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Diablo 4 Season 3: How To Find This New Juggernaut’s Aspect In Season Of The Construct?

Posted: Feb 03, 2024

Diablo 4 Season of the Construct introduces some Unique Items and Legendary Aspects for players to experiment with in their favorite builds. Here’s everything you need to know about getting Juggernaut’s Aspect in Diablo 4 Season 3.

Season 3 focuses on letting players try out their own builds before taking on Gauntlet Leaderboard challenge. The developers have introduced a new set of Legendary Aspects, giving users incredible boosts to face every construct that awaits them in Vaults dungeons.

Juggernaut’s Aspect was introduced in Diablo 4 1.3.0 update, and some builds are already thriving thanks to its buffs. Unfortunately, finding it in Sanctuary’s world can be a little tricky.

Juggernaut’s Aspect Explained

Juggernaut’s Aspect in Diablo 4 is a Defensive Legendary Aspect that increases the overall defense of each class. However, while the player’s armor will be greatly buffed, it will also increase the cooldown of dodge by 100%.

After upgrading a rare item to a legendary, Occultist can imprint this Legendary Aspect of the rare item. You can attach this attribute to Chest Armor, Pants, Helms, Shields, and Amulets, and it will help increase your defense.

Diablo 4 Season 3: How To Find This New Juggernaut’s Aspect In Season Of The Construct?


But Juggernaut’s Aspect isn’t easy to find, as you need to salvage it from Diablo 4 items that have been imprinted. This means that one way to get Juggernaut’s Aspect is to farm legendary items. You can do this during Helltides event, where the demon density increases exponentially and you’ll find more elites roaming the area.

However, a better way to get Juggernaut’s Aspect is to complete the fifth chapter in Season 3 journey called Slayer.

If you check the rewards, you’ll see that you get a lot of Diablo 4 Gold and Aspects, one of which is Juggernaut’s Aspect. But you must complete chapter objectives to unlock more chapters.

How To Get Juggernaut’s Aspect?

You can obtain Juggernaut’s Aspect in Diablo 4 after completing Slayer challenges in Season 3 journey. To do this, you need to play World Tier 4 and unlock a total of 11 challenges. Listed below are each of the challenges required to unlock Juggernaut’s Aspect:

  • Blessing of the Strong: Equip one Sacred Legendary item in each slot.
  • Prophecy Pluripotent: Open 3 different types of Tortured Gifts during Helltides.
  • Heads of the Snake: Defeat 6 Helltide Commanders during Helltides.
  • Vanquishing Hell’s Beast: Kill Champion Monsters.
  • Overcoming Terrors: Complete 20 Nightmare Vaults.
  • Zoltun’s Bounty: Unlock 30 Wardwoven Chests by retaining Zoltun’s Warding.
  • Lapidarist Proficient: Crafting 50 Uncertain Seneschal Stone Caches.
  • Seneschal Ascendant: Upgrades Tuning Stones to level 10.
  • Confronting Ancestral Terror: Complete T21+ Nightmare Dungeon.
  • Shock and Awe: Defeat Grigoire in World Tier 4.
  • Invasion of Privacy: Flip through Wardwoven Chests until you have read all Kulle’s Heart Journals.

Keep in mind that you can also earn Juggernaut’s Aspect when farming legendary gear in higher World Tiers.

Diablo 4: Slayer Challenges In Season 3 Journey


What’s so special about Juggernaut’s Aspect? It gives you 0.75-1.25 armor, but your dodge cooldown is increased by 100%. Also, it can be attached to many parts of your armor, so you should be able to find a place to put it.

As a reminder, some online players have noticed a bug regarding Juggernaut’s Aspect. According to this bug report, some players noticed an increase in dodge penalties but no increase in armor buffs. Another player said it doesn’t work in towns, but does when out of town.

That’s all about how to get Juggernaut’s Aspect in Diablo 4 Season 3. See you next time!


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