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D2R Ladder Season 4 Update Patch Notes: Feature Changes, QOL & Bug Fixes

Posted: May 05, 2023

Today I want to talk about D2R Ladder Season 4 patch notes. To be honest, there haven’t been too many exciting changes in this blog post, I kind of get it now that D2R Ladder is kind of going into maintenance mode.

It’s definitely a bit obvious at this point, but some small specific changes in this blog post will have pretty profound effects on a few different selected characters. So I think this update is worth our attention. If you’re excited about these upcoming changes, keep an eye out for this update. Then, let’s get started.

D2R Ladder Season 4 Update Patch Notes Feature Changes, QOL  Bug Fixes

Feature Changes

So the first big change to note here is that players will now have four additional character slots in all online modes. You have to choose between deleting a character and starting a new one in a new league. Of course, I’d never criticize having extra character slots.

In my opinion, for all ARPG games these days, this is pretty bad, if you really look at the size of character files like single player character files. It’s small, and there may be differences between servers.

But the other four extra character slots are also a good thing. Now they also note here that the latter character switching to Non-Ladder for the first time will be able to reset skill and stat points when you basically get your Akara Reset Skill again, moving from Ladder to Non-Ladder.

They say this is to encourage players to try out their builds. I mean, it’s not a bad thing to get it. It’s not really a major change. It equipped all chat lobbies with an automated system that removes malicious messages from these conversations. This is mostly for spam players who are annoying that no one can mute to stop it, like spam in chat. So it’s actually a positive change.

Feature Changes

QOL & Bug Fixes

So moving on to some quality of life updates and bug fixes. They’re not really tremendous changes, but I think they had a relatively profound effect on several characters. Now the first change is a bit vague wording in my opinion.

It states that the next hit delay system now only applies to missiles spawned by casting the same skill. It’s worded vaguely, but my understanding is the next delay mechanism.

It still applies to each individual skill. So only use Druid as an example here. Before these patch notes, if you were to cast Volcano and one of Boulders dealt Volcano’s damage, there was a specific exit delay window that would negate the damage from other abilities like Fissure.

From what I understand, they’ve changed this so that the next delay window still applies to individual Volcano skills. But it doesn’t negate other skills like Fissure. So in theory you should be able to teleport since Fire Druid puts Fissure and Volcano in the same location and they don’t cancel each other out. But the next hit delay window still applies to each individual ability.

So it’s essentially a mechanic to prevent certain abilities from doing a lot of extra damage. Now this obviously has the effect of making certain characters stronger, for example, Mosaic Martial Arts Assassin will make the building stronger. But it doesn’t really affect a lot of other characters, like Nova Sorceress, so it’s another interesting change.

QOL & Bug Fixes

I know people might be very upset about tuning Mosaic Martial Arts Assassin’s skills. At least for Fire Druid builds. But I think it’s a positive, move-to-fixed change.

But I think there are other sets and D2R Ladder Items that can help players get more buffs. Examples include Barbarian’s Immortal King set, Aldur set for Druid, and Assassin’s Natalya’s Odium set. I think it’s more worth revising and improving. Again or change, it’s a good thing.

The next point here is that it is now possible to morph directly between worlds from any form. The intention here is to make morphing less clumsy than it used to be. So I see it as improving the quality of life, thereby encouraging more build diversity.

There are also minor bug fixes included here, like fixing graphics issues or connectivity issues or audio queuing with Amazons, which will make the game experience better for players.


But overall, I think any changes it makes in order to move forward again are positive. I really believe D2R Ladder is in maintenance mode and most of the focus will be on Diablo 4. But developers can implement slight changes that don’t require a lot of resources, and that can have quite far-reaching effects. Anyway, I believe this patch will not let you down. Good luck.


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