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Not a member? Sign up now Some Features That Make Whitemane Stand Out

Posted: Mar 06, 2023

Hey guys, what's up today? I want to tell you about the new cataclysm server. So you guys know what's up since I'm watching. I hope you will enjoy it. So if you're a Whitemane fan of the cataclysm expansion, you may want to check out a new private server called Whitemane. That's pretty much the project name. So what this Whitemane is all about?  Well, it's a cataclysm realm. It has been launched on March 3rd, 8:00 PM CET

The team behind that claims that it has been working on the project for years, fixing countless bugs and applying thousands of changes to offer a cataclysm experience with some unique quirks. The XP rates are times 3 for levels 1 to 60, and times 2 for levels 80 to 85. Alright, let's talk about some of the features that make Whitemane stand out from other cataclysm private servers.

First off, there is the Racial Shift feature which allows you to swap your racial abilities with another race. In theory, this should combat faction imbalance and also add an extra layer of customization for your characters. The next one is the Ancestral Wisdom feature. Each character at level 85 on your account increases your XP and Reputation gains by 15 percent. This should be a great way to speed up your progression and make the most out of your time on the server which will also mean that leveling up another character isn't that much of a chore anymore. And gives you a reason to level up multiple characters in the first place. So it is pretty good to be play value in my opinion. This isn't all. There is also an Auto-Learn feature. All new spells are automatically learned for free, so you don't have to waste time visiting your class trainer. On top of that, all the flight paths beside the 80 to 85 zones are unlocked by default, so you are easier to explore the world of Cataclysm

Another thing that sets Whitemane apart is the level of support they want to offer. The support team is made up of actual people, who are dedicated to answering tickets within 24 hours was the maximum they claimed, so that's something you don't see on every private server to this level of support, but we all know other projects promised that before as well and didn't deliver, so we see how it goes in addition to the great support they want to offer. Whitemane also wants to take teaching measures seriously. And we can see that gold buying, gold selling, and botting are all banned on the server, other projects promised that as well. I mean you can look through my content. I will never put my hand in the fire like this ever again, so I'm open and I'm all for it. If projects can deliver that, that's pretty cool. So let's go to the next point. 

Finally, Crusader Whitemane also offers a unique opportunity for you with a Mograine character if you decide to transfer these characters over to the Whitemane project, you will receive a unique title called Crusader. So I don't play there. I am not a huge cataclysm guy, but I think the projects deserve a shout-out as well. And I just want to tell you all about it. We can see if they can deliver on the promises. There are a lot of talks happening in this quest. It's pretty funny, so we can see if they can provide what they promised here. So we can see you. I wish them of course good luck with more information. 

Note: Coincidentally, offers these right now if you need Whitemane Maelstrom Alliance/Horde Gold, so take it easy!


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