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Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Optimize Your Pulverize Druid Build To Beat Uber Lilith With Ease?

Posted: Nov 24, 2023

Are you still troubled by Druid’s inability to defeat Uber Lilith? Here we’ll talk about how to optimize and improve your Druid build to achieve the one-hit-kill Uber Lilith.

We are playing around with a Pulverize Druid build. Before the battle begins, let me explain Gears, Skills, Paragon Board and Aspects of this build and give you a battle walkthrough.

Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Optimize Your Pulverize Druid Build To Beat Uber Lilith With Ease?

Special Gear Explained

First, we increase the damage dealt by core skills by up to 38% based on Fortify level. This way we can Fortify with half of our health before Uber Lilith hits the ground. There’s also an 8% critical hit chance.

If you have enough Diablo 4 Gold budget, improving the effect of Debilitating Roar is a great option. Because it directly provides you with 22% of your maximum health and Fortify effect. Building on what we’ve already generated, you can hit 100% almost instantly.

Now with Sanguine Brace and critical hit potion, my critical hit rate has reached 68%-70%. Our defense then increases damage, and our critical strike increases damage by 120%.

Diablo 4: Debilitating Roar

Balanced Ring is very interesting. It allows us to increase the maximum Spirit by 70% and Spirit generation by 20% when Grizzly Rage is active. This allows me to smash even more with an active Grizzly Rage. Also, I increased the damage by 30% with 75% Spirit, so technically that’s pretty amazing.

When you strengthen your Earth skills and both rings, you can swap out Aspect of Quicksand on your boots. Because we’re not planning to confuse Lilith, we’re just planning to cause as much damage as possible. Don’t forget to use Elixir of Cruelty, which increases your critical chance by 15%.

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The Fight: Step By Step

Activate Grizzly Rage before the battle begins, and your defense will be greatly improved. Now we can use Trample and become unstoppable again.

Pulverize and Shockwave Aspect combine to cause damage in a cone in front of you. To increase damage to a single target, find the sweet spot between its own radius and the resulting shockwave so that it hits the enemy twice per cast. This build uses multiple sources of guaranteed suppression and multiplies its damage with Ursine Strength Key Passive.

Between ‍Earthen Bulwark, ‍Trample and Metamorphosis, you have three tools that make you unstoppable and make you virtually immune to Crowd Control! Also, you are fully reinforced in almost all situations.

Diablo 4: Pulverize Druid Gameplay

Gear & Aspects

Once you’ve finished leveling up, you can farm Legendary Aspects and the unique items you need for your next progression point. Here we’re still trying to get the all-important, drop-only Shockwave Aspect, as it increases our AOE and damage.

  • Put Defensive Aspects on pants and helmet.
  • Place Aspect of Quicksand on your chest. When used in conjunction with Aspect of the Umbral, this will improve our Spirit generation.
  • We can only place Aspect of the Umbral on rings.
  • Alternate Aspect of the Ursine Horror and Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast on your second ring and glove.
  • Put Ghostwalker Aspect on your boots.
  • Place ‍Aspect of Retaliation on your weapon to maximize damage.
  • Use Rapid Aspect on your amulets to increase your Spirit generation.

Diablo 4: Shockwave Aspect

Paragon Breakdown

For Paragon Board, you don’t need to make any changes for Uber Lilith since you already have 16% more physical damage against non-elites and bosses. We also have 41.2% vulnerable damage, while enemies become more vulnerable.

And then we also have Dominate Glyph, which gives us more overwhelming power, which increases our Nature Magic skill damage here. And you can also deal more multiplied damage to Crowd Controlled or Vulnerable enemies.

Diablo 4: Pulverize Druid Paragon Board

Skill Changes

There are some skills that need to be changed, but first don’t forget to increase the damage of critical hits by 6% against melee enemies. Therefore, by standing closer to Uber Lilith, we can gain safety.

Nature Magic skills now deal 4% damage, and the bonus for Earth skills is the next skill used after Storm skills. But we’re not running Storm skills, so we might as well get a simple 4% multiplier. This multiplier isn’t much, but our current defense against Lilith is enough.

Following the above guide, we can complete the upgrade and optimization of Pulverize Druid build and beat Uber Lilith easily. Good luck!


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