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LOTRO: These 5 Top Solo Classes Will Make Your Adventures Both Empowering And Fun!

Posted: May 18, 2024

Leveling up, slashing beasts, and pushing the limits of survival in Lord of The Rings Online is something solo players have always enjoyed the most. If you are also looking for advice on adventuring alone in LOTRO and becoming a one-man army, then don’t miss this guide.

Here, we will talk about which character classes in LOTRO will give you the most freedom and independence while adventuring. These classes not only give you the ability to act alone but also help you stay safe when facing multiple monsters. Let’s jump right in!

LOTRO: These 5 Top Solo Classes Will Make Your Adventures Both Empowering And Fun!

5. Champion

Champion is your go-to hack-and-slash class. Simple, easy to use, durable, and capable of dealing tremendous damage, it is the perfect choice for your LOTRO solo experience.

They wear heavy armor and wield two-handed weapons or dual one-handed weapons, which look great when paired with LOTRO’s amazing clothing options.

As the game progresses, you can also wear ranged weapons and perform certain skills with it, although not auto-attacks.

So if you want a class that can effortlessly take a ton of damage, deal even more damage, and cut through the flesh of its enemies, Champion is the perfect choice for you.

The reason why Champion isn’t ranked higher on the list is that they’re a bit too simple for some MMO players who are looking for a lot of ability variety. Champion has a variety of abilities, and you just need to click on them, and Champion can kill the target instantly.

4. Captain

Captain is a truly unique class. If you try to compare the class to some classes in some other well-known MMOs, you’ll have a hard time putting it into any established category. Although some people consider Captain to be Warrior-type classes in some other MMOs, as a powerful tank, it’s obviously different from what we think of this class.

Captain wears heavy armor and wields a melee weapon, either a one-handed weapon and a shield, or a large two-handed weapon. And depending on the specialization you choose, they can perform whatever role you want them to, whether it’s dealing damage, buffing themselves and their allies, weakening enemies, or tanking. This is thanks to their heavy armor and huge healing capabilities.

Captain is great for co-op, but can also be played as a solo class. One of the major benefits of playing Captain solo is that you get your very own Herald!

Heralds are companions that follow you around and help you out by buffing/weakening effects and removing all your aggro. With a Herald by your side, you’ll never be alone.

Besides being unique, fun, and adaptable, Captains are also very efficient, and there are many reasons to choose this class. But keep in mind that Captains can be a bit slow in XP gaining, despite their ability to take on multiple opponents, which is why they’re ranked fourth. But if you have enough LOTRO Gold, buy some XP buffs, this won’t be a problem at all.

3. Warden

Warden is a hybrid class introduced in 2008 in Mines of Moria expansion.

Essentially, they’re tanks. They’re unique in that they wear medium armor, but what they lack in weaponry they make up for with the unique Warden’s Shields, which gives them an extra defensive advantage.

However, their hybrid nature doesn’t stop there. They combine their spears with Warden’s Shields and attack from range by throwing Javelins.

However, their abilities make it all work perfectly together. They have high single-target damage, high threat, amazing combat durability, and their damage mechanics can change from melee to ranged depending on your specialization.

What does this do to Warden’s single-player capabilities? In short, you can choose to be a tank in more dangerous conditions, mix between ranged and melee. Being a tank will never affect your DPS ability, and you will have so many options to mow down enemies.

2. Guardian

Guardian is an unquestionable tank king. Whether it is extremely high health, heavy armor, heavy shields, or the ability to specifically attract all aggro, all of these make your Guardian a beast without any weaknesses.

However, besides their tanking specialization, they have a trick up their sleeve. They can also act as DPS and wear a two-handed weapon. In this case, they become very efficient mob removers. You will be surprised how fun and efficient it is to use Guardian as a primary damage dealer.

Besides that, Guardian’s combat mechanics have a well-designed flow, and besides giving you a solid single-player experience, they are versatile in combat and look great with all that armor/shield bulk.

1. Hunter

No doubt, the top of the list is definitely Hunter. This class is a masterpiece of single-player games, and this is completely the consensus of the vast majority of players.

Hunter wields a bow, which is their basic source of damage. But they are also equipped with two one-handed weapons for melee situations. They wear medium armor, deal extremely high single-target damage, and are particularly suitable for single-player games.

First of all, they run faster when walking, which is very useful when you need to find quest items or explore the terrain without a mount.

Besides this, Hunter also has fast-travel abilities that allow you to travel to various places in the world. And as the level increases, the number of places you can go to at once will also increase.

Don’t underestimate it. This ability of Hunter will speed up your leveling process at a speed you can’t imagine. Especially for non-VIP players, because these players don’t have many fast travel options.

More importantly, Hunter has a variety of gameplay, which stimulates the player’s imagination to a certain extent. If you want, you can even change stances, use ranged skills to slow down, stun and cripple monsters, and then approach them and kill them with dual weapons. You can also set traps, track animals or artifacts, travel light, and travel quickly. The specific gameplay is entirely up to you.

The above are the 5 preferred classes for single players when adventuring on Middle-Earth. Choosing a suitable class will definitely make your exploration journey smoother. I wish you good luck!


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