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D2R Ladder Season 3: How I Geared Up In Only One Week?

Posted: Feb 28, 2023

How I got my gear in D2R Ladder Season 3? In this article, I want to show you the ways I’ve gotten my gear through trading and finding gear.

I got my first Crystal Sword by doing normal cows before I had any decent gear and then I continued doing Countess and I used the Laser quest to get my first Spirit. This is the first decent item that I’ve gotten and this is basically after Normal Difficulty. Then, off Acara after, I did one of the quests I didn’t even realize that, but I got this nice faster cast ring (Chaos Hold Ring) with cold resist and lighting resist. Then I got Nightmare Forge.

I find an Amn Rune and this is what I used to trade for a regular Spirit Monarch, which I use a Laser quest to socket and make my Spirit Shields. So, I got my two Spirits.

D2R Spirit Monarch

Now, we are on to the more of the trading side. The Skin of the Vipermagi is my next upgrade, and I got this through the 100 Countess runs I did. Also, I traded a bunch of keys (such as Keys of Terror) in the previous runs because they’re valuable early on as well as the Lidless Wall Grim Shield, which I really didn’t need because I had the Spirit.

With a combination of keys and the Lidless, I mainly use D2JSP to convert it to form gold and then I use that forum gold to purchase an Unidentified Vipermagi, which ended up being 30 resistance. So, by the end of a Nightmare early Hell, I was level 80.

These are the gear I had. The main ones are the faster cast ring (Chaos Hold Ring), two spirits, the ViperMagi and then everything else was just for resistances or whatever I found. Then, I got a terrible lightning Sunder Charm.

Harlequin Crest Shako is my next one so early on and I think it was a level like seven or eight. I found a unique ring called Nagelring, and it ended up being nasal, so I saved it for a few days on the ladder. And people gave me some decent value for it as well as that second Guardian Angel. I was on the way to campus with those. Plus, the Maroon was enough value to get me my Shako.

D2R Harlequin Crest Shako

Next on the list was the Arachnid Mesh. This is the one that I got lucky with. I think it was maybe 30 pit runs in chairman. I know it’s not worth high D2R Ladder Items. It was enough early on to get me enough to get the Stone of Jordan.

Now, this is basically an even swap, but the two to Phoenix Strike and Greater Talons were about equal to an SOJ value. So, those kinds of evened out.

On my way to the Countess, I had a Geez already from Arcane Sanctuary, but this one was 139.36. I needed some faster cast and good thing. I got Trang-Oul’s Claws. Then after I had the 117 break point later on in pits, I found or in the pit, I found 31 Transguards, which I’m currently using now and then finally the big-ticket item was worth about a Jah Rune. Hellfire Torch Large Charm is a combination of a lot of different items again that I could sell on DPS JSP.

In the last few days, a four 194 Thunderstroke went for about I would say twists and then a lot of the keys are traded, as well. So, I got a few double drops on the Keys of Hate and I found an instrument. In addition, I found a bunch of Perfect Amethysts.

I will not go over every item that I did trade, but it was a combination of bases, such as Flails, Monarchs, Perfect Gems, round runes, Mal Runes, a Spirit Pack, Hel Runes and so on. All these things kind of added up, and I was able to eventually get enough. I think it was approximately 10 or so Ist Value and then I ended.


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