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About Mortal Online 2

Mortal Online 2 is a PVP sandbox MMORPG created by Star Vault, where players can create stories. It was launched in 2022 and is the direct successor to Mortal Online, as it brings better graphics, exciting features, and one of the most detailed and complex crafting systems. Here, you will be able to create hundreds to thousands of variations of any single type of weapons and equipment.

Why Do You Need Mortal Online 2 Gold?

In Mortal Online 2, gold is the major resource for exchanging other goods. First of all, you can use it to buy potions, repair, modify and upgrade your weapons and equipment, so many players want to hoard as much of it as possible.

How To Farm Gold In Mortal Online 2?

Farming gold in Mortal Online 2 is difficult, but here are a few ways to help you increase your income while enjoying the game:

  1. Farming Bandits: Killing Bandits is the most profitable method in Mortal Online 2. All the player has to do is equip a bow and aim at Bandits from a distance. Players can then sell all the loot and gifts they receive from Bandits for a high price.
  2. Hunting Pigs: Animals in Mortal Online 2 provide excellent bones, leather, and other items, especially Pigs, all of which can be sold to earn Mortal Online 2 Gold.
  3. Collecting Wood And Stones: Players can also earn a profit by collecting wood and stone and selling them. This method of farming takes longer than other alternatives.
  4. Looting Zombies: Players can also get significant items and gold from Zombies. Best of all, they don’t need to loot everything, just the heads. Zombies can often be found in Graveyards, making them an easy target for players who want to get Mortal Online 2 Gold.

But be aware that, as is the tradition in MMO open-world PVP, if you are killed, everything on your character at the time will drop, including Mortal Online 2 Gold. Therefore, the best strategy for an active player is to just buy Mortal Online 2 Gold outright to keep a healthy reserve and use it for multiple purposes.

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In short, Mortal Online 2 Gold is a valuable resource that users must use to help upgrade their characters and more functions. There are many ways to get it, but the fastest and easiest way is to buy them through a safe and affordable market. If you are looking for such a market, is here for you!



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Mortal Online 2: Choose The Best Builds For Your Archers!

Mortal Online 2: Choose The Best Builds For Your Archers!

In Mortal Online 2, while players can create their own entire second lives in this fantasy sandbox MMORPG, many players can’t help but miss the common hack and slash moves associated with a vast fantasy world of empires and monsters.

And because Mortal Online 2 lacks some professions to support player agency, it is difficult for players who want their characters to become a sharpshooter to find the perfect Archer Build.

But fortunately, with the right statistics, weapons, and armor can help you create an ideal archer in both PVE and PVP modes. And I believe that with your own creativity, different Archer Builds can let you kill in both modes!

Quintessential Dex Footie

  • Key Features: Alverin, 31 years old, healthy
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge, Strength, Stamina
  • Specialties: Archery, Martial Arts, Heavy Weapons Training

Speed ​​is critical in Mortal Online 2 combat, and one wrong attack or a missed dodge can put your life in jeopardy. If you are defeated, all items on your character will be dropped, including Mortal Online 2 Gold.

This is why many players like Dex Footie archetype, as it is essentially a melee fighter that can move quickly and can easily outrun enemies in combat to win.

This build focuses mainly on Fit Alvarin fighter, whose age will offset the aging penalty, and also focuses more on Dexterity to make the most of Archery and mobility.

Since Quintessential Dex Footie build is secondary to Strength, this means that players can use Shortsword to distance themselves from enemies, so that you can draw Longbow to fight them. Combined with Speed, you can quickly reposition enemies and retreat quickly.

Beast Master

  • Key Features: Alverine, 31 years old, healthy
  • Prerequisites: Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength
  • Specialties: Archery, Dagger, Run, Creature Control, Taming, Combat Maneuvers, Mental Attack, Mental Training

If you are a fan of games like Dungeons & Dragons, you will really like Beast Master build in Mortal Online 2. This build fits the image of 31-year-old Fit Alvarin very well, and he also takes advantage of Taming Action Skill, so he can tame most creatures in the game and make them allies.

Since this build focuses on Dexterity and Intelligence, you don’t need to invest too much in Strength. This means that in combat, your focus will be either archery or magic, and Daggers will be your last resort for defense.

Similar to the traditional Dex Mage, this Beast Master build will also rely heavily on the Beast Master playstyle - constantly avoiding enemies and keeping your distance. Thanks to the presence of Pets, Beast Master can safely use traditional Shortbow or Longbows to kill enemies from a distance.

In addition, this build also allows players to use elemental magic for more powerful AOE damage, and you can even use Command spell to apply more devastating debuffs to enemies. This also means it will be easier than ever to get Mortal Online 2 Gold!

Strength Ranger

  • Key Features: Human, Age 30, Hardy
  • Prerequisites: Strength, Strength, Dexterity
  • Specialties: Aggressive Stance, Archery, Sprinting, Controlled Riding, Mounted Archery, Weapon Combat

Players in Mortal Online 2 will no doubt notice that building your character solely based on Dexterity does not necessarily mean you can become a main archer. In fact, Strength Ranger proves that you can rely on Strength to fight Juggernaut.

Because of his very good Constitution, Strength Ranger has access to a hard-to-execute damage bonus right from the start. This Strength Ranger playstyle is built on the inherent attribute boosts of humans, so they have traditional infantry skills.

The potential focus of this build is on Archery-inclined Skills, and in addition to Archery, there may be Controlled Riding and Mounted Archery. These will allow you to get mounts much faster, which can also invade more tactical positions.

Finally, it’s not without its drawbacks, as it does cost you a bit of magic resistance, so you’ll need to dodge in certain situations. In some emergency situations, a Strength Ranger can use some essential items to increase its melee ability.

Speed ​​Ranger

  • Key Features: Alvarin, 31 years old, strong
  • Prerequisites: wisdom, intelligence, strength, energy
  • Specialties: Balance, Strength, Physical fitness, Magic, Mental Warfare, Mental Training

Mortal Online 2 players mostly like to aim and finish off opponents quickly with a quick-and-dirty combat style. However, the speed of characters and enemies in the game is inconsistent, so you need to be careful if the enemy sacrifices their mobility for extra damage.

For Speed ​​Ranger, if you encounter a player who doesn’t take advantage of his speed, you will quickly defeat him. In terms of core skills, Speed ​​Ranger supports players to fight at a distance and retreat to protect themselves before the enemy can get close to you. You need to have enough mana to perform the necessary healing or divide the battlefield and then continue to use the bow to end the game.

After reading these four builds, do you have an idea in mind? Then enter the game and create your own archer!

Mortal Online 2: Have You Collected All The Weapon Types?

Mortal Online 2: Have You Collected All The Weapon Types?

Mortal Online 2 is a sandbox MMORPG released by Star Vault in 2021. It is a medieval adventure MMO similar to Elder Scrolls series and is now widely loved by players.

In Mortal Online 2, there will be many types of weapons for players to play PVE or PVP. Beyond that, Mortal Online 2 also has a very extensive crafting system that allows players to make their own unique builds to suit their own play style.

This guide will introduce all the weapon types in Mortal Online 2. As is tradition in MMO open-world PVP, if you are killed, all items on your character will drop, including Mortal Online 2 Gold, so choosing a suitable weapon is essential. There is always one for you!

Two-Handed Axe

Two-Handed Axe is a weapon prototype in Mortal Online 2, so there will be many variations of this prototype. It is an extended version of the normal axe, which can give you a longer range and more damage options. But it also has certain disadvantages - the attack speed is a little slower.

In PVP, the slower attack speed of Two-Handed Axe may be a disadvantage compared to other weapons, but you can use it safely against bandits or in PVE. As a veteran player, you should know that the damage of Two-Handed Axe depends on the weight of the materials you make it with, so remember to choose heavier materials.

Two-Handed Mace

Like Two-Handed Axe, Two-Handed Mace is another weapon archetype in Mortal Online 2, and its expansions include sledgehammers, war hammers, and war clubs.

As for the attack speed that players are worried about, you can rest assured. Because Two-Handed Mace is better than Two-Handed Axe, but it is still a bit inferior to other weapons.

The damage of Two-Handed Mace is also better than regular maces, depending on their weight. Because the damage they deal is blunt damage, this may make it inefficient when you use it in PVP situations.

One-Handed Sword

One-Handed Sword is one of the most popular weapons in Mortal Online 2. Its unique combination of low stamina and high damage makes it one of the best weapons, and its high attack speed makes it hard to stop.

One-Handed Swords may not trigger deal hits like other expansion weapons, but this also makes their damage more consistent and goes in one direction. The most surprising thing is that they are not affected by weight and are more effective than the two blunt damage weapons mentioned above.

Try different blade types, you may find many surprises, and you will definitely find a blade type that suits your play style.

Two-Handed Sword

Two-Handed Sword is very common in many medieval genre games. In Mortal Online 2, its attack speed is below average and it is difficult to trigger a controller hit in combat. But it is not without advantages. Its range and damage are higher than those of one-handed swords.

In addition to the above, the contact arc and animation settings of Two-Handed Sword in the game are also a bit difficult for players to accept, which makes it very difficult for players to block and defend.

There may be some improvements in the future. Let’s wait and see.


Polesword is a more interesting weapon in Mortal Online 2. From the appearance, it is composed of a long pole and a short sword. In PVE and PVP battles, you try not to use it because its attack speed is also relatively low, which can easily cause a controller to hit.

But its range contribution cannot be ignored, even farther than most weapons. So it can prevent attackers from getting close to you, which is very effective against some enemies that can cause close-range damage.


Poleaxes are very similar to Poleswords mentioned above, but they deal more damage than Poleswords, but their attack speed is just as slow. They don’t have as many variants as Two-Handed Axe, so you can only rely on this one. So in PVP situations, try to avoid using it.

Another problem with Poleaxes is that they have a very wide arc when hitting objects, so they will have a lot of conflicts with the terrain in the game, and even cause friendly fire. However, when facing multiple enemies in PVE, the long range and high damage of Poleaxe comes in handy.

One-Handed Mace

One-Handed Mace is a medium-sized weapon in the game, with many variants including sledgehammer, war hammer, war club, flanged mace, and star mace. Like the previous blunt damage weapons, their damage is also based on weight, but it is not ideal in the current.

Although using One-Handed Mace will be more likely to be hit by the controller, the enemy’s stamina consumption and damage ratio are still in the player’s favor. This can only be determined in a specific situation, and I hope you can find more expert uses for it during the exploration process.

One-Handed Axe

One-Handed Axe is a shorter and lighter version of Two-Handed Axe, which means it does less damage. But don’t worry, they compensate by hitting faster than Two-Handed Axe.

However, One-Handed Axe also has a poor range, which will result in a lot of misjudged swings and handle hits, and will also make the player more vulnerable to enemy counterattacks. You can combine it with a shield so that you can protect yourself. You can even dual-wield One-Handed Axe, making it a Two-Handed Axe in a unique sense.


Dagger is arguably the lightest weapon in Mortal Online 2. Although it doesn’t have as much damage or range as previous weapons, its most special advantage - a faster attack speed can beat those weapons. In addition, it will make you spend the least stamina in combat.

However, it should be noted that using Dagger is likely to trigger a controller hit, which is very dangerous in PVP mode. You can choose some dual wield builds to highlight the attack speed of Dagger and make the most of the character’s mobility.


Spear is the easiest weapon to make besides Dagger. Although it is an enormous weapon, it is not as heavy as maces or poleswords, so Spear’s attack speed is slightly faster.

Spear is very suitable for fighting while riding, using one hand. Like One-Handed Axe, you can also choose a shield that suits you to protect yourself, or even dress up as a real ancient Spartan.

After reading all the weapon types in this guide, do you already have a favorite weapon? Then take your favorite weapon and go explore!

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