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Diablo 4: Speculation On Whether Paladin Class Will Be Added

Posted: Apr 25, 2023

Posted: Apr 25, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Many players feel a little bored after trying all the classes in the latest Diablo 4 beta. Because there are currently only five classes in Diablo 4, this also means that it is one of the games with the fewest classes in the Diablo series. Therefore, players feel that it is an inevitable trend for Diablo 4 to exceed five classes in the future.

Many players said that if new professions are to be added in Diablo 4, Paladin is one of the most likely professions. Since the game already removed Barbarian, Necromancer, Sorcereress, and Druid from Diablo 2’s class options, the addition of Paladin seemed inevitable to most. 

Just like its Diablo 2 contemporaries, we can integrate directly Paladin into Diablo 4 with a few minor tweaks and changes to speed things up.

Hidden Paladin Class in Diablo 4

What Skills Paladin Can Bring To Diablo 4

The four classes taken from Diablo 2 have seen relatively little change in Diablo 4 iteration. For example, Necromancer in Diablo 4 retains its core summoning ability and similar spells from Bone and Curse skill tree

Although Blood specialization is a new concept proposed in Diablo 4, as far as Blood tree is concerned, the idea and design of more spell effects are still derived from the initial appearance of Necromancer in Diablo 2.

If Paladin is to round out the class options in Diablo 4, its return seems highly likely to bring many of its old abilities. The best guess is that Paladin will bring back Blessed Hammer, arguably one of Diablo 2’s most famous abilities. 

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Since Diablo 4 often has the task of attacking numerous monsters, with the help of Blessed Hammer skill, it can clear all monsters on the field without any effort. And players can also use Diablo 4 Gold to upgrade the skill to shoot Blessed Hammer linearly, so that players can get twice the result with half the effort when completing dungeon tasks.

If Paladin joins Diablo 4 as a sixth class, there’s a lot of speculation among players as to whether Holy Shield will also appear. As it stands, the only class that can equip a shield is Necromancer. 

If Paladin shows up, it’s a safe bet that the class will be able to equip shields and somehow have shield-related abilities. The only potentially questionable abilities carried over from Diablo 2 will be niche, less popular abilities like Holy Bolt, Conversion, and perhaps Resistance Auras.

Diablo 4  The Paladin will be added or not

Paladin Compatibility With Other Diablo 4 Classes

Durability will be one of the biggest features of Paladin in the game. Since Barbarian’s role in Diablo 4 was transformed due to his inability to use shields, Paladin may play a role with super high Durability and focus on attacking a single target

But Paladin has absolutely zero chance of appearing without heavy armor and shield abilities, which means it will undoubtedly have the highest base armor stats of any class. Combined with the possibility of high-Resistance Auras abilities that Paladin brings, fans finally have access to a true damage-absorbing tank class.

In Diablo 4’s PvP scenarios, Paladin might excel at being able to stun a single target enemy, as well as in close-range scenarios, but would be nothing like the inherent mobility of Sorceress and Rogue classes

For a PvE experience, Paladin can outperform other classes in endgames due to the help of its resistances and armor, just like in Diablo 2

If Paladin brings Resistance Auras back into the game, it will pair perfectly with Necromancer as a buffed skeleton army, no matter what the enemy is facing. Hope to hear this good news in the future. What is your opinion of the profession of Paladin? Everyone is welcome to discuss together. Wish you a happy life.


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