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Wild Hearts: A Detailed Interpretation Of The Latest Trailer

Posted: Feb 09, 2023

To warm up the release of Wild Hearts, the game's official trailer was recently updated. From the trailer, we can see how to hunt down the giant tiger, Golden Tempest. Beyond that, the trailer also showcases three different weapons and unique gameplay for them.

In fact, in order to allow more fans of the Monster Hunter franchise to try something new, the developers of Wild Hearts have racked their brains. In the end, they decided that instead of trying to guess the minds of the players, it would be better to show the gameplay of one of the most challenging hunts in Wild Hearts. If these contents happen to arouse the interest of such players, they will naturally join the team playing Wild Hearts.


As a brand new hunting game, Wild Hearts also has many monsters called Kemono. So far, we know of at least 10 different types of Kemono in the game, including the giant boar Kingtusk and the phoenix-like fire bird Amaterasu.

Amazingly, every Kemono in the game seems to be able to become more ferocious with natural advantages. You'll often run into lots and lots of rampaging Kemono in Azuma in Wild Hearts. There seems to be some fights between them at times. If you want to survive as long as possible, it is very important to study and understand the weakness of each Kemono.

Wild Hearts

Golden Tempest

And in a recent trailer, Wild Hearts officials have highlighted a new Kemono called Golden Tempest (aka Aragane). Golden Tempest is a creature that looks very similar to a tiger. Due to its natural power over the wind element, it can blow wind and flakes of gold and even use the vents on its body to go airborne.

Three Weapons You Can Use To Hunt Golden Tempest

In order to help players better understand the gameplay of Wild Hearts, the official specially showed how to fight this kind of Kemono in the trailer.

In the course of the Golden Tempest battle, the official mainly showed three kinds of weapons. The first weapon is called the Claw Blade. If you can use this weapon effectively, you can barely touch the ground. You first need to dash in with quick slashes, attaching themselves to the Golden Tempest with a wire, and finally dash out.

The second weapon is called the Cannon. With it, you can launch blasks of various sizes at long distances.

Wild Hearts Golden Tempest

The third weapon is called Karakuri Staff. This weapon can be a formidable challenge for newcomers. Because it has two different modes. One can be used to attack quickly and improve your mobility. The other is just the opposite, the mode is used for hard hits and also reduces your mobility.

Karakuri Tools

In order to eliminate the doubts of Monster Hunter fans about Karakuri tools, the official also frequently used many kinds of such tools in the process of displaying weapons. They want to show players what these tools actually do.

We know from the trailer that with Karakuri tools, you can set traps, build defenses, launch different Karakuri and fly through the air.

Wild Hearts launches on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on February 17. Once the game is released, IGGM will also provide you with Wild Hearts Gold and services related to the game in time.


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