecchino after 5 seconds and perform a charged attack, then continue sending your normal attacks.

Please note that this rotation will vary depending on your team, but this will be the general rotation.

Which Is The Best Choice For Arlecchino Team?

As Arlecchino’s rotation gets longer, it makes her harder to use with characters like Bennett or Yelan, as those characters have shorter buff durations and don’t fit into her rotation.

Of course, you can still use her with Bennett, but the character in the spotlight right now is Chevreuse. Because Chevreuse has long-lasting buffs, Arlecchino can easily take advantage of them.

Genshin Impact: Which Is The Best Choice For Arlecchino Team?

Therefore, the best team to go with Arlecchino right now would be Chevreuse Overload team.

For the next two slots, you need to adapt to these long-rotating roles. The perfect characters for these two slots are Fischl and Yae Miko, as you can easily get 100% uptime on their elemental skills.

A quick swap team like this will make playing Arlecchino easier for you, as you can easily swap back to Chevreuse, Fischl, or Yae Miko to refresh buffs and skills.

But if you don’t have Yae Miko, you can also use any other Electro Sub-DPS like Beidou, Kuki Shinobu, Lisa or Raiden Shogun. Alternatively, you can use Pyro Buffer or another Sub-DPS like Bennett or Xiangling in her place.

But I don’t recommend using Bennett against light enemies, because overload can push them back, meaning you can easily get out of Bennett’s circle.

Regardless, this is her best team lineup. Of course, you can still use her on other teams, such as Mono-Pyro team with Xiangling, Bennett, and Kazuha. Or you can use her in a Vaporize team with Yelan or Xingqiu and Bennett.

But for now, Arlecchino is a perfect fit for Chevreuse. Therefore, I hope she will be added to Arlecchino’s banner so that every Arlecchino main can have her. Please let me know what your Arlecchino team is. See you next time!


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