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WoW Classic SOD: Everything You Should Know About The Upcoming Season Of Discovery

Posted: Nov 24, 2023

We’re excited to announce the arrival of WoW Classic season, the Season of Discovery, set to release on November 30th.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the new content, explore fresh mechanics (e.g. Rune Engraving and class changes), introduce new level-up raids and upcoming world PVP events. 

During BlizzCon 2023 Holly Longdale, the executive producer of World of Warcraft, revealed an exciting seasonal adventure for Wow Classic, known as the Season of Discovery.

This new season brings a plethora of fresh content, encouraging players to engage with the game through creative exploration.

WoW Classic SOD: Everything You Should Know About The Upcoming Season Of Discovery

Level Cap System

One notable feature that immediately caught our attention is the introduction of the level cap system

The newly introduced level cap system operates in stages, unlocking progressively. Commencing at level 25, the capped periods will incrementally rise, bringing with them new raids, PVP events, and loot opportunities.

The Season of Discovery will be introduced in four-level caps system phases, each featuring level caps, akin to the release of raid tiers in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.

As players embark on the new servers on November 30th, they will progress through levels as usual until reaching the initial level cap at 25.

The specific duration between these level capped periods is not firmly established at the moment. The classic developers have provided a general time frame, suggesting it will span a few weeks, but no less than a month and no more than 3 months. 

Level Phase 

Phase 1, maximum level raised to 25. Phase 2, maximum level raised to 40. Phase 3, maximum level raised to 50. Phase 4, maximum level raised to 60.

However, the progression may not necessarily conclude at Phase 4. It wouldn’t be unexpected if they announce additional phases, featuring not only increased levels, but potentially introducing new elements such as maps, additional content, or even a higher level cap.

New League Content

During Phase 1 of the Season of Discovery, where players are limited to level 25, the developer plans to enhance several dungeons, transforming them into new raids.

These raids will initially cater to 10 player groups, featuring added boss mechanics and challenges along with the introduction of new gear. 

However, describing these content editions as new might not be the most accurate term, as they essentially involve upgrades to existing content.

New Raid

The inaugural raid introduced in the Season of Discovery is a revitalized iteration of Blackfathorn Deeps, featuring updated mechanics, more formidable mobs, and an extensive array of new gear for players to enhance their characters. 

WoW Classic SOD Blackfathorn Deeps

If you want to perform well when participating in this raid, it is very necessary to use WoW Classic SoD Gold to upgrade your character and purchase equipment.

Additionally, the classic team has announced the inclusion of a new world buff that players can obtain from the raid.

New Rune Engraving System 

Next up is the PVP event set in the vicinity of the well-known Ashenvale instance.

Here, the Horde and Alliance will engage in intense clashes within the wooded glades of Ashenvale, striving to overcome each other’s battle master and secure triumph.

Participants in this PVP event can anticipate acquiring new loot, including a zone exclusive mount that doesn’t require mount training or be it limited to use within Ashenvale.

It’s important to note that the World of Warcraft Classic PVP ranking system will maintain its existing structure throughout the phases, meaning players won’t progress beyond the rank of Sergeant during the initial level 25 cap.

A significant addition to the Season of Discovery is the Rune Engraving system, introducing new class runes for players. These runes can be unlocked through various means, such as completing discoveries quests, finding them in treasure chests, or uncovering secrets scattered throughout Azeroth.

While the BlizzCon developer panel only provided a glimpse of 3 runes for each class, the actual number may well exceed 100 in total. These class runes are poised to have a substantial impact on every class role. 


All this seasonal content is set to debut on November 30th and notably, there won’t be a public test realm. 

This Innovative approach in the Season of Discovery brings forth enjoyable and novel ways to experience the game, prompting players to venture into uncharted territory and experiment with new gameplay elements. 

The anticipation is high, and we eagerly await the opportunity to witness it in action soon.


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