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COD MW3: New Warlord Dokkaebi In MW3 Zombies Revealed - Solo Boss Fight & Blueprint Rewards

Posted: Jan 24, 2024

I’m going to show you how to kill the new Warlord in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies called Dokkaebi and obtain the Mediator blueprint reward. I'll demonstrate how to do it solo, and it's quite simple. With the support of teammates, it will become even easier.

Besides, in this Zombies mode, you can launch MW3 and get a easy COD MW3 Bot Lobby.

COD MW3: New Warlord Dokkaebi In MW3 Zombies Revealed - Solo Boss Fight & Blueprint Rewards

Boss Fight Prep

Although this is not necessary, it does make it safer and easier for you to complete the challenge of killing the boss. Here, I suggest you top up a lot of COD MW3 CP. Because then you can buy a lot of weapons and armor to equip your character!

You should have a few self-revives, I’d suggest at least 2. You should have an Aether Blade or Golden Armor Plates, but both would be good. You should have a few perks, namely Speed Cola and Juggernog. I’d also suggest that you have a 3-plate vest, and some stems on you as well.

Once you’re fully geared, you’ll want to head to the large skyscraper in Zaravan City with 3 cranes around it. You might notice that the bottom of the cranes has been updated, and they’re now blocked off, which means you can’t phase through the cranes halfway up and use the Ascender to get to the top. But don’t worry, there are a few different ways to cheese this.

Get Fortress Keycard

However, I’ll show you the normal legit way of getting a Fortress Keycard first. Head to a mercenary camp and either kill the Merks or just go straight to the cash in the middle and take the stronghold Keycard. Then head to a Mercenary Stronghold, clear it out, and drill the safe inside. In the safe, there will be a Fortress Keycard for Dokkaebi. Now take the Keycard and head to the construction site.

COD MW3 Dokkaebi Fortress Keycard

Kill Dokkaebi - Boss Fight

When you go to the ground floor of the building, you’ll see a Wheelson driving around that will attack you if it detects you nearby. It’s fairly easy to kill if you use the cover around you and have a decent gun. But you don’t actually need to kill it because it doesn’t drop anything. It does not require hacking to gain access to the Fortress. So you can just run past it if you want.

Head into one lift and go to the top floor. When you get out of the lift, you’ll be in a small rectangle-shaped room with 2 sets of double doors in front of you. This is where you’ll need to use your Dokkaebi Fortress Keycard to unlock. If you have the Keycard, then unlock the doors. However, if you don’t have a Keycard, you’ll need to take an alternate route to the top.

There are 2 alternate routes, and the best route is to get to the top of the building to the west and use the zipline across to the skyscraper. Once you get off the zip, climb up the crates and over the wall to get into the main area. Then you can unlock the Fortress doors from the other side without needing a Keycard, so you can let your friends or other players in to help you.

The other method, which I personally prefer, is to go to the building to the south, jump off the roof, and parachute over to the crane on the east side of the building. Parachute to one of the small square walkways on the crane, then ascend the zipline to the top of the crane and walk across it to jump onto the roof of the building.

COD MW3 Dokkaebi Boss Fight Solo

Once you’re in the Fortress, the fight begins. There will be lots of bomb drones that constantly spawn and blow up, causing a small amount of damage to you. 1 or 2 won’t do much individually, but if you let 2 or 3 blow up at once, it will hurt quite a lot. Walk around to the south side of the roof, and you should see Dokkaebi defended by lots of Mercenaries and 2 Sentry Turrets.

Take out the Mercenaries first, then take out the Sentries. Mercenaries will continue to spawn in, so focus everything on Dokkaebi. She’ll be surrounded by special shielded Bomb Drones, so take out as many as you can. She might use these drones to fly away to the other side of the roof if you take too long. So tank all the damage you can and focus fire on her. Take out the shielded Drones around her to make it easier to defeat her.

Mediator Blueprint Reward

Once Dokkaebi has dead, she’ll drop a self-revive for you. Mercenaries will still spawn intermittently for a bit, but eventually they will stop. Once the Fortress icon disappears from the map, you’ll get lots of Tier 2 zombies spawning normally. After a few seconds, when Dokkaebi has been killed, a Reward Rift will open up, containing a new blueprint called the Mediator. Unfortunately, unlike the Hazardous blueprint, this one won’t unlock for Warzone or multiplayer. It becomes a Contraband Weapon for future matches.


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