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General News

  • Night Crows Items Drop Rates - All Types Details

    Posted: Mar 25, 2024

    Night Crows item drop rate has always been one of the topics that players are very concerned about. If you don't follow a specific item drop rate before you get the item you want, then it is very likely to happen that you don't get the item for a week, which is really embarrassing and powerless.

    In order to give back to the support of the majority of Night Crows players, IGGM has specially prepared for you a detailed list of the drop rates of various items, which contains many details, such as Zone, Kills, Items Drops and corresponding Odds( 1 in x). Please note that the data in this list is updated in real time, so you need to pay attention to whether their drop odds changes before getting these items to avoid wasting your efforts. By the way, we have also been offering cheap Night Crows Diamonds are available for players to shop. Any player setting out to obtain a specific item is likely to encounter danger along the way, and it always pays to have some currency on hand just in case.

  • Night Crows: 12 Essential Insights For Novices Venturing Into This MMORPG!

    Posted: Mar 14, 2024

    Have you ever envisioned stepping into a mysterious realm brimming with potent magic, inhabited by mythical creatures and courageous adventurers? If so, Night Crows awaits as the quintessential gaming experience, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world teeming with mythical wonders. As an MMORPG, it promises an unforgettable journey, enriched by its unique features and immersive gameplay. With exploration and adventure as its focal points, Night Crows presents a plethora of challenges to conquer. Fear not, for armed with the Night Crows beginner guide, navigating this fantastical realm becomes a breeze, thanks to its invaluable tips and tricks.

    Introducing a comprehensive class system, Night Crows empowers players to craft their characters according to their preferences, followed by an advanced customization process to bring their creative visions to life. Boasting stunning graphics, the game offers players unparalleled freedom to explore vast landscapes, brave perilous dungeons, and engage in fierce battles with formidable adversaries. However, before embarking on your epic journey, mastering the Night Crow tips and tricks is paramount to your success in the game.

    1. Embrace The Class System And Customize Your Character

    In the initial stages of Night Crows, your first task involves selecting a class for your character, followed by the customization of various attributes specific to that chosen class. Delving into character customization, the game presents an array of options to meticulously craft your character to your liking.

    Beginning with facial features, players can select from a multitude of appearances, each complemented by various hairstyles, makeup styles, and facial attributes. With ample choices available, you have the freedom to curate a unique appearance for your character. Subsequently, you proceed to choose a unified color palette for your character’s eyes, skin, and lips, offering a cohesive aesthetic.

    Once the color selection process is complete, attention shifts to selecting a hairstyle that best complements your character’s appearance. With a diverse range of hairstyles to choose from, players can indulge in creating their desired look. Following this, players have the option to further personalize their chosen hairstyle by adding additional colors from a comprehensive color palette.

    Upon finalizing your character’s appearance, you have the opportunity to confirm their look and assign a name before embarking on your gaming journey. This meticulous customization process ensures that your character is tailored to your preferences, setting the stage for an immersive gameplay experience in Night Crows.

    2. Embark On Quests For Swift Progression

    Embarking on quests is fundamental to your progression in Night Crows, serving as a primary avenue to advance throughout the game. Upon initially selecting your class and customizing your character, quests become your primary focus, guiding you through various challenges and activities.

    Viewed as a ladder to ascend towards mastery and success in the game, quests offer a pathway to unlock new features and abilities as you progress. While navigating the game’s complexities may seem daunting at first, quests provide a structured framework to orient yourself and steadily improve your skills. With dedication and effort, completing quests allows you to enhance your gameplay within a relatively short timeframe.

    Recognizing the significance of quests is crucial for newcomers, as they offer invaluable rewards and opportunities for advancement akin to Night Crows codes. By diligently pursuing missions, you can earn extraordinary prizes such as alluring Night Crows Diamonds and accelerate your journey to success in the game. So, dive into questing for swift progression, knowing that each quest completed brings you closer to mastering the challenges that lie ahead.

    3. Conquer Challenging Enemies In The World Of Night Crows

    As you traverse the expansive landscapes of the Night Crows universe, you’ll encounter numerous fields teeming with adversaries. The further you venture into these battlefields, the greater the multitude of foes you’ll face, necessitating thorough preparation to confront the most formidable adversaries.

    Engaging in battle situations offers various approaches for combat. Utilizing the auto-battle system streamlines the process, automating actions seamlessly. Alternatively, for those seeking a more immersive experience, manual combat is an option, allowing players to exert direct control over their character’s movements and attacks. With an attack button and virtual joystick at your disposal, you can navigate the battlefield strategically, launching assaults and vanquishing foes with precision.

    4. Optimize Your Strategy With Potions

    In the midst of battles, there’s an inherent risk of sustaining damage to your health points (HP) as enemies assail you just as you assail them. 

    With each blow from enemy attacks, your HP steadily diminishes, gradually weakening your combat capabilities. To fortify yourself and maintain your strength during battles, it’s essential to replenish lost HP promptly using recovery potions.

    However, accessing and utilizing these potions mid-battle poses a challenge, as it requires navigating through your in-game bag while vulnerable to enemy attacks. To streamline this process and ensure swift access to HP potions when needed most, we recommend equipping them in the Quick Access Bar. By doing so, you can seamlessly consume HP potions with ease, automatically restoring your HP whenever it dips to critical levels.

    This approach not only saves valuable time but also enhances efficiency and ensures your survival during intense combat encounters. Embracing this method empowers you to navigate battles more effectively, bolstering your chances of emerging victorious against your adversaries.

    5. Acquire A Mount

    As you advance through the main quests of Night Crows, you’ll unlock access to mounts, receiving your first one at no cost. 

    Once obtained, it’s imperative to utilize your mount, as they serve as invaluable assets for swift traversal between destinations. Additionally, equipping a mount bestows additional attributes upon your character, enhancing their prowess in various aspects such as increased attack speed, defense, and recovery speed.

    It’s important to note that the effectiveness of these attributes is contingent upon the rank or tier of the mount. Initially, the complimentary mount belongs to the common tier, offering basic attributes. However, upgrading to a higher tier mount yields significantly greater benefits. Therefore, striving to obtain a mount of a higher tier is advisable to maximize the advantages conferred in the game.

    6. Explore The Bulletin Board In Night Crows

    Let us explain the relevance of the bulletin board feature in Night Crows for those who aren’t familiar with it. 

    The bulletin board, which is present in every neighborhood or hamlet in the game, acts as a doorway to the request station. Players can find three different kinds of requests here, all made by other players: dungeon, crafting, and region requests. In addition to helping others advance in the game, players who fulfill these requests receive incentives.

    While crafting requests include creating various products for other players, region and dungeon requests usually involve fulfilling activities relating to particular regions or dungeons. Players can post their own requests on the bulletin board for others to accomplish, in addition to fulfilling requests for rewards. This cooperative function enhances the gaming experience for all participants by fostering a sense of community within Night Crows.

    7. Engage In PvP Wars In Battlefront

    In addition to the PvE content available, players have the opportunity to engage in PvP wars, which offer a significantly more competitive experience compared to PvE battles. While PvE involves combatting monsters, PvP wars pit players against real adversaries, demanding the implementation of effective strategies to ascend the PvP leaderboards.

    The Battlefront serves as the primary battleground for PvP encounters, offering a vast arena where players can challenge one another. A standout feature of the Battlefront arena is its inclusivity, allowing players from all three servers to participate in PvP battles simultaneously, facilitated by advanced inter-server technology. As a result, the Battlefront arena boasts a massive player base, comprising thousands of participants across all servers.

    Participation in battles within the Battlefront PvP arena necessitates honing one’s PvP skills to effectively contend with opponents. Your ranking on the leaderboards is determined by your performance on the battlefield, underscoring the importance of skill and strategy in PvP encounters. With the battlefield’s grandeur and intensity, the question arises: Are you brave and skilled enough to venture into this colossal arena and challenge formidable opponents akin to yourself?

    8. Discover The Magnificent World Of Night Crows

    For those unfamiliar with the breathtaking beauty of the Night Crows universe, allow us to illuminate its splendor. Spanning a vast landscape meticulously crafted to resemble medieval Europe, this game seamlessly intertwines fantasy with reality, inviting players on an immersive journey through European-inspired realms.

    The game’s world view offers a sense of realism that captivates the senses, allowing players to witness the majestic transitions between moonlit nights, glorious dawns, and radiant midday suns. The dynamic changes occurring throughout the day imbue the world with an enchanting allure, fostering an appreciation for the game’s awe-inspiring environment.

    9. Understand The Night Crows Marketplace

    Did you know? Night Crows features a bustling marketplace that drives the in-game economy. For newcomers seeking insight into this vital aspect of the game, allow us to provide an overview.

    Within the marketplace, players can engage in various transactions, including selling, buying, or exchanging a diverse array of in-game items, NFTs, and tokens. The marketplace operates on the fundamental principles of supply and demand, with rarity dictating the value of items. Consequently, scarce items command higher prices, offering players the opportunity to convert their in-game accomplishments into tangible economic assets.

    Beyond monetary gains, the marketplace offers a convenient avenue for players to acquire desired items, facilitating the realization of their in-game aspirations. Whether seeking profits or pursuing coveted items, the Night Crows marketplace presents a dynamic ecosystem ripe for exploration and engagement.

    10. Embrace The Power Of Guilds For Enhanced Support

    Among the most thrilling enhancements to the Night Crows gameplay experience is the guild system

    Players can use this system to create a new guild and invite other players to join it, or they can join one that already exists. Intimate communities known as guilds allow gamers to interact with other players who share their enthusiasm for the game.

    Being a part of a guild has many advantages, which makes it an important feature of the game. In order to create a guild, players must first gather the required currencies, which they can obtain through consistent gameplay. Once they have their own guild, they can choose its settings, name, and logo. The maximum membership cap of fifty players for each guild guarantees that there is always space for new members.

    When a player joins or forms a guild, they are granted access to numerous benefits and advantages. Guild members have access to a variety of benefits, including as daily check-in awards, guild donations, and the activation of guild boosts. Players obtain guild points by actively taking part in guild activities and finishing guild tasks. These points can then be utilized to trigger these potent buffs, which improve gameplay in a variety of game aspects.

    11. Engage In Guild Quests

    Once you’ve joined or formed a guild in Night Crows, you’ll gain access to special quests tailored for guild members, known as guild quests. Completing these quests not only grants rewards for your gameplay but also underscores the benefits of the guild system.

    Guild quests may present greater challenges compared to the main quests aimed at levelling up. Nonetheless, it’s worth dedicating effort to these quests due to the advantages they offer. Typically, you’ll have multiple guild quests available simultaneously, allowing you to prioritize those with higher rewards aligned with your gameplay objectives.

    12. Explore Dungeons

    Dungeons serve as exclusive hunting grounds with a limited time frame in Night Crows gameplay. There are 2 types of dungeons: regular and special, with a minimum character level requirement of thirty to participate.

    To enter regular dungeons, you may need to fulfill specific main quests, with each dungeon featuring a designated playtime. It’s essential to maximize your efforts within the allotted time, striving to ascend to higher floor levels to reap greater rewards.

    Additionally, special dungeons offer extended playtime compared to regular ones. Within these unique environments, players have the opportunity to engage in player versus player combat across different servers, acquiring special valuables to enrich their gameplay experience.

    In summary, Night Crows offers a plethora of exciting features awaiting exploration as you progress through the game. As recommended in this beginner guide, prioritize completing quests to swiftly advance and unlock various rewards. Additionally, heed the advice provided to optimize your gameplay experience. Don’t forget to take advantage of active Night Crows codes to receive complimentary benefits for your journey.

  • Night Crows: How To Enhance Your Capabilities And Achieve Swift Growth? - Leveling Tips

    Posted: Mar 13, 2024

    Greetings to the Night Crows crews! Welcome to the realm of Night Crows. Let us delve deeper into the themes of adventure and progression to better understand the allure of this immersive world.

    Exploration & Advancement

    To facilitate swift progress and enhance your capabilities for a fulfilling journey in Night Crows, several methods are available.

    For expedited growth in the early stages, engaging in a variety of quests proves beneficial. These quests include Main, Side, and Daily quests. Main quests not only expedite your progress but also offer rewards conducive to gameplay. Daily quests, on the other hand, can be completed daily, yielding contribution coins and region contribution points. Furthermore, collaborative efforts with fellow players can be initiated through requests. It's imperative not to overlook the rewards earned from daily quests, as they may include special items purchasable only with contribution coins.

    As you immerse yourself in adventures, your character's level and statistics will naturally improve. Character details provide insights into critical stats such as Damage, Defense, and Accuracy, pivotal in combat scenarios. Additionally, the Creed Inheritance system empowers players to augment their statistics. Accumulated Creed points can be invested or reclaimed, enabling customization of stats. With a cap of 40 points per Creed, strategic allocation becomes paramount.

    Progression through class levels unlocks opportunities for specialization and skill acquisition. Upon reaching designated thresholds, players can embark on class advancement journeys. Each advancement enables deeper specialization within the chosen class, granting access to advanced skills. Moreover, the initial advancement introduces the Weapon Proficiency manual menu, allowing players to enhance weapon proficiency using accumulated experience points. It's crucial to prioritize the augmentation of weapon proficiency, as it unlocks various additional effects and strengthens combat prowess.

    Completing secondary and tertiary class promotions yields class Skill Traits, further enhancing skill sets. Skill Trait Points, acquired during class promotions and weapon proficiency level advancements, facilitate the addition of supplementary effects to existing skills. The flexibility of Skill Trait Points allows for their reset, enabling adjustments to desired effects.

    Should your current class fail to align with your preferences, switching classes is an option. However, it's essential to exercise caution, as items, weapon proficiency, and Skill Trait Points accumulated before the transition will be inaccessible until reverting to the original class. Therefore, careful consideration is advised before committing to a class change.

    How To Get More Power?

    During your adventures, certain encounters may leave you craving greater power. So, how can you achieve this?

    There exist several methods to bolster your stats. One such avenue is Spell Infusion, where sets are granted randomly, and maximizing each slot yields additional stats. Additionally, the option to save and load stats is available, providing strategic advantages.

    Another approach is through collection. By registering collected items—such as monsters, achievements, and gear—players can unlock collection effects for each category. Identifying and registering the appropriate items is key to enhancing desired stats. Of course, you can also sell the items you don't need directly to exchange for more Night Crows Diamonds.

    Mounts and weapon styles also contribute to stat improvement. Available for purchase, these items offer varying grades—normal, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary—each with distinct equipment effects. Combining mounts and weapon styles of different types can yield additional stats.

    Similar effects apply to Gliders, where both their grade and type influence their stats. Crafting a variety of gliders allows players to tailor their stats to suit their preferences.

    Enhancing and refining gear further augments its power. Enhancement Scrolls are utilized to enhance gear, increasing its sets. While gear can be enhanced up to 12 times, caution is advised as failure may result in the item's destruction. Safer Enhancement Scrolls are recommended for guaranteed enhancements.

    Refinement, on the other hand, introduces new stats to gear above rare grade. Utilizing Refinement Stones, players can add additional stats with each refinement attempt. With no risk of failure, refining presents an opportunity to acquire desired stats without hesitation.


    All in all, as you venture into the world of Night Crows, the paths to both exploration and advancement are vast and rewarding. Engaging in a diverse array of quests, honing your character's skills, and mastering the intricacies of class progression are pivotal steps towards growth and success. Additionally, harnessing the various methods to enhance your power, from Spell Infusion and collection to acquiring mounts, weapon styles, and gliders, ensures that you remain formidable in your adventures.

    Remember, each decision you make contributes to your journey's outcome, so tread carefully and embrace the challenges that lie ahead. With dedication and strategic planning, you will undoubtedly rise as a formidable force in the realm of Night Crows. Safe travels and may your adventures be filled with excitement and triumph.

  • Night Crows: Which PvE & PvP Classes Are The Most Recommended In Korean Server?

    Posted: Mar 12, 2024

    Embark on a journey through the elite ranks of Night Crows’ classes, where prowess in PVE & PVP separates the legendary from the mere mortals. Drawing from the Korean server’s battlefield wisdom, this guide unveils the top meta classes. Prepare to arm yourself with knowledge as we unveil the information of the strongest to the weakest classes. Let's get straight to it.


    The magic that commands both fire and ice is known as the Staff class. 

    Although it has a challenging beginning game, staff users are not well-liked in Korea because of their poor survival skills and lack of CC. Even with investments, this class is viewed as inferior.

    However, if you meet the requirements, they are excellent at dungeon hunting, so don't give up even though they are weak. 

    Please note that this information is based on the Korean server. Changes may be made to make them more viable.


    The Wand class is the hope for allies' healing. As opposed to other classes, wand users would have a more difficult early game because of the slower farming. 

    Once they have all the essential skills and legendary abilities, this class will be incredibly useful in PvP, monster encounters, and party dungeons

    For team building, The Wand is a must-take course. Make sure you join an active guild that can help you advance in the game if you choose to take this class.

    Two-Handed Sword

    Two-Handed Sword class has the ability to charge while wielding a massive sword.

    When it comes to farming, this class moves slowly. 

    Due to the abundance of CC this class offers, hunting speed notwithstanding, it is excellent in PvP. A target can be stunned by this class for around 6 seconds if you possess the necessary skills. Compared to the other classes, this makes skilling the opponent much simpler. 

    It is an effective class for gaining points in early PvP. Furthermore, this class can accelerate their pace in battle, which increases their fear factor.

    Also Read: Grasp These Key Techniques To Quickly Level Up In Night Crows


    The Spear class is designed to exploit an enemy's weakness. There is a great attack range for this Spear class. 

    The class talent that grants him status resistance makes this character formidable in PvP. Because of his state resistance, he is powerful against classes that use CC abilities like stun, pull, taunt, push, freeze, and bind skills. 

    This Spear class is thought to be extremely overpowered in the current Korean server, especially with the addition of four CC abilities. The absence of a speed acceleration skill in the class is one drawback.

    Twin Sword

    Two swords that bring opponents to their demise make up the Twin Sword class. 

    The Twin Sword class has a slow hunting speed to begin with. 

    This class needs an investment to be viable because it only has one CC skill from the legendary skillbook. 

    This class will start to outperform the dagger class in PvP after obtaining the legendary skillbook, and it also has a survival skill.


    The Dagger class is the shadow-casting class that obstructs the enemy's line of sight. 

    Although this class is not suitable for early PvP in the game, they are quite strong in PvE. 

    Dark Chains are CC skills that are exclusive to this class and cost money. These special abilities are mostly obtained by defeating World Bosses and have an extremely low drop rate.

    One-Handed Sword

    The sword and shield that protects teammates is known as the One-Handed Sword class. 

    This class's rapid hunting makes it extremely poor at farming. 

    On the other hand, they are vital in PvP and guild warfare. Because of its tankiness, this class is typically overlooked in PvP encounters. To play this tank class properly, you have to make a lot of sacrifices.


    The Bow class is like an arrow that enters the battlefield.

    Although the Bow class is extremely vulnerable, with enough investment, it can become a formidable force when compared to other classes. 

    In PvE and dungeons like as the Land of Prosperity for obtaining gold and Night Crows Diamonds, this class is dominant.

    Which Class Stands Out As The Top Choice To Improve Farming Efficiency In Night Crows?

    When it comes to efficient farming in Night Crows, the Archer class emerges as the prime recommendation. 

    Renowned for its ranged prowess, the Archer excels in dispatching foes swiftly and effectively from a distance. This specialization in ranged combat proves invaluable in areas where maximizing damage while minimizing risk is paramount.

    Moreover, specific farming techniques and strategies can further amplify your efficiency. Tactics such as concentrating on lower member areas for optimal damage or investing in particular gear and abilities can markedly boost your farming capabilities.

    Keep in mind that the ideal class selection is also influenced by your individual playstyle and preferences. Experimenting with different classes is advisable to discover the one that aligns best with your farming approach. 

  • Night Crows: Get An Inside Look At This New Highly Anticipated MMORPG

    Posted: Mar 11, 2024

    In early 2024, one of Korea’s most significant gaming triumphs of 2023 will reach a global audience with a cross-platform release on PC, Android, and IOS. Night Crows, a free-to-play MMORPG crafted in Unreal Engine 5 and situated in 13th-century Europe.

    Whether wielding a sword, bow, or sorcery, adventurers can engage in monumental battles both on land and in the skies. Here I will provide with you a comprehensive guide to Night Crows.

    For some players who don't know much about this game but want to quickly integrate into Night Crows, having some Night Crows Diamonds ready in advance can be a wise decision.


    Set in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade of 1204, Europe’s attempt to expand its influence to other continents didn’t go as planned. So, they’ve taken the fight back home. Nestled between France and Italy, the fictional principality of Nutriest was born out of rebellion within the king’s Knights Templar and now seeks to unify all of Europe.

    And by unifying, we mean hit with swords, arrows, and magic. You play as one of the titular Night Crows, a guild of Warriors made up of knights, royalty, and religious figures who’ve banded together to fight against threats to the land. Threats there are aplenty, as the Night Crows square up against many humans, beast, and colossal monster.


    In the Night Crows Guild, players can choose from 4 classes, each offering 2 advancement options that significantly impact gameplay. As players progress, they can upgrade to new advancement levels to further specialize their characters.

    Warrior Class: If you seek immense stopping power and the ability to withstand damage, the Warrior class is for you. Choose between wielding a colossal two-handed sword capable of striking fear into foes or mastering the spear, which enables impaling attacks from a distance and drawing enemies closer with a spinning vortex.

    Swordsman Class: For those preferring a balanced approach to defense and offense, the Swordsman class offers a sword and shield option. This setup provides protection for both the player and their allies. Alternatively, embrace chaos and aggression with the twin sword style, dealing devastating damage with unmatched ferocity.

    Hunter Class: Those who prefer ranged combat will find the Hunter class appealing. With the bow, archers can maintain distance while providing critical support and weakening enemies. Hunters can also opt for the dagger, which allows for silencing and immobilizing foes, reducing their effectiveness in battle.

    Witch Class: Magic enthusiasts will thrive in the Witch class, which offers versatile options with either a wand or a staff. The staff excels at dealing significant damage to multiple enemies from afar, while the wand specializes in healing spells to bolster party support.


    Shortly into your game, you’ll unlock mounts. Once you have them, you’ll be able to travel around the map much more easily. Not only that, but you can enhance your character’s abilities because equipping a mount provides additional attributes such as better attack speed or higher defense.


    You might have spotted the strange floating platforms suspended by air balloons scattered throughout the vast landscape. These are connected to one of the most interesting features of Night Crows: Glider. Take to the skies with your allies, both for travel and for combat.

    These Gliders aren’t restricted by petty obstacles like gravity or momentum. While you’re gliding, you can hover with the hover flight function, dash horizontally with a flight rush, and if you spot an enemy, you can target that enemy and get a devastating hit with a dive attack.

    However, not all Gliders are created equal. Different Gliders have distinct features based on their design and grade, so make sure you pick a Glider that suits your play style.

    Leveling Strategies

    The 2 best ways to level up quickly so you can get into bigger and better battles are by questing and challenging enemies. Quests can be auto-completed by your character, so they are a convenient way to level up when you’re just starting. If you want to take more direct control and challenge enemies, you can engage directly with the controls to take down enemies manually. However, as some enemies can be particularly tough and may require help, even if you’re a higher-level player.


    Night Crows is a MMORPG, so to get the best experience, you’ll want to team up with a group to take on larger battles, be they enormous monsters that threaten the land or worthy challengers in PvP. When playing Night Crows, you can expect to be on maps featuring 1,000 players at a time.

    Madngine, the developers of the game, has utilized inter-server technology to enable players on 3 separate servers to cross swords with one another. That means a relatively small skirmish can escalate into a tremendous battle with hundreds of opponents. Not only that, but the battles aren’t restricted to the land, as gliders and floating platforms offer a whole extra dimension to combat. Expect all of medieval Europe to become one colossal battlefield.

    Once you’ve upgraded your character to Level 40, you can move to the Battlefront. Battlefront takes Night Crows from multiple servers to provide the largest, toughest battles in the game. With battlefields taking up most of the map, it’ll push your glider utility and combat prowess to the limit. But the rewards for Battlefront victories are more valuable and diverse compared with regular battles.

  • Night Crows: Everything You Need To Know About This New MMORPG!

    Posted: Jan 18, 2024

    Night Crows is an upcoming 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is powered by Unreal Engine 5, the latest and most advanced game engine in the industry. The game is developed by Wemade Co., Ltd, the same team behind popular mobile MMORPGs such as V4, HIT, and Overhit.

    Release Date & Platforms

    Night Crows is expected to launch in the second half of 2024, according to the official website.

    The game will be available on both PC and mobile platforms, and players can pre-register on the website or the store to receive abundant rewards, such as a special glider and a silver wolf mount.

    Story Background

    Night Crows uses a 13th century European medieval theme, with elements such as religions, royal families, the pope, and knights.

    This twisted version of the world is secretly monitored and controlled by a group known as Night Crows, which is composed of prominent individuals from various walks of life.

    Players can choose to join the Night Crows guild and fight for the control of the kingdom of Triesete, or oppose them and seek to expose their dark secrets.

    Classes & Mechanics

    Night Crows features over 16 playable characters, each with their own unique skills, weapons, and styles. The game also boasts a 1000-player PVP mode, where players can engage in large-scale battles on the ground or in the air.

    The game introduces a new mechanic called Gliders, which allow players to fly, glide, hover, and use various strategies for combat by utilizing updrafts.

    The game also offers a variety of activities, such as quests, dungeons, raids, crafting, trading, and more. If you want to perform well in this game, prepare enough Night Crows Diamonds. This way you can equip your character to face various unknown challenges!

    Pre-Registrations & Rewards

    Pre-registrations are presently open on Night time Crows’ official website, Google Play, and the App Retailer.

    To pre-register for Night Crows, players need to visit the official website or the store and enter their email address. They will then receive a verification email and a confirmation code, which they need to enter on the website or the store.

    After pre-registering, players will receive information on the release date and the pre-registration rewards via email. They will also be able to participate in the Streamer Supporting System (SSS), which gives them a chance to become a streamer of the game and receive additional rewards.

    PC gamers who engage in pre-registration will receive a distinctive reward package, including 500,000 gold, a growth chest, a silver wolf mount, and access to an exclusive event. Mobile pre-registrants, in addition, will acquire a Black Wings cosmetic as a supplementary benefit.

    Ongoing Developments By WeMade

    Beyond Night Crows, WeMade is simultaneously working on expanding the Mir franchise with a new installment titled Legend of Ymir.

    Developed using UE5, it remains uncertain whether the nature of this game will follow the blockchain MMORPG trend observed in its predecessor and other titles from the studio.


    WeMade’s Night Crows stands out as a promising addition to the blockchain gaming landscape, blending traditional MMORPG elements with innovative blockchain integration. The opportunity for players to tokenize their in-game assets opens up new horizons for the gaming community.

    As WeMade persists in pushing boundaries in game development, the introduction of Night Crows and the ongoing development of Legend of Ymir underscore the studio’s commitment to delivering immersive and innovative gaming experiences.

  • Night Crows: Pre-registration Has Commenced For The Unreal Engine 5 MMO!

    Posted: Jan 18, 2024

    Wemade has once again introduced a new fantasy MMORPG titled Night Crows, and it has commenced its pre-registration on the web, as well as on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Much like Wemade’s other projects, the game will incorporate blockchain technology, primarily serving as a monetization tool in this particular case.

    Night Crows, an upcoming fantasy game developed by Wemade Co. Ltd and MADNGINE using Unreal Engine 5, is set to launch on both mobile platforms and PC later this year. Although a specific release date is not available, pre-registration commenced on January 11th, 2024. Pre-registration perks encompass a growth chest, 500k gold pieces, a new event, and a silver wolf mount. Mobile pre-registrants will additionally receive a Black Wings cosmetic.

    The game includes 4 classes, each with 8 subclasses and 3 class advancement stages. It aims to feature massive PvP wars, involving three servers in a RvRvR battle with over a thousand players. This shows that this game is still very popular. If you want to have a good performance in this game, it is very necessary to prepare enough Night Crows Diamonds!

    Participants will engage in battles for control of both land and air, utilizing gliders to soar through the sky. Given the title Night Crows, gliders play a crucial role in the gameplay, serving both as an enjoyable means of traversing the world and a strategic option in battles.

    Similar to other popular Wemade Global games like MIR4, players in Night Crows will engage with a Web3 Blockchain Economy. They can earn in-game rewards, develop characters, and then choose to mint those characters as NFTs, which are subsequently available for sale online to other players. Wemade has dedicated considerable effort to perfecting their tokenomics, resulting in the existence of 7 different tokens within Night Crows, contributing to the overtly complex and intricate nature of the entire system. The system operates on the foundation of the WEMIX GameFi platform, linking to various games and markets. This setup allows the currency to potentially be used across multiple games in some capacity or traded for real money.

    At present, WEMIX and Wemade boast a portfolio of over a dozen MMORPGs, and this collection continues to expand. Night Crows joins the likes of the MIR series, which is anticipating another Unreal Engine 5 sequel named Legend of Ymir. Other titles include Abyss Legend and Riders of Icarus, among several others. 

    While playing many of these games doesn't necessitate the use of blockchain, the gaming experience in titles that involve the sale of player-minted NFT characters and items is often characterized as an extremely pay-to-win system. This observation holds true even before factoring in the financial commitments required to participate in the blockchain aspect of the game.

    Nevertheless, Wemade has achieved a certain level of success with their properties, and MIR4 continues to be featured in the top 100 games currently played on Steam, notwithstanding Steam's purported ban on blockchain games. This ranking doesn't even account for other platforms such as the Play Store or Apple’s App Store. While many western MMORPG players remain cautious about blockchain games, and with valid reasons, Wemade appears to have garnered sufficient global encouragement to continue expanding their offerings, at least for the time being.

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