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Diablo 4: How To Complete An Easy Frost Sorcerer Build?

Posted: May 19, 2023

Here I want to show you my Frost Sorcerer Build for the first 20 levels of Diablo 4, and then we will also try to beat World Boss Ashava later.

So far I haven’t gotten any Legendary Items that contribute to my build, I only have a small snippet of the game. Since this is just an initial build, I’m just trying to give you guys a little more confidence to start playing, but I think it works really well.

I could go on and on and show you Skill Trees. We are using an Enhanced Frost Bolt and Glinting Frost Bolt. This restores our mana when we hit Chilled or Frozen enemies, which we’ll be doing a lot.

Ice Shards

Our next ability is Ice Shards, which will be our major damage dealing ability. So we usually want to focus here and try to find armor with Ice Shards points. Then we will discover more powerful Ice Shards, which also give us buffed Ricochet skills.

Diablo 4: Frost Sorceress Build Guide

Whenever we activate our Barrier, we will also start running Barrier. You might also want to get Fireball through it, since we usually use that as our Enchantment, it’s insane.

Especially if you’re playing with a group. Whenever they kill an enemy on your team, they’re also affected by that explosion. Next, our Glass Cannon will give us an 18% damage buff, while we also have two Barriers. So we really don’t have to worry about making a lot of losses for that 9%. This is worth it.

Then I get a point on a crit with a 5% chance of hitting the cooldown of one of your defensive skills. This will help us restore our Frost Nova. I might try to get more points in there. Especially if I can find some armor with more Ice Shards points or some Frost Nova points. That would be great. Of course, you can also use Diablo 4 Gold to quickly obtain some suitable equipment.

Frost Nova

Speaking of Frost Nova, this is our next skill, and you’re going to get at least a little here. We’re going to be using the enhanced Frost Nova, which will make all enemies vulnerable, and is especially great against large groups of enemies.

Diablo 4: Frost Sorcerer Ice Shards

Then our last two abilities will now both be Flame Shield’s Barriers. Since you only have one point, you’re trying to get an Amulet that only holds one point. So you can run it directly to do it here if you want. When you have an active Barriers, if your Ice Armor is not active, we will switch to Shimmering Ice Armor, because it has a chance for Frozen enemies.

If you want more Barriers, you can also go here. This one might actually be really good for trying to challenge Ashava. Because it gives you more Barriers when you damage weaker enemies. And we’re making them vulnerable with Frost Nova.


Skill Trees are just that, and you may have seen skill assignments. I put Teleport ability on my shield and Frost Nova. Because I have a piece of armor with Teleport function. And all this combined makes my gear even more powerful.

Diablo 4: Frost Sorcerer build

Of course, you can also put Fireball, but Fireball is not so good for me. Finally, we also have Ice Shards ready for our main spammable run.

All in all, that’s all I’ve done for the first 20 levels of Frost Sorcerer Build. Hope this Sorcerer Build guide will help you. I hope you guys have fun playing all the characters and checking out all the new updates.


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