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WOW Classic SOD: 4 Quick Tips For Balance Druid!

Posted: Dec 22, 2023

Since the launch of Season of Discovery, many players have welcomed Balance Druid. Here, I have some quick tips on Balance Druid.

This guide will help you improve your class and character, providing you with advice and helpful tips so you can better face the new challenges of WOW Classic SOD.

WOW Classic SOD: 4 Quick Tips For Balance Druid!

Can Starsurge Stun?

First, let’s start with things you might not know about Starsurge. It actually does benefit from Improved Starfire. We can have a Talent point and have a 3% chance of stunning our target for 3 seconds.

This, like Hunter, allows us to get rid of Wrath and kill them. This is really great in PVP if you want to do tough solo missions in the open world.

WOW Classic SOD: Druid Rune Starsurge

Sunfire Shifting You Out Of Cat/Bear Form?

The next tip focuses on some of the new mechanics of Balance Druid. If you are in Cat or Bear form and you hit your Sunfire, it will cause you to lose form. This means you put the wrong Sunfire on your bar.

But don’t worry, you just need to open your Spellbook and put your Rune in it. But this is only what you have in caster form.

All you have to do is go into your Balance tree and into whatever form you want for Cat or Bear. Then when you hover over it, the tooltip will show Cat form’s 40 energy. Then you need to put it on your bar instead of Sunfire, which has a mana cost.


The next tip is careers. I chose an Engineering, so I could have these Shadow Goggles before heading into Blackfathom Deeps. We can keep wearing them until we get a new helmet from a raid.

Then there are some bombs that can be used in open world PVP. If you like PVP as much as I do, these will come in handy often. You can also use bombs on the team to give yourself a little AOE damage.

Then I also chose Leatherworking instead of Tailoring. Because I really like the 10% spell damage buff that comes with using Void-touched Leather Gloves for 10 seconds. Its cooldown is 10 minutes, so you can use it three or four times in a raid, depending on how long your raid takes.

WOW Classic SOD: Best Professions to Learn

How To Get Starsurge At Level 1?

The last tip is to get Starsurge at level 1. It takes some extra effort, but it's definitely a safe path to get there as quickly as possible.


First, as Alliance, our first step is to leave the starting zone, Shadowglen. Next, go through the major city of Darnassus, enter the glowing Pink Teleporter, follow the pier to Flight Master, and board the ship.

It is important to note that we have to jump off the boat before reaching the dock and swim all the way to the coast. Try to avoid Murloc and Sharks and head towards the shore.

To reach the foot of the mountain, you need to visit Grugimdern (36 15). He will hand you a Marshroom. Then you go to the pool (31 18) and eat Marshroom quickly. Finally, you can get Starsurge Rune by talking to the frog.

How to get the Druid Rune of the Stars for Starsurge in WoW Classic SoD?


For Horde players, all you have to do is go to the trade chat and spend WOW Classic SOD Gold to buy Summon. But if you have 30 to 45 minutes, you can choose to build in Red Cloud Mesa. Then run past Baron Aquanis, enter Durar Logistics, and ride Zeppelin all the way through Silverpine Forest to Hillsbrad Foothills.

It’s difficult to get to the coast from here. Maybe you can find a group of people to run with. There may be a free path through there, but it may take a few deaths to get to the water. You’ll eventually find Starsurge in the same place.

That’s it for some quick tips on Balance Druid for some current Boomie players or some who might be interested in trying Boomie to get Starsurge.


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