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Tarisland: An Exciting Early Access To This New MMORPG - Overview & Exclusive Insights

Posted: Mar 20, 2024

Posted: Mar 20, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Hi, players! Today, let’s talk about a new MMORPG launched by Tencent - Tarisland. It is completely free on PC and mobile and will be launched soon! I will show you all the information about the latest Tarisland and the news we will be introducing in this guide. They've given us some details on what will be tested, and I'll give you a glimpse to get you excited.

Tarisland: An Exciting Early Access To This New MMORPG - Overview & Exclusive Insights

Inscribed Stones

Let me start by telling you a little about the updates that have been tested on the 18th, starting with the Inscribed Stones. The Inscribed Stone will no longer be tradable. In the previous test, many players were excited about the new Inscribed Stone System added, but it also caused some controversy. The initial intention was to design a system in which players could unlock powers progressively as they progressed in the game.

However, because of the trading settings of the Inscribed Stone Energy. To avoid some imblanced situations in the future, they removed the trading function of the Inscribed Stone, and now the energy of the Inscribed Stone can be obtained through the battle pass and other Tarisland activities.

PvP Gameplay

There was already something good in PvP, but they improved it even more to ensure a fair gameplay experience and a healthy gaming environment. We made adjustments to the PvP content and released Arena 3v3, which we already played and tested. All players will enter the arena with the same attributes based on their choice and specialization. All character attributes such as equipment, gems, and Inscription Stones will no longer have any effect.

Tarisland  Arena 3v3

Besides that, we also made deep adjustments and optimizations for the PvP attribute system. The talent system will separate PvE and PvP attributes, ensuring that players enjoy an ideal gaming experience. There will also be attributes for both PvE and PvP.

PvE Equipment

The acquisition of PvE equipment is closely intertwined with the game's mechanics. We offer a detailed explanation of the widely discussed topic of acquiring and trading equipment within the game, both in the PvE session and through equipment graphics. Equipment obtained through crafting is tradable, albeit with certain restrictions on quality, level, and non-tradable armor set pieces.

These non-tradable pieces refer to the sets that we acquire as drops. They have fine-tuned the rules for acquiring set pieces to reduce randomness and ensure the presence of special abilities. These adjustments allow players to assemble their armor sets more rapidly. The aim is to ensure that players' gaming experience fosters their progression and growth.


As they emphasized in the crafting chapter, we will significantly increase the number of items obtained and the production efficiency of crafting, thus improving the efficiency of energy use, indirectly reducing the consumption and demand of players in crafting-related aspects. Players can allocate and use their resources more effectively to achieve improvements.


Basic Currency

As the basic circulating currency in Tarisland, the use and acquisition of the Tarisland Gold Coins has always been the part that players are most concerned about. As for the acquisition of gold coins, they will increase the daily production of gold coins for players based on the current game settings.

Players can receive 100 gold coins through daily activities and earn up to 6,000 gold coins in missions, achievements, exploration, and obtaining 2,000 gold coins in the seven-day goal event. Players can also earn gold coins in chests, crafting and so on, and each player can earn enough gold coins during the game to ensure their growth and a smooth gaming experience.

After the adjustments made to various abilities, the consumption of gold coins has been significantly reduced, and players can now invest in this vital resource in other areas they wish to improve. In addition, gold coins will play a more important role in the latest version of the game, buying crystals.

Now players can convert gold coins obtained through activities into crystals. Through the crystal consignment system to buy items like monthly passes and costumes. You’ll be able to turn the in-game gold into crystal, so you can use the Tarisland currency to buy skins and passes within the game with the game’s own money. But it’s worth mentioning that crystals purchased with gold coins cannot be consigned again or used for item gifting.


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