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Diablo 4 Will Be Much Bigger Than You Think!

Posted: Apr 14, 2023

Posted: Apr 14, 2023

Source:  IGGM

“The entirety of Diablo 4 will be 10 to 20 times bigger than any previous Diablo titles. It’s so large that mounts are going to be required to cross all these distances. Five regions to explore and discover, all with distinct monster families and biomes.” This is a direct quote from John Mueller, the Art Director of Diablo 4 at BlizzCon in 2019.

This is a very big deal for Diablo fans because we’ve never truly gotten that completely massive open world Sanctuary wasteland experience on this scale before until now. Since Diablo 4 is very long from the previous Diablo game, many players are very hesitant to purchase this game. So, my purpose for writing this article is to dispel your doubts and tell you the truth that Diablo 4 is much bigger than you think.

Diablo 4 Has A Much Larger World

If you’ve been paying attention to recent news on Diablo 4 or even got to test out the open beta weekend for yourself, you got access to play through Diablo 4’s first Act and dove right into the story of the Fractured Peak zone. We personally leveled all five different character classes to level 25 by using Diablo 4 Gold and farming maps and did a wide variety of dungeons and exploring and we collectively sunk over 125 hours into the beta demo and still didn’t even come close to discovering and exploring everything available.

Diablo 4 Will Be Much Bigger Than You Think

Fractured Peaks takes up a total of one-fifth of the zones in Diablo 4. With other zones including Scosglen, which is a land where the original Nephalem are born and it’s full of Druids and was heavily inspired by Scotland. The Dry Steppes, which is a desert wasteland home to Barbarians, Mercenaries and cannibalistic Blood Mages who fight for survival in the harsh and unforgiving salt flats. Kehjistan, which features vast dunes in the north and rainforest in the South and is home to the Mage Clans, Cultists as well as Demons. And lastly, Hawezar is home to Witches, Assassins, thieves and giant snakes and it’s a swampland region full of poison disease and sorrow.

All these zones help make up the locations of Diablo 4 and this still doesn’t even include Hell, which has always been a massive part of the series.

If you look at the size difference between all the previous Diablo titles, Diablo 4 is going to be a much larger world and offer you a massive difference in terms of exploration, discovery and adventure. You can actually combine all the worlds from previous Diablo titles and put them into one and it still wouldn’t be the size of the brand new addition to the series that is Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks

Diablo 4 Has Shared World Elements

Now, Diablo 4 is not an MMO. Let me make that clear. But it is in essence and given the size of a multi-dimensional state of Diablo’s world, there are plenty of environments Blizzard could even introduce in future patches. We could see a return of nutrition for Diablo 3 or perhaps even find ourselves scaling Mount Arreat again.

The core concept of every RPG is basically to allow players to freely explore the world in the game. Therefore, as long as the designer can clearly define the world in the game, the game will be full of fun, and players will naturally be full of freshness and experience of the game.

Throughout the open world, you’re going to engage in a wide variety of events that make up an MMO. This includes world bosses, social hubs and mounts. Diablo 4 can be described as having shared world elements. But ultimately the developer wanted to retain that feeling of isolation, the same at which Diablo 2 captured. They wanted the world to be big enough to where you don’t encounter players often. But when you do, it could be for grouping down to take down harder challenges together.

While Blizzard wants to make Diablo 4 more social, it is not a full-fledged MMO. Instead. it used light MMO elements to create a shared world that allows players to play at their preferred pace. A lot of people don’t actually seem to understand the length and size of ambition the developers have come to approach Diablo 4 at. And I truly believe they’re trying to swing big with loads of brand new systems and events being implemented never before seen in previous Diablo titles.

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Diablo 4 Is More Immersive And Engaging Than Ever

Diablo 4 promises to be more immersive and engaging than ever before and through my time playing the beta these last few weekends, they truly have nailed it. This isn’t me being biased at all because hundreds of thousands of players feel the same way.

Following a storyline that’s new and in-depth that involves your customized character with their own specific look and appearance to cut scenes and story missions as well as interacting with new and appreciated story characters and engagements to be had with them all as well.

Having access to five different character classes, each with an incredible amount of build diversity and legendary powers and effects to give every build their own play style and customization, leaving you with hundreds of options to choose from between all the classes.

Diablo 4 Fields of Hatred

A world full of epic region-wide events taking groups of players to accomplish them like world bosses and Helltide events as well as more competitive gameplay modes like PVP, Fields of Hatred and even grouping up for dungeons together with your friends in the endgame nearby. They redesigned combat animations and effects as well as combat gameplay itself, looking and feeling incredibly smooth and flu good and even being quite challenging as monsters scale to your level to always keep the player engaged and dedicated to increase their player power rather than simply steamrolling through all the content.

Systems designed to make every single character unique, including the Paragon Board, which opens up at level 50 and gives you four points at every level to invest in your own board. This is a very intricate and customizable bonus to your character with a wide variety of options to invest into.

Diablo 4 Paragon Board


There have been a lot of people wondering if the Diablo 4 would just be a clone to one of its predecessors of the past and even more people deciding whether the game is going to be a cash grab like Diablo Immortal was. This left fans feeling lost and really betrayed and either simply going back to Diablo II: Resurrected with the relaunch happening recently. Replaying Diablo 3 is just simply quitting and not planning on playing another Blizzard title in general.

It’s taken a long time for me to enjoy a brand new game on the level that I do enjoy Diablo 4. And ever since I’ve played it in beta, I know that this is going to be an absolutely massive game in every sense of the word between the size of the world its measure of success and even the size of the enemies you face. Is it near a perfect game? No. But I promise you, Diablo 4 will be a lot bigger than you think.


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