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WOW Classic SOD: The 10 Best Farming Ways To Stock Up On Gold For Phase 2!

Posted: Jan 11, 2024

Posted: Jan 11, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Fellow WarCraft players, are you ready to reserve gold coins for Season of Discovery Phase 2? So far, I have earned over 1,500 gold coins in Season of Discovery. Therefore, I want to teach you the best open world gold farming methods.

I went through 10 of the most popular and exciting methods of farming gold and found out which one is worth your time and which one should be ignored.

So, let’s dive into the best open world gold farming locations you should definitely visit. Each of these farming methods has been tested for at least an hour to gauge whether they are a really good farm or an overrated farm, and whether they are worth your precious time.

WOW Classic SOD: The 10 Best Farming Ways To Stock Up On Gold For Phase 2!

10. Angerfang Encampment

Ranked tenth is Angerfang Encampment. Killing the high-level Orcs here will give us a ton of green items. Although this farming location is a waking nightmare for Horde players, it’s definitely one of Alliance’s two most popular farming locations.

There’s also a bunch of annoying mobs here, which seem a lot better for AOE Mage. Therefore, most of the Mages are farming in this place.

After a full hour, the only valuable item I had left aside from Silk Cloth was a beautiful Green Shoulder. I got 2.32 WOW Classic SOD Gold from 110 mobs, and I got ganked 8 times.

9. RFK Solo Farm

Ranked ninth is RFK Solo Farm. We all know that drops such as Plains Ring, Staff of the Shade, and Pugilist Bracers all come from RFK.

As a Priest, I’m surprised that I can actually solo most mobs here, even in large groups. I also figured out a trick where you can reset once you’re deep into a raid. Because when you farm long enough, it gets harder and harder.

Now unfortunately for me, the only valuable items I got were Silk Cloth and a green item. I got 2.54 gold from 123 mobs.

WOW Classic SOD: RFK Solo Farm

8. Humbert’s Helm Farm

In eighth place is Humbert’s Helm Farm. On paper, this seems like the best way to farm gold. On my server, Humbert’s Helm sells for 50 gold on Horde and over 70 gold on Alliance.

In fact, even though the area is packed with Horde players taking down all the tags, you still need a team unless you’re playing a solo class like Hunter. But it’s still a very enjoyable farm to play with friends.

But it’s like in a casino: you either get something good or you don’t. I got 3.58 gold from 78 enemies from 1 hour of farming, and I got ganked twice, which was annoying.

7. Nethander Stead

Seventh place is our Netherander Stead. I really like this farm because of its extremely high mob spawn rate. The only problem is that Shaman has a rather annoying heal that I can’t interrupt. Meanwhile, melee mobs have a debuff with a 50% hit rate.

But on the bright side, after 1 hour of farming, our BoE items were around level 20 to 25. I got 4.81 gold from 126 mobs.

6. Bloodfury Farm

In sixth place is Bloodfury Farm. This farming site is easily accessible from Stonetalon Mountains. Its biggest advantages are the extremely high mob density and the large number of treasure chest spawns to loot. The disadvantage is that you just end up with a lot of junk in your inventory.

You really can’t spend more than an hour on this farm. Because I only got 6 gold coins from 171 mobs.

5. Centaurs Farm

Fifth place is Centaurs Farm. This is indeed a very popular Horde farming location. There is a ton of green stuff here, like Bristlebark Amice and Silk Cloth.

But the big draw here is Centaurs, and it’s really effortless. I did get over 76 Silk Cloth from Centaurs Farm in 1 hour. I got 6.8 gold from 165 Centaurs kills.

WOW Classic SOD: Slaughtering Galak Centaur Farm

4. Ogre Farm

The fourth place is Duskwood Ogre Farm. I like this way of farming because the level 28 mobs are very easy to kill. But there are some level 30 monsters near the cave area that are harder to kill. As a bonus, there are several chests spawning here that contain very nice green items.

We harvested two very good drops and an Ironwood Treebranch worth 2 gold coins each as well as a large amount of Silk Cloth in 1 hour of farming. I got 7.32 gold from 139 mobs.

3. Nagas

The third place is Nagas Farm. Everyone is so hyped about this farming method, it’s like the best thing ever. But unfortunately, the level of the mobs here is a bit too high for my Priest, and even getting the tags in the first place is a hard part.

Because there are so many monsters here, the amount of drops is truly incredible. But unfortunately, sometimes you just get some level 26 items that never really sell.

I did realize that what I really enjoyed was Iridescent Pearl worth over 2 gold from 1 hour of farming. I got 7.52 gold from 66 mobs.

Classic WoW SOD Goldmaking Guide: Instant Respawn Naga Farm

2. Vile Worgens

In second place is Duskwood Vile Worgens Farm. This farm is just outstanding and almost every monster kill feels super rewarding.

This is one of my favorite farms and you have a chance to get all the crazy blue items like Thunderbrow Ring and Troll’s Bane Leggings. There are also several treasure chests spawning spots throughout the area.

Although I don’t see a single drawback in the entire farm, since Alliance also likes this farm location so much, as a Horde player you should stick to Southwest.

I got five green items in the level 20 to 25 range. Even more exciting are the drops of blue items. Even though it’s a Bloodpike on some Pre-Raid BiS lists, it’s worth over 5 gold on Auction House. In one hour of playing Duskwood Vile Worgens Farm, I earned 8.91 gold from 93 monster kills.

1. Big Iron Fishing Pole Farm

Number one is our Big Iron Fishing Pole Farm. This farming method is very simple. You just dive into the water and loot cages. Sometimes you will get a Big Iron Fishing Pole.

Note that crabs will chase you here. They are probably the most annoying creatures in the entire game. If you want to farm efficiently, I definitely recommend playing Druid, or even Hunter. We ended up getting Elixir of Water Breathing in 1 hour of farming and got 13.2 gold in over 50 chests.

WOW Classic SOD: Big Iron Fishing Pole Farm

Overall, these are some golden farming methods that I’ve tested and really like and that I think you should definitely try. If you do it for an hour, please tell me how many gold coins you earn. Good luck!


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