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WOW Classic SOD: A Quick Guide To Rogue PVP In Season Of Discovery Phase 1

Posted: Dec 19, 2023

Posted: Dec 19, 2023

Source:  IGGM

This is a rogue PVP guide of WoW Classic Season of Discovery phase 1. I'll keep this brief. So, if you own enough SOD Gold, just follow my steps and equip your character as I suggested.

Specs are really simple and easy. Spec one is your best all-rounder. You have mobility and uptime from Improved Sprint, coupled with Endurance, and a bit of safety from Master of Deception. This works wonders in World PVP, duels, battlegrounds, and even works in PVE too. Second spec is the same as the first, but instead of having uptime on your Improved Sprint, you have a lot more damage on your Backstab. Finally, Spec 3 is all about having that repost, since no one has a weapon chain yet. But in all honesty, this is more of a gimmick and for a bit of fun.

WOW Classic SOD: A Quick Guide To Rogue PVP In Season Of Discovery Phase 1

Your race choice, so real simple again. Rogue gameplay revolves around being on target at the right time, so mobility and uptime are a must. If you’re Alliance, I would go for Gnome, and if you’re Horde, I’d go for Undead. But, there are more snares and slows in the game that will hold you down much more than, say, a Rend or a Blind that you may Stoneform off to save yourself. And for Undead, I’d rather have more control over the situation and not have to rely on a stun resist. Plus, having Will of the Forsaken opens up a trinket slot, amongst other things.

These are going to be Tailoring for the boots and Leatherworking for the gloves. If you have to choose between them and you’re a PVPer, take the boots. Being able to pre-op the Shield Wall effect on stuns, such as Hodge, Between the Eyes or any big amount of incoming burst is much more valuable than an extra 10% attack speed, which is going to be negligible outside of fighting high armor targets and looking for Deadly Brew procs.

So, this leads us into our next discussion, which is Rune choice and Rune dancing. The most important thing you want to bear in mind here is, in most situations, one Rune is not best for everything. You want to swap depending on the situations. So, having multiple items to change Rune instantly. For example, our base Rune specs would be Shadowstrike for safe gap closes, Between the Eyes for lock down and connecting, and Slaughter from the Shadows for insane burst. However, versus high armor targets, you can weapon swap to a sword and use Saber Slash, Between the Eyes and Deadly Brew. So in that case, you’re whittling down targets with bleeds and poison damage. You want to be flexible.

In terms of macros, you want to have weapon swap macros for Shing. So, one for Mind-numbing and one for Crippling, especially in this phase. And if you’re weapon swapping with Rune dancing, you can use this macro here for ease of access when you swap between Saber Slash and Shadowstrike. You can use this macro, and it also works for the other slots, too. So, you’d have to change hands to legs when you’re swapping between Blade Twisting and Blade Dancer.


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