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College Football 25: These Powerhouse Teams Can Get You A Win At The Starting Line!

Posted: Jul 09, 2024

After trying out NCAA14, many fans are looking forward to the release of EA College Football 25. They have been waiting for this game for so long, but fortunately, it will be officially released on July 19.

In EA College Football 25, there will be a number of teams for players to choose from, and some players may be dazzled by the choice. This guide will introduce you to some very powerful teams in EA College Football 25, so that you can avoid the difficulty of choosing and maximize your College Football 25 Coins.

College Football 25: These Powerhouse Teams Can Get You A Win At The Starting Line!

Georgia (95 OVR)

As expected by most fans, Georgia is one of the top teams in the new game and has the potential to become one of the best teams in the real world.

Although it is controversial whether its 95 OVR is really two points higher than the second place Ohio State’s 93 OVR, and from what perspectives the score is scored, it is undeniable that Georgia is definitely ranked first.

Ohio State (93 OVR)

Ohio State made the right decision this offseason by moving away from the infamous portal and returning after a difficult period. According to EA, Ohio State is considered No. 2 team in the country, which is completely recognized by the players and is your best choice in this game.

Oregon (93 OVR)

Oregon may not be on this list because they have not achieved anything in a long time. Since the end of the Marcus Mariota era, Oregon has become irrelevant.

But with the hype of Colorado last season, Oregon has returned to the spotlight. They are gradually becoming stronger and have a good chance of becoming a champion. So, you can choose Oregon to add a lot of strength to your own team.

Alabama (92 OVR)

With the retirement of Alabama’s legendary coach Nick Saban, Alabama may not be the dominant team it once was, but this is also one of the most tough teams to evaluate in the future because they have unlimited possibilities.

College Football 25 Alabama

So, there is no reason to think that they are on the decline until we see them fall off a cliff. According to EA’s rating, Alabama ranks fourth with a total score of 92. If you use College Football 25 Coins to select this team, you will be the "parent" who has grown up with them.

Texas (92 OVR)

Texas had a great season last year, making it to the final four of the College Football Playoffs, and the fans are very proud of them. In the upcoming game, if you select them, it means that you can directly enter the 12-team playoff with the Longhorns without any conditions.

Clemson (90 OVR)

Clemson is probably the most surprising team in the 4-team playoff era, finishing second. Who would have thought that they were struggling in the playoffs a few years ago?

That said, Clemson has been criticized by players for not making full use of the transfer portal to send better players to themselves. But fortunately, they have always had some outstanding players and have great potential. So EA gives them full credit in this game.

Notre Dame (90 OVR)

In the actual game, Notre Dame seems to always be tepid, basically not reaching excellence, but there are some excellent results. They got a total score of 90 points in College Football 25 and ranked seventh.

College Football 25 Notre Dame

In the proper game, Notre Dame hopes to make better progress under the dual leadership of Marcus Freeman and a better offensive coordinator. In College Football 25, if you are a player who doesn’t want to consider gas, you can consider choosing them.

LSU (90 OVR)

After a year with the best offense in the country and a Heisman-winning quarterback, this team lost their elite OC, starting QB, and many other players.

This was a blow that didn’t quite live up to their potential in last year’s playoffs. However, the ultimate outcome is that they continue to be a highly effective team with a stable groundwork.

Penn State (88 OVR)

If we were to rate Penn State based on fan impact, it would probably be over 95, but EA’s rating is based on player quality, which only gives it an 88. This is fair, and for some players who want to win home games easily, Penn State is a good choice.

Utah (88 OVR)

The most surprising thing about football in the past few years has been Utah’s rise. From college football to an NHL team, it’s beyond the expectations of many Americans, and it’s thriving.

Although Utah did not perform well this season and failed to enter the CFP, so you can’t choose it in College Football 25, but with its previous excellent ability, it can definitely be rated as one of the best teams.

Let’s look forward to the official release of EA College Football 25 on July 19, and hope that you can choose your favorite team and be invincible in some games!


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