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Genshin Impact: Dehya User Guide

Posted: Mar 01, 2023

After the release of Genshin Impact patch 3.5 update, Dehya is finally available. Even though Dehya's appearance is very popular with players, its other gameplay kit may not be accepted by some players. So, you might think that Dehya is an unremarkable character. However, it offers a whole new style of play for players, especially with new characters coming out in the future.

Although Dehya is not one of the strongest DPS characters in Genshin Impact, it more than makes up for what it lacks in power with its Elemental Skill and Burst. What's more, most teams need to rely on it as the main DPS, and at the same time, you need to really master the gameplay to show its potential. 

Use Of Battery Character

Normally, Battery Character plays a pivotal role in Genshin Impact's team composition. Especially a character like Dehya who relies heavily on Elemental Skill and Burst. Dehya can only activate its Burst ability to the maximum extent when there is a steady flow of energy

Due to the limited generation of Particles, even in Mono-Pyro Team Composition, it is difficult to guarantee the successful use of its Burst skills without the role blessing of High Energy Recharge Rates and particle generation abilities

Genshin Impact Dehya Skills, Materials, Talents, and More

Of course, you can also try to use enough Genshin Impact Accounts to help you speed up particle generation, activate Burst skills, and kill enemies as soon as possible.

Avoid Using Shield Character

Dehya's equipment usually includes Fiery Sanctum field, which greatly improves the character's defense against damage within the field. At the same time, its Ascension Passive ability also provides it with defensive protection, so that the team with this character does not need to have a Shield Character

When Dehya appears in your team, it is suggested that you can use Healer instead of Shield Character, which can maximize Dehya's skills.

Proper Use Of Elemental Skill And Burst

Elemental Skill and Burst usage timing also has a crucial impact on the team's fights in Genshin Impact, especially Dehya. The use of Dehya's Elemental Skill and Burst is different from other characters. It is very friendly to novice players and very easy to understand. At the same time, whether the time it uses is accurate or not is also the key to the team's performance optimization.

Learn About Its Split Scaling Talent

Split scaling is a basic concept in Genshin Impact. I'm sure you've seen similar abilities from other characters like Ayato before. 

Characters with a split ratio usually need to balance the investment ratio statistically to get the maximum damage output. For example, Dehya's Elemental Skill and Burst usually deal damage to enemies based on different distributions of ATK and HP values.

Best Dehya Build

Players need to balance other statistics such as ATK and HP values, which is generally a very big challenge. However, as long as players don't just focus on ATK and HP stats and ignore other stats, this shouldn't be a major problem. At the same time, reasonable control of data changes can effectively avoid diminishing returns for players to a large extent.

Reduce The Use Of Normal Attacks

Genshin Impact's Normal Attack is the most basic and most important for most DPS roles. Because they usually spend a lot of time joining Elemental's auto-attacks to deal damage to enemy players. 

But Dehya is not like that. Because it's not a character that relies heavily on Normal Attack. Even though it's often seen on the battlefield, Normal Attack is too slow for it because it uses Claymore, and there's no way to gain bonuses from its HP scaling

Therefore, it is very important to give priority to its Elemental Skill and Burst, and Normal Attack usually becomes its secondary choice.

Using the role of Dehya well will benefit you and your team a lot. If you can avoid these points, I believe you will be able to master Dehya as soon as possible. Hope you have fun in the game.


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