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Starfield: How to Quickly Obtain Razorleaf & Mantis Armor Set Early in the Game?

Posted: Sep 08, 2023

You can get spaceships in a lot of different ways in Starfield, whether that’s stealing them, buying them or through quest lines. You can also take off in a random direction at the start of the game and completely missed one of the best available to you right away.

This is how to be prepared and where to go to get the Razorleaf, as well as a powerful set of armor that carries a reputation.

Starfield: How to Quickly Obtain Razorleaf & Mantis Armor Set Early in the Game?

How to be Prepared?

Early in the game, you’ll be set on a planet hopping tutorial style mission called “The Old Neighborhood”.

This mission will take you to Mars and then Venus, where the game teaches you basic flight skills. Part of that mission has you scan a satellite that points you to the Nova Galactic Staryard. Knowing this, you might be able to just travel there directly without picking up the mission.

When you get there, clear out all the spacers and keep an eye out for something that’s easy to miss. Several of the spacers bodies will have a note titled “Secret Outpost!”. Make sure you read the note and you’ll suddenly see a Mantis mission appear in your quest log, sending you to the planet with the secret base on it.

Before you get there, make sure you’re prepared with lots of weapons and ammo. You can save yourself some headache by carrying a weapon that is strong against robots or while you’re fighting, one of the spacers will have a heavy weapon that looks like a Gatling Gun or a modified Arc Welder. You want to pick that one up to face off against robots a bit more easily.

Also, pack a medical item called Amp, basically space adrenaline.

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Starfield Razorleaf

Where to Get the Razorleaf & Mantis Armor?

At the secret base, there are enemies that are relatively high level to you depending on when you get there and you’re going to burn through a lot of ammo. Go ahead and fight your way in.

Next, you’ll reach a narrow hallway with tons of turrets at the end, right after you choose to talk to or kill a fellow named Libby. There are two ways to tackle this puzzle. If you want to solve it, you’ll need to spell out a word on the floor.

Search dead spacers in the area for a Voice Log. If you listen to it, you will hear them say “Sic Semper Tyrannis” a bunch of times. The password is you guessed it “Tyrannis”. If you don’t want to mess around with the whole puzzle thing, you can just take space adrenaline called Amp, which boosts your movement speed by 35% for 2 minutes and run on through, opening the gate at the end, deactivates the turrets.

After that, there’s going to be some hallways with more traps and more robots. And then, you’re in the layer of the Mantis. Straight ahead is the Razorleaf ship. All you have to do is raise the platform, and it’s yours.

To the left are living quarters where you can find the Mantis armor in the display case. It has tons of benefits, like allowing you to carry more Starfield Items, auto healing, and it randomly sets nearby enemies on fire.

Starfield Mantis Armor Set

The Perks

The ship itself has plenty of perks.

It’s fast. It’s got great weapons, and it has a weapon storage bay where you can display your favorite guns.

Furthermore, feel free to customize the Mantis as much as you want by using your Starfield Credits. You can do this at any ship vender. I turn mine into something inspired by the Millennium Falcon.

No matter how much you change your ship, people will still recognize you as the Razorleaf. I highly recommend adding a Stroud Workshop two in one, which places all the upgrade stations on board. So, you don’t have to go down to planets to do everything.

Also, make sure to expand your ship storage because you’re picking up a lot of stuff in this game and you’re going to need it.

But that’s not even the end of it. There’s more to the ship and armor that will impact your game from that point forward. And that’s because the Mantis carries a reputation. It’s a persona. If you want to know exactly why, explore the layer and read all about it.

But what you’ll notice is that when you fly around in the Razorleaf, people will recognize you. Friendly ships will gush over your Legend and offer you rewards. Some Pirates will just turn tail and run as soon as you show up.

Various characters you walk by in the world will either grumble about wanting to kill you or something about your story. Also, don’t worry. Walking around in the armor doesn’t actually get you recognized in the world so much, only on certain missions.


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