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Stardew Valley: What To Do First In 1.6 Update? - 20 Essential Tasks

Posted: Mar 30, 2024

The Stardew Valley 1.6 update introduces significant changes and additions, offering players a plethora of new content to explore. Here are 20 essential tasks you should consider.

Stardew Valley: What To Do First In 1.6 Update? - 20 Essential Tasks

1. Acquisition Of Bookseller Services

A new Bookseller now visits the valley twice per season on random days, with scheduled appearances marked on the calendar. 

Purchase books from Robin and place them near your bed for easy access. The Bookseller offers a limited selection, each containing valuable information crucial for progression.

2. Exploration of the Mastery Cave

Within the Mastery Cave, players encounter statues representing the five core skills of the game. 

These statues allow players to purchase skill upgrades, significantly impacting gameplay. Accumulating 10,000 Master Points is necessary to obtain these upgrades, which can be earned gradually through regular gameplay or expedited by acquiring experience-boosting books from the Bookseller.

3. Utilization Of Big Chests

Storage management poses a challenge in Stardew Valley, particularly for those inclined towards organized collection. The introduction of Big Chests provides a solution, allowing players to craft larger storage containers or upgrade existing ones. 

Robin sells the recipe for the wooden Big Chest, which can be utilized individually or placed atop existing chests for expansion. Additionally, players can create signs to label their chests, aiding in organization efforts.

4. Meadowlands Farm

Introducing the Meadowlands Farm, a new farm variant featuring Blue Grass, a favorite of your livestock. Animals on this farm thrive on Blue Grass, which greatly boosts their happiness.

Fortunately, Blue Grass isn't exclusive to the Meadowlands Farm. You can acquire Blue Grass Starters from Mr. Qi's store in exchange for Qi Gems. Place these starters on your farm, ensuring to protect them with lightning rods to facilitate their spread without being consumed. Your animals will appreciate the abundance of Blue Grass.

Stardew Valley Meadowlands Farm

5. New Furniture Items

A plethora of new furniture items awaits you to enhance your home décor. These Stardew Valley Items are available in the brand new Wizard Catalogue, featuring a magical theme that adds flair to any dwelling.

Obtain the Wizard Catalogue from Krobus for 150,000 gold and immerse yourself in the joy of decorating your living space with enchanting furnishings.

6. Animal Catalogue

Obtaining the Animal Catalogue is imperative for streamlined purchases at Marnie's Farm, particularly useful when Marnie is absent, which seems to be a common occurrence.

7. Monster Compendium

The Monster Compendium is a valuable resource that significantly increases your loot yield from defeated enemies. Obtaining this book, however, is more challenging. It requires luck, as it occasionally drops from defeated foes in the game.

Pair the Monster Compendium with a burglar ring for maximum effectiveness, and embark on a slaying adventure armed with Monster Musk to increase your chances of acquisition. Best of luck in your endeavors.

8. Deluxe Bait

Deluxe Bait proves to be remarkably effective in fishing endeavors. 

While its crafting requires Moss, which can be somewhat scarce, the Deluxe Worm Bin facilitates its abundance. Each Deluxe Worm Bin yields up to 5 Deluxe Bait per day, making it a reliable source to ensure a steady supply.

This bait not only attracts fish but also enlarges the fishing bar, enhancing your chances of success. Its efficacy makes investing in Deluxe Bait and Deluxe Worm Bins a prudent decision.

9. House Expansion

For those who find their homes overflowing with processing machinery, there's now an opportunity to significantly increase the house's size for a fee of 320,000 gold. 

Whether you aim to expand your processing facilities or indulge in decorative pursuits, this expansion offers ample space to accommodate your needs.

Stardew Valley House Expansion

10. Fishing Mastery (Advanced Iridium Rod)

If you encounter difficulties in catching specific fish, consider pursuing the Fishing Mastery

Upon acquiring this skill, you'll receive the Advanced Fishing Rod, capable of utilizing 2 fishing tackles simultaneously. Experiment with various tackle combinations, such as pairing 2 Cork Bobbers or 2 Trap Bobbers, to streamline your fishing experience.

11. Combat Mastery

If fishing isn't your main concern, prioritizing the Combat Mastery proves highly advantageous.

Firstly, gaining access to a Mini Forge allows you to craft Weapons of Chaos from the comfort of your home. Moreover, unlocking a trinket slot significantly enhances combat prowess. 

Throughout the game, you'll encounter various trinkets offering substantial combat boosts. These include healing trinkets, trinkets that shoot magic arrows at enemies, and even ones that freeze foes.

12. Geode Crusher

The Geode Crusher underwent slight modifications. While it no longer guarantees a Prismatic Shard, it no longer requires coal for operation. 

Previously, its usage was costlier than visiting Clint for geode cracking. Now, cracking geodes is free. Stock up on Geode Crushers and intermittently collect random loot from cracked geodes.

13. Statue Of The Dwarf King

Attaining Mastery in mining grants access to the Statue of the Dwarf King

Stardew Valley Statue Of The Dwarf King

Daily interactions with this statue allow you to select one of 2 mining buffs, making it invaluable for mine or Skull Cavern excursions. Some buffs, like immunity to bomb damage and increased ladder discovery rates, are exceptionally beneficial. 

Additionally, remember to stack these buffs with those obtained from cooked meals or beverages. Similarly, the Statue of Blessing, acquired through farming Mastery, offers stacking buffs. Mastery in utilizing buffs effectively enhances gameplay significantly.

14. Meowmere

Proceed to floor 100 in the regular mines equipped with an Ancient Doll. Interact with the lava pool, triggering an exciting event that rewards you with a Far Away Stone. 

Transport this stone to the Wizard's Tower and locate a pedestal in the basement. Place the Far Away Stone on the pedestal to acquire a unique weapon known as the Meowmere. While not particularly potent in terms of power, this weapon boasts remarkable visual appeal. 

Visit the forge and refashion your Infinity Blade to resemble this distinctive weapon. This task holds significant importance, so ensure its completion.

15. The Pan's Potential

Upgrade your pan from basic copper to iridium quality, significantly augmenting its effectiveness in item retrieval. 

Although shimmering spots remain relatively rare, except for the dig site on Ginger Island, visiting during a day of optimal luck yields abundant loot. Prepare an ample supply of large chests to accommodate the bounty.

16. Pets

Enhance your pet's affection by consistently petting and providing water daily. The social tab now allows you to gauge your pet's level of attachment. 

Upon reaching maximum hearts, you can acquire another pet by visiting Marnie, enabling ownership of up to 4 pets. 

Should the need arise to part ways with a pet, Krobus offers Butterfly Powder for this purpose.

17. Cursed Mannequin

Journey to the Quarry Mine and engage in combat with the skull adversaries. 

These foes may drop a cursed mannequin, which can be adorned with clothing and showcased in your home to exhibit your prized equipment. However, be wary, as the cursed mannequin may relocate during the night, adding an eerie element to its presence.

Stardew Valley Cursed Mannequin

18. Portable Tent Kit

The portable Tent Kit offers remarkable versatility. 

Easily crafted, these kits enable a night's rest anywhere outdoors. Strategically distribute them by placing them in Junimo Chests throughout the valley. Should you find yourself far from home at nightfall, a quick nap in a tent suffices. 

However, their true value lies in positioning them strategically. Sleeping near the entrance of the Skull Cavern allows for an early start at 6:00 a.m., equipped with buffing statues, enabling a deep delve into its depths. These extra hours could prove pivotal in your success.

19. Fishing Bobber Customization

Visit Willy's shop to discover a peculiar machine offering customization of your fishing bobber style. 

Opt for spontaneity by selecting the random button, ensuring each cast presents a novel bobber appearance. This whimsical feature adds an element of fun to your fishing endeavors.

20. Embark On A New Challenge

The paramount task in this update is to commence a fresh playthrough on the new Meadowlands Farm. Similar to the beach farm, it offers a unique and unconventional start. 

Adorned with Blue Grass beloved by animals, this farm presents a refreshing challenge. Begin with a coop and 2 chickens, supplemented by 15 hay instead of parsnips. 

Embrace the novelty and relish in the adventure that awaits.


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