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Enshrouded: Unveiling The Top Resources & Their Farming Locations

Posted: Mar 15, 2024

When it comes to farming for loot or natural resources in Enshrouded, traversing the vast map of Embervale is inevitable. But how do you determine which locations are worth your farming efforts? Navigating such a large map can be daunting on your own.

Fortunately, we're here to assist you in your farming endeavors. In this compilation, we've gathered some of the prime farming spots in Enshrouded. These locations offer a diverse range of Enshrouded Items and resources, ensuring you're not limited to a single type of farming. 

Enshrouded: Unveiling The Top Resources & Their Farming Locations

1. Best Places To Farm Tin: Nomad Highlands & Mining Rift

Throughout Embervale, there are numerous mining locations, but only a handful are truly worthwhile. One prime example is the Mining Rift, where you'll discover ample amounts of tin along with other valuable ores.

To reach this location, head west from the Ancient Spire in the Nomad Highlands. This biome is situated in the upper-right region of Embervale, just slightly north of Umber Hollow. If you're unfamiliar with the area, it's advisable to locate the spire first before venturing towards the Mining Rift.

Embervale has full with mining spots, but only a handful are truly worthwhile to hike to. The Mining Rift is one place like this. Tin can be found in vast quantities here, along with a few other forms of ore.

All you have to do to get here is head west after the Ancient Spire of the Nomad Highlands. Slightly north of Umber Hollow, in Embervale's upper right corner, is where you may find this biome. We advise discovering the spire before proceeding to the Mining Rift if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Enshrouded Tin

2. Best Places To Farm Weapon: Sun Temple & Kindlewastes

The Sun Temple in the Kindlewastes is the place to go if you want to cultivate strong weapons. This is a dungeon section where you will find treasure to be found in chests along with plenty of foes.

You will have to wait for the contents of a chest to reset when you open it. Luckily, a few players have discovered an unusual method to make these chests reappear, so you can keep getting new items all the time.

3. Best Places To Farm Amber: South Of Revelwood Ancient Spire & Revelwood

As you delve into Revelwood, you'll encounter amber, a resource that becomes essential as you progress. While crafting your gear and items may have been effortless before visiting this area, unlocking new gear makes amber a vital resource.

This amber farming location lies to the south of the Revelwood Ancient Spire, nestled within a river-like chasm. Amber may initially be challenging to spot. Be vigilant for smooth orange rocks.

Enshrouded Amber

4. Best Place To Farm Resin: Trees With Orange Leaves

Obtaining resin should be straightforward, shouldn't it? 

Surprisingly, for a material that comes from trees, acquiring resin can be more challenging than expected. At times, you may only yield a single resin, or none at all, which can be frustrating when gathering resources for crafting purposes.

Instead of indiscriminately felling every tree in sight, we recommend focusing on trees with orange or yellow leaves. These particular trees tend to yield a greater amount of resin for collection. Fortunately, such trees are abundant throughout the Springlands, allowing you to gather resin without straying too far from the starting point of the game.

5. Best Places To Farm Metal Scrap: Rookmore & Springlands

Metal scraps play a crucial role in early-game progression. 

If you're aiming to fortify your base, you'll undoubtedly require a substantial amount of metal scraps to bring your vision to fruition. Fortunately, you won't have to venture too far from your starting point.

To the south of the Springlands Ancient Spire, nestled in a valley area, lies Rookmore. This encampment is inhabited by enemies and scattered with several chests. While these chests may contain scraps, the enemies themselves can also drop a handful of them at a time. Consider revisiting periodically to take advantage of the enemy respawn and gather more scraps.

Enshrouded Metal Scrap

6. Best Places To Farm Explosive Powder Ball: Cinder Vault & Springlands

Explosive powder balls function essentially as bombs, offering versatility in placement or throwing them at enemies. Capable of inflicting significant damage, they excel in demolishing structures, dispatching groups of adversaries, or even causing self-inflicted harm.

These bombs are readily available within moments of starting the game. Upon awakening and embarking on cave exploration, you'll encounter a shelf stocked with several explosive powder balls awaiting collection. Similar to other items, these will respawn upon logging out, rendering them a reliable source of explosive devices.

7. Best Places To Farm Water: Longkeep & Springlands 

Farming for water may seem unconventional, but it's a necessary aspect to consider. 

Water is sourced from wells, though constructing them yourself isn't an option. Instead, you must locate existing wells and manually collect the water they provide.

Wells are commonly situated within village settlement areas, often exhibiting signs of decay. Among the easiest locations to find and gather water from a well is Longkeep, positioned just north of the Cinder Vault where your journey commences. This deserted locale lacks hostile adversaries and features a centrally placed well for convenient access.

8. Best Places To Farm Clay: South Of Revelwood Ancient Spire And Willow Crush & Revelwood

Next on the list is clay, yet another valuable resource found in Revelwood

Enshrouded Clay

It serves purposes in crafting a kiln and crafting grenades. Although clay may resemble amber, its texture is more rocky. While it's scattered across the Revelwood biome, the optimal spot for clay gathering lies to the south of Willow Crush.

Starting from this settlement, head in a southeast direction. You'll come across an abandoned structure with clay deposits nearby. This spot also lies directly east of the Farmer Ancient Vault. If you've established a flame altar in the vicinity, it facilitates swift travel for collecting clay.


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