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Diablo 4: What Makes Season Of Blood Special? - All Important Changes Coming To Season 2

Posted: Oct 09, 2023

Brand new info about the second season of Diablo 4 is out and I have summarized for you the most important changes. There are some very good news that should make many players happy and maybe even will dispel the displeasure of some.

Before for carrying about the numerous quality of life improvements, we first look at the season specific content.

Diablo 4: What Makes Season Of Blood Special? - All Important Changes Coming To Season 2

Season Of Blood Content Progression

The Season of Blood is waiting for us, as the title suggests a vampire scene. The terrible Lord Zir is terrorizing Sanctuary. But before you get to see this new end boss, you’ll be helping a Vampire Hunter named Eris on various adventures.

You will encounter new monster types, such as Vampires or Blood Skeletons, which will also surprise the players with new attacks. This also means that you have more ways to farm Diablo 4 Gold.

In the endgame, boss runs will finally become a topic again. In addition to Duriel and Lord Zir, there will be three more bosses that you can run as many times as you like and they should also have special loot tables. Those will contain the so-called Uber uniques, which will still be very rare but should get a more realistic drop chance.

The Malignants from the first season will disappear, of course, but the characters will get Vampiric Powers. There will be different blood seals of which you can insert up to five to a provided board, especially the combinations of different Vampire Powers should become very interesting.

Matching the story line there will also be a few new cosmetics. I’m personally looking forward to this burning horse, which reminds me of a nightmare from MTG (Magic: The Gathering). The Cosmetics are to be found with the new bosses.

Diablo 4 Temptation Mount

In addition, a new event is added (kind of similar to the Helltide). It will be called the ‘Blood Harvest’. There you will be able to farm season’s specific materials and also pick up strong loot rewards.

Unlike the Helltide, there will always be an area where the Blood Harvest takes place. If an area expires, the harvest starts somewhere else, and the collected resources do not disappear during change or when you leave the game.

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General Detail Improvements

Now, let’s talk about the numerous detail improvements.

For Hardcore players, there will be Scrolls (Scrolls of Escape) that automatically saves the character on disconnect by teleporting him to the safe location.

There will also be stronger XP bonuses because they all will be multiplied by the world tier in the future.

When skipping the campaign, you will get two more waypoints per area, so a total of 10.

More important, the Renown progress will persist between characters and Seasons. So, in season 2, we will start with all Paragon Points and other unlocks.

With the end of the first season, you will also get two new character slots. This is also urgently needed.

In all towns and villages where there is a waypoint, there will also be a personal stash and additional stashes near important vendors. At the whispering tree, an Occultist will open up his shop. And in various towns the Curiosity merchant will be placed closer to the waypoint.

Here is another very great improvement. The horse will get a huge buff in the future. It should no longer get stuck or lose speed for no reason. It will automatically jump over ditches and run 14% faster. The maximum speed remains unchanged, but the boost from Spur lasts 50% longer and finally breaks barricades. The cooldowns will also be reduced. After this mounting, you will have only 5 seconds. The cooldown of the mount attack is reduced from 10 to 3 seconds and when the monsters take you down from the horse, you will only have 15 instead of 30 seconds waiting time.

When teleport in to Nightmare Dungeons, you will directly get into the dungeon and not in front of it. And the included events should also give much more monsters, especially in the first waves, which are kind of poor.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Changes to Nightmare Dungeons

The structure of many maps also gets adjusted, so it will be more comfortable when running. You won’t have to backtrack too much. And enemies which are relevant for completing will be closer to the main path so that you cannot miss them.

Legion and boss events will be more frequent. World Bosses will appear almost twice as often as before every 3 and a half hours.

The rewards from the whispering tree will be improved, so no more low-level signal and in addition, there will be more Diablo 4 Gold and experience.

Further, you will not only be able to mark Diablo 4 Items as Junk but also as Favorite, which makes inventory management a bit more flexible and you can protect important items from accidental sale or recycling. In the stash, you will get a search and filter function for your items.

You will not only be able to turn off the damage numbers but all the other text layers in combat (i.e. Dodge, Vulnerable, Fortified), too.

An optional auto run function will be added and the mini map will be zoomed out a bit to capture a wider area.

An important change for all items: monsters of higher monster levels will drop items with higher item power. Also, the loot from the Helltide chests and from the Whispering Tree will get more item power as well. So, the tree, which always annoys me, maybe becomes a little more interesting.

That’s definitely a lot of good improvements. I’m really looking forward to the new season.


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