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World Of Warcraft: For Getting To Nazjatar, You Need To Meet The Conditions

2021-04-12 17:29:49

The champions of Alliance and Horde may often get lost in getting to the next zone. This is the time to consider Nazjatar, which appeared in patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, in the Battle for Azeroth expansion in WOW. You will be able to experience a more creative zone throughout the game.

Before you start the adventure, you need to meet some requirements:

you must be at least level 50

and maintain friendly relations with different factions.

For Alliance:

  • Storm's Wake 
  • Proudmoore Admiralty
  • Order of the Embers

For the Horde:

  • Voldunai
  • Zandalari Empire
  • Talanji's Expedition

After hitting a friendly reputation with these factions and reaching at least level 50, you will receive a quest to Nazjatar. The alliance will receive "The Wolf Offensive" and Horde will receive "The Warchief’s Order". After that, the quests of the two factions will become very consistent, except for the different reasons for going to the area. As the questline develops, you will finally enter Nazjatar.

It will take some work to achieve a friendly reputation with the necessary factions, but if you complete the side quests, world quests, the task of dispatching bodyguards will reduce the burden and be able to open the land of Naga faster. This reputation is easily established through natural development, so you don’t have to worry about it.

There was a level crisis before Shadowlands was released. You may find that you can enter Battle for Azeroth sooner than you expected, but the experience points gained through battles and quests are enough to make you reach level 50.

In addition, running dungeons and side quests can also ensure that your character enters Nazjatar, and this is also a way to obtain level-based items.

There are many things waiting for you to complete in Nazjatar. Whether raids, quests or just admiring your surroundings, you need to unlock and experience Queen Azshara's domain. It will take a while before the release of 9.1, new WOW players can directly enter some older content, unlock an interesting raid, and get some enviable items.

These are the details you need to know before going to Nazjatar. If you meet the above conditions, then you can enjoy your Nazjatar adventure. Of course, if you want to maximize the fun of the game, it is essential to have enough WOW Gold, which can make your character stronger so that can cope with all kinds of dilemmas. So if you are considering buy WOW Gold, you can come to IGGM. We have the most comprehensive range of WOW Gold, from Aegwynn Alliance to Zuluhed Horde, any WOW Gold you need is available on IGGM.

WOW Shadowlands: How To Unlock And Complete 'Bet On Yourself' Quest?

2021-01-25 15:46:31

In WOW Shadowlands, you need to do many things with Anima, from upgrading Covenant’s Sanctum to exploiting a new area of Covenant’s homeworld. You can get Anima in many ways, but usually, it's by completing quests, finding named boxes and defeating enemies.

However, once you unlock a daily world quest in Maldraxxus, you can repeat it every day, and every time you complete it, you will get 105 Anima. This quest is called "Bet On Yourself" and you can complete it in the Theater of Pain dungeons in Maldraxxus. Every day, you can kill a random boss there: Ti’or, Mistress Dyrax, or Devmorta. You can fight with the team or solo, here is how to unlock and complete the specific steps of the Bet On Yourself quest.

How to unlock?

Before you start Bet On Yourself, you need to complete a series of quests starting from outside Theatre of Pain. This questline starts with "I Could Be a Contender". This will start The Last Guy series, during which you need to complete the tasks of Theatre of Pain in order:

  • The Last Guy
  • How to Get a Head
  • ... Even the Most Ridiculous Request!
  • Team Spirit
  • Stuff We All Get
  • Juicing Up
  • Test Your Mettle
  • Side Effects
  • This Thing of Ours
  • Leave Me a Loan
  • Working for the Living
  • Sure Bet
  • A Sure Bet
  • The Ladder

After completing The Ladder quest, you will need to wait for the weekly reset before you can access Bet On Yourself. You can get it from Au’narim in the center of the Theatre of Pain.

How to complete?

Au’narim will tell you that Zo’umio and others bet that you cannot compete in the competition. So what you need to do at this time is to defeat the boss and prove them wrong. After you win, you will get 12250 EXP, 135 reputation with the Undying Army, around 38 Gold and 61 Silver, 4 Anima items. According to the boss you fight against, these items include:

  • Engorged Monstrosity's Heart
  • Stabilized Plague Strain
  • Preserved Preternatural Braincase
  • Maldraxxi Champion's Armaments
  • Ritual Maldracite Crystal

You can repeat this quest every day to get more rewards.


It is not easy to defeat the boss, so you can try it out in groups of 5 people. But if you are strong enough, you should not need the help of others. In addition, there is another daily quest in this area - Amateur Night, which will attract other players to Theatre. If one of the bosses cannot spawn, you need to kill the other champions in the Theatre of Pain until one of the bosses appears.

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