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Diablo 4: How To Complete Keybinds, Controls Setup & Force Move?

Posted: May 15, 2023

Lately, because I keep getting a lot of questions about my Diablo 4 keybinds, and many people are confused about how to left click to complete character movement and interactions. So I wanted to explain how I did my Diablo 4 keybinds.

Since this is during Server Slam, I assume the operation will basically stay the same forever. We may relate this to your playstyle, so you can see how to set it up.

So if you go into the options in the controls, you’ll have your keybinds, and there are multiple ways to set up your mouse. You can do it the standard way and left click to move the interaction and basic skill slots. Most do, but it means that if you accidentally click on an enemy, you’ll attack them.

So here, when I click on the enemy, I don’t start moving. Many people don’t like this. They want a button that can only move. That way, it doesn’t accidentally attack when you don’t want it to. And what you can do is Force Move.

Diablo 4: How To Customize Controller Keybinds?

In my experience, I have the mouse wheel up and down. So that’s usually how I move, and it’s how I’ve done it in Diablo 3 for years. And I think it works fine for me to move like this with the mouse wheel. Because when I want to relax, I can just leave a click.

Of course, you don’t have to use the mouse wheel, as you can use any other button. You can hold it down and it will keep you moving. But if you’re on level three, the mouse wheel is extremely valuable, since there are other ways to use it.

For example, if there is a lot of loot on the ground. They might like to left click, then use the mouse wheel, then click the mouse again so that they can quickly pick up a bunch of loot on the ground, Diablo 4 Gold, and whatnot. So that’s why if you like mouse wheels, now this will help.

You need to know is that you actually need to disable a certain setting here, which is scaling the mouse wheel here. Default checks this, and if checked, we can assign nothing to the mouse wheel.

So we need to delete it first, in case you don’t know where your “Zoom” went. It’s on the operating wheel here, so you can still do that. But you can’t do it with the mouse wheel.

Finally, there are settings for combo moves and basic skill slots. So if you’re an unbinder, you’re going to have actual separate settings for all three options. So you can see here that it only moves.

Diablo 4: How to setup Force Move?

There are moves and interactions that some people like to do. If they left-click something they want to like, but don’t want to click an enemy, you can disable the piercing button. That way, it has nothing on your base skills. When I click on an enemy, nothing happens.

But I can still open this trunk here. So there is still a way to attack, which is Force attack. This is the default shift. You can hold Shift, and you can still left-click to attack the enemies you see here. But there are also moves built in, so you’re actually starting to get around pretty much the default way. But that’s how it works.

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I’m guessing it’s not exactly standing still, it depends on how exactly you rig your character. But you can still move plus interact and attack, as long as you hold Shift every time you want to use left-click.

I’m usually used to hitting Shift when using basic attacks, but doing this every time for every attack can be a bit of a hassle. So this is definitely something you’ll have to figure out yourself. But you can also assign another button to your basic skill. For example, you can put it on five buttons, or you can put it on another mouse button.

I definitely recommend turning on that Advanced Tooltip Compare and Advanced Tooltip Info. This will give you more information about your skills or items when you view them.

That’s all for my Diablo 4 keybinds. Hope this method helps you. Good luck.


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