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Wuthering Waves: Follow This Guide To Greatly Increase Your Damage Output

Posted: May 28, 2024

Wuthering Waves, a new free-to-play RPG from Kuro Game, was released globally on May 22nd. As this is a fresh game, many players might find themselves in need of guidance. So today, I am going to cover several tips to help your characters improve their damage. Let's get started!

Wuthering Waves: Follow This Guide To Greatly Increase Your Damage Output

Echo System

To start off, I want to talk about the Echo System. The Echoes are acting as a Resonator's armor or clothes for their main stats. They have rarities ranging from 2-star and all the way up to 5-star. This ties into dealing more damage with your Resonators is the rarity of your Echo and what substance they provide to your Resonator.

You're given a Data Bank level, and in this Data Bank level, you are restricted to your drop rarity. When you are starting Weathering Waves, you'll be starting at 2-star rarity Echoes. In the very early game aspects of your playthrough, it is very easy to fall victim to leveling up those low-cost Echoes.

To avoid wasting a lot of time and materials in the early game that you're going to need later on in the endgame, do your best to farm lots of Echo in the open world and get your Data Bank level up. The higher your Data Bank level goes, the better drops you will get for your Echo, and the higher chance of getting a 4 or 5-star Echo.

Your Resonators have different base stats, such as HP, attack, defense, energy regeneration, crit rate, and crit damage. Whenever you absorb an Echo, that Echo is automatically given different stats, and these stats are completely randomized. For example, the Crownless echo has crit rate and attack, which are 2 good stats to improve damage on Resonator.


When leveling up your Resonators, you would typically reach a plateau. This plateau is called your level cap. In order to bring that level cap number even higher, you have to do what is called an Ascension. Doing an Ascension will raise your Resonator's base HP, base defense, and base attack. Another thing that you must remember is your SOL3 Phase Level.

A couple of tips I can give you to improve your Union Level is that you can adventure into the open world, do mini-games, farm chests, do things in your handy guidebook, or use your Waveplates on the boss fights. You just want to divide some time into focusing on your Union Level rank because it will plateau in certain areas and aspects of Wuthering Waves.


Next, let's talk about skills. You can identify what skills your Resonator possesses and what they do. In terms of building your Resonator to deal with more damage, you want to focus on your skill tree. Each Resonator has a total of 5 skills that can be leveled up all the way up to a maximum of 10.

Wuthering Waves Skills

Resonators have 5 skills, and when you level them up, they also give you additional benefits as far as your stats are concerned. Upgrading your skill trees does require a lot of resources, so make sure to pre-farm them.


Speaking of which, let's talk about weapons in Weathering Waves. If I'm going to be very honest, I wouldn't worry about any weapons you get at the beginning of your playthrough because that would be wasted resources leveling those weapons up.

Instead, from the pre-registration rewards of a new Wuthering Waves Account, you are given a free 4-star weapon of choice which you could use on Rover or somebody from the novice banner that you get at the beginning of Weathering Waves.

Use your resources on leveling up the 4-star weapons instead of using the 1-star and 2-star weapons from the beginning of the game. Also, the higher rarity weapons will give you better benefits and help you better in the long run.

Keep in mind while you're leveling up your Resonators or your weapons that your resources are very scarce. Make sure that when you are upgrading anything in Weathering Waves, it will actually have long-term value for you. If you don't make the right choices, it will cause you to struggle in the endgame. Similar to the sequence node within Resonators, you could get duplicates of weapons as well, making the weapon have better benefits for the Resonator wielding it.

Team Composition

Your team composition is very important in dealing more damage in Weathering Waves. In your team setup, you can select up to 3 Resonators. With these Resonators, you can actually get a brief description of what they do and what abilities they have. This way, you can form your team composition together.

Do your best to try to keep them all at a different element because if you run into an enemy that has the same element as your Resonators, that enemy will be immune to that specific Resonators's attacks. The best way to build your own team composition together is to get a better understanding of your resonators. So read the skills that they have and form a team composition.

If you are the player that's looking for more of a temporary boost of damage, cooking food will help all your resonators on your current team composition deal with more damage. I will highly suggest exploring the open world of Weathering Waves to collect all those plants that you see out there and hunt all those animals.


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