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Diablo 4: How To Achieve The Best Combination Of Druid’s Hurricane?

Posted: May 17, 2023

Posted: May 17, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Here I want to talk about how to create the best combination of Druid’s Hurricane, play its best effect, and why Hurricane may be better in the late game.

Best Combination Of Hurricane

Hurricane itself is not like some super baffling DPS ability. Because this is an auxiliary skill. It does have a lot of utilities built in, and it’s free. So this could save you quite a bit of Diablo 4 Gold. It’s not a super powerful DPS like that, it has a long duration. So its skill damage is also much lower.

So the combination I used to achieve this is Provocation and Hurricane. So there’s a passive on Android in RAF cluster that gives you a guaranteed super every 20 seconds.

You can actually use this effect with any other skill. It often works synergistically with this Werebear playstyle. But that’s not the only way to achieve this. You will gain strength every 20 seconds as long as you are in better shape. Also Hurricane actually has a 20 second cooldown. So it sounds like a really good combination to me right now.

Diablo 4: Druid’s Hurricane guide

Of course, there’s some timing in it. It’s not that easy to just like blindly pressing Hurricane. Whenever possible, you must keep track of your stacks and attach a position buff. Hurricane damage goes up by 20%, then it’s overwhelming the next time you use any ability.

Hurricane can even hit your basic attack. You have to be careful because it’s not that easy to use. But you can get stacks by swinging it into the air, transforming into a Werebear.

If you try this passive during service time, it might have some bugs. Sometimes they don’t even start stacking right away, so this passive is a bit of a problem. But when it works well, it does so consistently. Once this bug is fixed, I think this will be a very effective Hurricane combo.

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Synergy Of Hurricane

That’s not the only synergy Hurricane brings. First up is Endless Tempest, which has roughly half the start time without any other synergies. But it also has a very strong skill-specific aspect of the game.

For Hurricane, Aspect of The Tempest helps you gain 15 damage while active. So in the 9th second you cast your Hurricane, you’ll get a 135% bonus. So you also get almost 70% more damage from this aspect on average.

In fact, I’m just taking the average here to get an idea of how strong it is on top of that. There’s another potentially baffling combo that goes with the whole thing, Symbiotic Aspect. It actually allows you to have a permanent Hurricane. So this could actually be a potential way of breaking things.

Diablo 4: Legendary Aspects

You can stack this Symbiotic Aspect infinitely. But no one has really tried it yet, because we can’t access those key passes at the bottom of the tree, anyway.

So with this I want to promote some thinking outside the box. You know skills like Hurricane, which is probably what most people consider the biggest Memes skill in the game. It can actually be quite powerful too, if used in the right combination.

There are a ton of other mechanics in other classes in Druid itself that probably have this out-of-the-box potential as well. You may have some other really baffling and interesting ideas that may or may not be successful when the game launches. But I’m looking forward to how they will work.


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