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WOW Classic SOD Phase 3: Best Places & Tips For Farming Ghost Mushrooms Efficiently

Posted: Apr 25, 2024

Herbs, as an important crafting material in WOW Classic SOD, are distributed throughout the vast area of ​​Azeroth. Each herb has its own unique use. In fact, most herbs are relatively easy to find, but Ghost Mushroom is an exception. Because they can only be found in specific areas of the map.

In this guide, we will mainly talk about how to effectively farm Ghost Mushrooms in Season Of Discovery.

WOW Classic SOD Phase 3: Best Places & Tips For Farming Ghost Mushrooms Efficiently

Is It Worth Spending Time Farming Ghost Mushroom?

Ghost Mushroom is one of the most prized crafting materials in WOW Classic, as it can be used in various high-end Alchemy recipes.

Potions, such as Elixir of Demonslaying, Elixir of Shadow Power, and Potion of Invisibility for Alchemists, all use Ghost Mushroom as the necessary reagent. All of these can be used against deadly enemies in SOD Phase 3. This also makes it one of the most versatile crafting items you can get in Season Of Discovery.

Not only that, Elixir of Demonslaying also plays an important role in player efficiency in the new Nightmare Incursions PVE event. Therefore, Ghost Mushroom is particularly valuable in WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Phase 3, and farming and selling it can net you a decent amount of WOW Classic SOD Gold income.

Both Alchemists and Herbalists need to obtain Ghost Mushrooms in large quantities, and thankfully, they are relatively easy to obtain.

Main Farming Locations

Ghost Mushrooms can be said to be one of the most popular crafting materials in WOW Classic, and can be used as a reagent for Alchemists to craft many high-tier potions. Although you can get this herb from many regions, they are mainly found in Arathi Highlands.

While you can collect a lot of Ghost Mushrooms in Skull Rock, keep in mind that this area is also the most popular spot for Herbalists to collect these herbs, so your chances of running into trouble are higher.

WOW Classic SOD: Main Ghost Mushrooms farming location - Skull Rock

If this is the case, then you can also collect Ghost Mushrooms from the area south of Jintha’Alor. You can also find a limited number of them in the caves west of the same location. Beyond that, you can find them in several other regions, including:

  • Dire Maul: Killing enemies in Dire Maul Dungeon will also drop a large number of Ghost Mushrooms. While Gnarled Thistleshrub is the best creature to farm for this herb, you can also get it by defeating monsters like Whip Lasher and Bloodpetal Flayer.
  • Desolace: You can find numerous Ghost Mushrooms in the western Valley of Spears.
  • Maraudon: Farming this dungeon is guaranteed to drop at least 10 Ghost Mushrooms. If you play a profession such as Druid or Rogue, you can also use your skills to easily sneak past enemy mobs, greatly improving farming efficiency. If you’re not playing one of these two classes, you’ll need to run Maraudon the old-fashioned way and pick up any herbs along the way before resetting the dungeon after a traditional run.
  • Arathi Highlands: A few of these herbs can be found in a cave northeast of Hammerfall.

Besides farming Ghost Mushrooms from the above locations, you can also find herbs for sale in Auction House. While its price may vary depending on your server, you may find it selling for around 2 gold. If you successfully farm an abundance of this resource, you can also exchange it for gold for extra profit.

In short, the above are some locations and tips that can be used to farm Ghost Mushrooms efficiently. Mastering them can bring you unexpected gains. Good luck!


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