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Monopoly Go: Achieve Ultimate Victory On The Board With These 10 Secret Strategies!

Posted: Jun 21, 2024

Monopoly has gone through many adaptations over the years. Among them, Monopoly Go focuses more on the capital-building aspect than the tactical acquisitions and mind games that the original board game usually offers.

When you first start playing Monopoly Go, it will seem simple, but as the levels increase, the difficulty will increase and you will find yourself in an endless process of building and demolishing. This guide will introduce some 10 strategies to get the most out of your game of Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go: Achieve Ultimate Victory On The Board With These 10 Secret Strategies!

Don’t Worry Too Much About Your Mistakes

Every mistake is a minor setback, not the end of the world, so don’t worry too much about it. Even if your bank is completely bankrupt and your landmarks are destroyed, you can still get back on top!

Bonuses, events and mini-events are here to help you get back on top, and there are also extra dice, higher multipliers, bonuses for completing your goals and even community chests to help you improve your luck.

If one day feels particularly unlucky, the next day may bring better luck. Some extra dice, a higher multiplier, a dice roll from a community chest, or a new event could bring good luck to the player.

Set A Daily Objectives

This is not only in the game but also in real life. Daily objectives are a splendid opportunity to get closer to the eventual goal. However, because of the uncertainty of the dice points, it is best to pretend to be Wang Jia’s daily objectives in the game, and only collect rewards after completing the objectives. In this way, you have completed your own goals!

Your objectives can be set on things like upgrading a landmark or land on a utility 3 times. This is difficult to complete automatically with daily games, which is a certain challenge.

Build More To Collect Houses

Unlike other original board games, the houses in Monopoly Go are randomly placed, and you need to obtain them by building or upgrading landmarks. When your dice land on a tile with a house, it will increase the income of this tile. When you build five houses on a tile, these houses will automatically upgrade to hotels.

Each hotel will have its own representative color, and when your dice land on a place represented by the color of a hotel, it will trigger a bonus event. The nature of this event also depends on the main event you are running at the moment, and it will also consume the corresponding color of the hotel.

Therefore, you must keep building houses without interruption, as you consistently need to trigger this bonus event to extract its full potential. In addition, building landmarks is by far the fastest way to level up in this game and get upgrade bonuses, such as more dice, higher shields, and even Monopoly Go Stickers.

Cheaper Landmarks, More Buildings

Players may want to build the most expensive landmarks when they first enter the game, which is exactly the wrong thing to do. Since the major goal of landmarks is to get more houses and turn them into hotels, it is best to start with the cheapest landmarks.

The landmarks on the left side of your entire screen are not only cheaper, but they also have lower upgrade prices, which can make the top-level landmarks the cheapest overall.

In this way, you can not only get more houses in a shorter time but also don’t have to worry about other players demolishing your landmarks - because you don’t feel bad, it’s cheaper to rebuild. By the way, when you rebuild landmarks, you can also collect houses, which save money and don’t delay things.

Protect Your Landmarks

Because your repair costs are tied to the cost of upgrading landmarks, expensive landmarks are more expensive to repair. To prevent you from spending all your money on repairs, you need to upgrade the landmarks you currently own before you build more expensive landmarks.

This can save you a lot of money, whether building, upgrading, repairing or rebuilding, and can also generate more houses for you. Or you can just not upgrade the expensive landmarks first, so that you are a little richer before entering the next stage.

Save Your First Game Of A Day

A new day usually starts with the end of the daily bonus and nightly activities, which also means that the first game of the day will last longer than other games. Normally, you will receive hundreds of dice that can increase the maximum multiplier, and if you are lucky, there will even be a bonus multiplier.

If there are still dice on the board when you exit the game, the next game will not give you such a high multiplier. If you leave money on the board, other players may also destroy landmarks and steal money from your bank! Therefore, it is recommended that you play your first game of the day when you have enough time to use your dice.

Check Shop Bonus Every Eight Hours

There are always hidden bonuses in the shop, which refresh every eight hours. You can find them by clicking the shop icon and dragging the featured deals at the top all the way to the right. Don’t worry, it’s free!

Bonuses include money, Monopoly Go Stickers, and sometimes extra dice. When you see a red dot next to the shop on the left side of the screen, it means you can go and claim your bonus.

Don’t Use Up Your Dice

The more dice you have available, the higher the multiplier you can push. So it’s best to use a higher multiplier so that you can get more money in your bank and build more landmarks.

Other players can destroy landmarks to take your bank, but they can’t take dice. This is one reason dice are so valuable. When you are at a higher level, it is best to use a multiplier of 50x or more, which requires you to have at least 200 dice.

If you have less than 200, you can only expect to roll dice with a multiplier of 3 or 5x. This is not worth it!

Use Multiplier Wisely

You can increase the multiplier during the game by clicking the 1X button next to the ROLL button, which means you can increase the number of dice rolled and the number of rewards you get. For example, a 10X multiplier will provide 10x more money and 10x more bonus dice, shields, and other resources.

If you need resources such as shields, or are preparing to try to obtain objectives that require dice to land on specific squares, use a smaller multiplier. Keeping your larger multiplier can also help you save dice.

Make More Friends

It’s also very easy to make new friends in Monopoly Go. Unlike the team structure common in other mobile games, Monopoly Go allows you to make full use of your friend list. Your friends will increase a certain amount of rewards for each event you participate in, and even provide you with better rewards in the daily community treasury.

Each friend will also have a token on your board. If you land on his territory, you will also need to pay rent to him/her, and vice versa, you will also receive rent from your friends. The more friends you have, the more rewards you can get.

I hope these 10 strategies can help you in your gaming experience, and I wish you have endless dice and tons of bonuses in Monopoly Go!


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