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Diablo 4: The Most Efficient Way To Level In Server Slam

Posted: May 13, 2023

I believe many players know that Diablo 4 Server Slam has already started. You may recall that we saw elite level 35 players in the far west of Fractured Peaks area, where there were many people farming high-level loot. Because we’ve stayed at level 25. But now things have changed a bit. We will never find this person again.

In fact, as far as I know, he doesn’t even drop anything, so you get nothing there, but one might still want to be the most powerful character. So I have some new ideas for you.

The Key To Leveling In Server Slam

I’ve been thinking about how we level up to level 20 and the key to the most efficient way to level up in Server Slam. We need some other strategies.

Some people really enjoy farming this level 30 mob in the Gathering Legions event, but as far as I can tell, they only show up every once in a while. So you can go there, but you have to clear a quarter of the gun stronghold for it.

Diablo 4: Gathering Legions

So overall, it’s going to be really hard to actually finish a stronghold because the bosses are so powerful. However, if you’re feeling confident enough and want to get higher-level loot, you can try farming the same dungeon over and over again.

You may recall that Anica’s Claim dungeon used to be one of the valid ways to open dungeons, but that doesn’t work anymore, either. Because Blizzard has removed the reset dungeon button, the way the dungeon is loaded now is that you have to leave the dungeon for a while.

Although they don’t specify, I think it can take up to three minutes if you haven’t finished the dungeon yet. Then the time is much shorter. But it still takes a minute, and you know it takes about a minute between dungeon runs to get something done.

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Find The Best Dungeons And Events

You can know to complete Mastery objective to get more rewards. But there is little chance of getting Legendary items there. That way they can try to make whatever build you want.

So I’ve been looking around the complete map and just picking dungeons and events, trying to find the best spots where we can combine both at the same time. This way you can complete a dungeon and go out and do an event.

Diablo 4: Dead Man's Dredge dungeon

To the southeast of Fractured Peaks, there is a very simple dungeon, Dead Man’s Dredge dungeon. It ends up having no real boss. So it’s easy to do in any situation, even if your single target has low damage and has an event in front of the door.

Of course, you can also use the downtime between dungeon runs to unlock Town Portal, and maybe you can find some rare items to help you level up or a rich Diablo 4 Gold. So that’s obviously an option, and if you don’t like Dead Man’s Dredge dungeon, you can do another dungeon, maybe with some variations.

You can find a Lost Archives dungeon in the far southwest, and there’s an event on the opposite side. Those are basically the two destinations where I think it makes sense for you to execute this strategy. But it’s probably the best way to equip and even upgrade.

How To Level The Fastest?

I think running this dungeon over and over as fast as possible and then completing events in the middle might also result in some of the fastest upgrades. This might not be the best way to do it, since when only running one dungeon, there is a minute or two of downtime between runs.

Diablo 4: How To Level The Fastest?

So I definitely want to try combining it with Legendary items. It only takes an hour, and you get some free Legendary items as well.

At this point, you’re around level 11 or 12. You can complete your Renown over the course of a Codex of Power collected from various dungeons. If you want to prepare yourself for facing Ashava, this is probably the best way to get here.

The above is my level process in Server Slam and the summed up skills. I hope it can be helpful to you. Finally, I wish you the best of luck in Server Slam.


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