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Diablo 4: Discussion About Possible Feature Changes And Bug Fixes From Season 1

Posted: Jul 18, 2023

Posted: Jul 18, 2023

Source:  IGGM

As we all know, they will release Diablo 4 Season 1 with the new update patch. While Blizzard has set some expectations in the season announcement, we’re still not sure exactly what it will include in the patch.

So here I want to highlight the most important functionality and quality of life changes I hope to see in this patch. What would you like to see in the patch and Season 1? Let’s get started now.

Diablo 4: What We Need In Season 1?

Additional Storage Options

The storage situation in Diablo 4 pre-season got completely out of hand. Even if you can move some items to Mule characters, your Stash may become overwhelmed with items.

Since Blizzard is adding more Diablo 4 Items and Aspects to the game. So we still need more storage options and more ways to store and hoard all these items.

Diablo 4: Additional Storage Options

More Rewarding Endgame Content

After spending some time in Diablo 4 pre-season, it became apparent that the game in its current state lacked rewarding endgame content. Both Uber Lilith Fight and 100-level Nightmare Dungeon can be a wonderful challenge though. But if you’ve already done them, there’s not much point in trying again. Because there is no special reward for completing them.

It can get worse if you choose an incompatible version. Because you simply won’t be able to engage in these activities. The new leader, Varshan the Consumed, looks promising. We want him to be both challenging and reward us with Diablo 4 Gold. We also hope that Blizzard will increase the rewards of other types of endgame events to keep them attractive.

New Open World Activities

Helltide, Legion and World Boss fights are really fun at first. But over time, players can feel like these activities are a chore. It would be great if something could be added to these activities to spice things up. Perhaps Malignant Activities are also an improvement on the open world, and we’d still be happy to see more new events.

Diablo 4: New Open World Activities

Balance Updates For Classes

We’ll definitely see some of this in an upcoming patch. But I still hope that Blizzard will keep abreast of the developments and make necessary fixes even after the season starts.

The current balance of classes in Diablo 4 feels a little off, with some classes clearly better than others. There are also bugs that can give players massive amounts of power that can seriously affect the end game. It’s definitely a fun thing to do, but it’s clearly not Blizzard’s intention. We hope they fix these issues and keep some builds fun in the game to keep good build diversity.

Diablo 4: Balance Updates For Classes

Fixes And Updates For Monster Affixes

Since Diablo 4 closed beta, it’s become apparent that some Monster Affixes are not working as intended. The best example here is Teleporter. In the higher-level Nightmare Dungeon, it can teleport to you from offscreen and shoot you instantly. But there are definitely some extra Affixes that don’t work as intended, so let’s hope Blizzard does something about it.

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Quality Of Life Updates

The community has presented many options on how to improve the quality of life in Diablo 4. For me, the most important option is to teleport inside Nightmare Dungeon, not the dungeon entrance. This saves us from extra screen loads.

The second is a clearer re-roll system that will show a set of affixes along with range numbers. There are also some extra features, such as map updates, event timers, and path improvements. Blizzard can certainly find a lot of ideas on different community resources.

Diablo 4: Quality Of Life Tips

Unique Items Balance

Some unique things don’t currently have a proper place in the game. But it would be really nice to update them so we can use them in Niche builds, thus increasing build diversity.

There is also a problem with some classes, they don’t have any uniqueness for slots at all. For example, Barbarian and Sorcerer only have Shaco as a helmet option, while Rogues don’t have a single unique crossbow. So there’s a lot of potential here, especially since Blizzard has committed to adding 6 new unique items. Hope these will be useful.


This is more feature and quality of life updates and some bug fixes I hope to see in Season 1 or subsequent patches. We certainly hope that Blizzard will also listen to community feedback. Anyway, let’s see you on Season 1!


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