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College Football 25: Will These 5 Highly-Anticipated Features Make It To The Game?

Posted: May 29, 2024

With EA Sports College Football 25 set to release on July 19, 2024, excitement is running high for all football simulation fans! I’m sure many players are keeping an eye on the official social media for updates. So, with the hype still going on, it’s time to talk about the top 5 most anticipated features in College Football 25.

In this guide, we’ll break down the features that NCAA community wants most in the upcoming EA Sports College Football game. Let’s take a look!

College Football 25: Will These 5 Highly-Anticipated Features Make It To The Game?


First up is TeamBuilder, which in previous NCAA Football games was a website that allowed you to create your own school, as well as customize the school name, logo, uniforms, and program ratings.

This is almost a must-have in order to get the most out of this game. Because the secret to NCAA’s success is customization, and that’s what the player base wants.

TeamBuilder allows us to build our own stadiums, just like 2K does. There, as long as you have enough College Football 25 Coins, you can change the color and design of the field and even upload logos created by others, just like they did in 2K.

Details like this will blow people away and end up being a tremendous hit for this game when it first launches. It’s hard to believe EA wouldn’t add these features, especially with the next-gen technology we have.

EA Sports College Football 25 Can Add to TeamBuilder

Custom College Football Playoffs

Second, we can customize the number of teams that enter College Football Playoffs. The first thing that came to my mind was 64 or 68 teams participating in College Football Playoffs, just like they do in basketball for NCAA March Madness. It’s so unrealistic, but it sounds really cool to me.

Imagine taking a mediocre team and entering College Football Playoffs as the last seed and going far in the playoffs by beating strong teams like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, etc. I just think having that opportunity could take this game beyond our already high expectations.

I want to be the 64th seed and go far in the playoffs. Let me know what you think of March Madness style College Football Playoffs.

Increased Halftime Interaction

Also, we want Halftime Shows and interviews. I think I speak for the majority when I say we want halftime interaction.

I want Rece Davis to show us instant replays of what’s happening around the country while he talks about other big plays and scores, and things like that.

This is something EA has done very poorly in Madden NFL, I have to say. We’ve had pretty much the same intro and Halftime Shows for a few years now, and it’s starting to get very repetitive for a long time. While it doesn’t affect the gameplay, it’s a have to make the game feel like a college game day.

Honestly, they did a great job with NCAA 14. So with today’s technology, it’s hard not to expect some great Halftime Shows conversations between guys like Rece Davis and the staff.

We’re taking this with a pinch of salt right now, as there’s absolutely no evidence to back it up. But it would be cool to have Pat McAfee Show in the game, and interview Pat as the coach of the team.

This is a long shot. The way it could play out is if you’re having a breakout season as a coach or have a big game next week and they invite you to the show, the way you answer questions could affect fan happiness and potentially increase your school’s popularity in recruiting.

Again, Pat McAfee might not even be in the game, but I think it would be a very unique feature, even if it’s something they add in future editions.

Customize Our Schedule

Number four is that we’re able to customize our schedule. This is a significant feature in NCAA 14 to make your schedule harder or weaker, depending on what you want to do.

But beyond that, it’s fun to schedule your own games as if you were the athletic director of your school, and it really affects your year in a big way.

If you’re an overall weaker team playing against SEC and BIG TEN schools, your games are going to be much tougher and you might not even have a great season.

However, I think adding a progression factor could make schedule customization even cooler, as if you have a really tough schedule, it could mean your players will have a better chance of progressing faster and improve their overall strength. But if you play against a weak schedule, you will progress more slowly, and if you lose to a weaker team, you may even regress.

In my opinion, factors like this can make the game very exciting, so I hope that such content is added to the game.

Enhanced Scouting & Recruiting

Finally, we also hope that College Football 25 will enhance scouting and recruiting.

I think it is very likely that a stage will be added to the game where you can meet up to 3-5 recruits and their families and talk to them about why they are a good fit for your program and why they would like your school, ultimately just trying to get them to commit to your program. This could be a cool feature.

Recruiting Has to Be Great in EA Sports College Football 25

Also, limiting the maximum number of times you can meet with players would be a good way for us to think about the positions of need and the players you really want to have on your team.

In addition, weekly feedback on the interest level of certain players through email or even text messages can make recruiting more effective. Ultimately, having a more immersive way of recruiting players can take this game to the next level.

In conclusion, what features do you think must have in College Football 25? Did I miss any of these top 5? Anyway, let’s wait and see!


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