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Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Easily Defeat Abattoir Of Zir With Ice Poison Rogue Build?

Posted: Nov 29, 2023

The build we’ll be bringing you today is Ice Poison Rogue build, which doesn’t require the use of Harlequin Crest. I named this build “IP Bomb”.

In this build we’ll freeze enemies and bombard them with poison! I think it would be useful in Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeon and Abattoir of Zir.

Like my other tutorials, this one is for players with experience in the game. As always, if the response is good, I might make a more beginner-friendly, more in-depth explanation. Now, let’s take a look!

Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Easily Defeat Abattoir Of Zir With Ice Poison Rogue Build?

Skill Tree

This Skill Tree includes points earned by Renown, so if you don’t have enough points, check your reward progress.

Basic Skills: Puncture, Enhanced Puncture and Fundamental Puncture, I used 1 point each.

Core Skills: Master Penetrating Shot, and I also used points to get Advanced Penetrating Shot. Also, we invest 1 point in Rapid Fire to get Advanced Rapid Fire. Penetrating Shot can quickly clear the groups of enemies, and use Rapid Fire on individual adds, Elite, or Bosses with Passive Section Sturdy. This will help you clear everything quickly and harvest large amounts of Diablo 4 Gold.

Agility Skills: In this build, instead of using Harlequin Crest, I used 1 point in Dash and Weapon Mastery.

Subterfuge Skills: I use 1 point each on Dark Shroud, Subverting Dark Shroud, Exploit and Malice to get more damage. Because I use Umbrous Aspect, we always get damage reduction and movement speed increase.

Imbuement Skills: Poison Imbuement and Blended Poison Imbuement. I used 3 points on Deadly Venom, 2 points on Alchemical Advantage, and 3 points on Frigid Finesse.

Ultimate Skills: In this build, we are not using Ultimate skills. Since we set Lucky Hit Chance very high, in the passive part, I got Master Innervation, Alchemist’s Fortune, and Second Wind. This can help you regain energy faster. When combined with Doombringer, Lucky Hit has a chance to provide health-draining abilities. I used 1 point on Adrenaline Rush and Master Haste.

Key Passives Skills: In this build we will be using Close Quarters Combat. When using Close Quarters Combat, we can gain faster attack speed and do more damage to Crowd Control enemies.

Specialization: Since I used a combination of Tibault’s Will and Condemnation, we can use Combo Points here. With my item setup, I have 22 Combo Points available, so I can do quite a little of damage.

Diablo 4 Season 2: Ice Poison Rogue Build Skill Tree

Item Setting

Next, let’s talk about the item setup for this build.

  • Helm: Cowl of the Nameless
  • Chest Armor: Umbrous Aspect
  • Gloves: Frostburn
  • Pants: Tibault’s Will
  • Boots: Aspect of Shared Misery
  • Rings: Trickshot Aspect and Aspect of Bursting Venoms
  • Amulet: Aspect of Disobedience
  • Crossbow: Aspect of Corruption
  • Swords: Condemnation and Doombringer

Their option priority is this: As you can see, I have selected 3 different resistance and movement speeds. I set this movement speed to increase attack speed in combination with Ravenous.

Since I was using so many unique items, it was difficult to set 70% for all the resistance options, so I chose 3 different resistances. I put Ruby Gem on Armor, Amethyst on Weapons, and other Jewels on Accessories to get 70% resistance.

Diablo 4: Tibault's Will Breaking All Rogue Combo Points Builds

Paragon Board

My Paragon Board is based on a level 15 rare glyph.

  • Starter Board: Devious.
  • Second Board: Control on Eldritch Bounty.
  • Third Board: Efficacy on No Witnesses.
  • Fourth Board: Turf on Tricks Of the Trade.
  • Fifth Board: Bane on Cunning Stratagem.
  • Sixth Board: Versatility on Leyrana’s Instinct.
  • Seventh Board: Ranger on Cheap Shot.

Diablo 4 Season 2: Ice Poison Rogue Build Paragon Board

Vampiric Power

The survivability of Undying and the attack speed of Ravenous, combined with Hectic, give your Poison Imbuement more uses. Since I use Tibault’s Will, I also use Metamorphosis and Flowing Veins to deal with more poison damage.

Diablo 4 Season 2: Abattoir of Zir Rogue Build Guide

How To Play Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeon?

This build is really easy to play. As I said before, it can use Poison Imbuement and Penetrating Shot on groups of mobs. Due to Frostburn’s effect, the mobs will be frozen, and combined with Aspect of Shared Misery, it will spread to surrounding mobs. This way, you don’t need a tank.

Meanwhile, Aspect of Bursting Venoms creates a pool of poison. Enter the pond and continue using Poison Imbuement, Puncture and Penetrating Shot on the group. Use Rapid Fire again to kill stray mobs.

For the gameplay of this build, we first use Puncture for full Combo Points, then Evade for Curse, combined with Poison Imbuement and Rapid Fire. This way, you can quickly eliminate the boss.


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