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General News

  • Genshin Impact 4.8: How To Get The Most Out Of The Upcoming Emilie? - A Complete Build Guide

    Posted: Jul 16, 2024

    Emilie is a brand new 5-star Dendro character coming in Genshin Impact 4.8.

    In this build guide, I’ll cover her kit, the best Artifacts, including Deepwood Memories, Unfinished Reverie, and Golden Troupe. Then Stats you should look for, Attack or Elemental Mastery. And finally, the weapons she can use.

    Keep in mind that Emilie is still in beta, and the information we cover here may change by the time of the official release. Without further ado, let’s get started with her kit.


    Emilie is a 5-star Dendro damage dealer that can be used off-site. She wields a Polearm when attacking and has a Critical Damage Boost bonus.

    Emilie’s normal attacks deal 4 physical damage, with little impact on other skills. Unleashing elemental skills deals AoE Dendro damage and creates a Lumidouce Case. Lumidouce Case is a turret, similar to Yae Miko’s ability. This Lumidouce Case will periodically deal Dendro damage to opponents within a large radius.

    When nearby opponents are currently affected by Burning, they will generate scents every 2 seconds. These scents can be collected by Lumidouce Case, and every 2 scents will cause Case to upgrade, increasing its damage and radius.

    Lumidouce Cases start at level 1 and can be upgraded up to level 2. However, please note that only 1 Lumidouce Case can exist at a time.

    Emilie’s Elemental Burst creates a level 3 Lumidouce Case that deals Dendro damage within a certain radius, similar to Ganyu’s Burst.

    Level 3 Elemental Burst does not collect any scents. Once the duration expires, a level 1 Lumidouce Case will be created. If there is an existing Lumidouce Case before Emilie’s Burst is used, Case will be recreated and its duration reset. This Burst has an energy cost of 50.


    Speaking of her Passives, Emilie’s first Passive will trigger once a level 2 Lumidouce Case has collected 2 scents. Once triggered, Lumidouce Case will release a stream of Cleardew Cologne that deals AoE Dendro damage equal to 600% of Emilie’s attack power. It’s worth noting that this damage is not considered elemental skill damage.

    Her second Passive will increase the damage dealt by burning to the opponent. Emilie will increase her damage by 15% for every 1,000 attack power she has, up to a maximum of 36% damage this way.

    To get the most out of this Passive, you’ll need 3,000 or more attack power, which can be achieved by using an attack buffer like Bennett in your Genshin Impact Account and activating Pyro Resonance.

    Finally, in lieu of a Utility Passive or Exploration Passive, Emilie has another Passive that protects your teammates from burning damage. When Lumidouce Case is present, all teammates will gain 85% Pyro resistance to resist burning damage.

    Talent Priority

    Before introducing Artifacts, we need to understand Emilie’s Talent priority: upgrade skills first, then Burst. Because level 1 and 2 Lumidouce Case will create scale according to skills, and her Burst will do good damage. But Emilie’s normal attacks don’t contribute much. You don’t have to upgrade them.


    Speaking of Artifacts, the new Burning Set, Unfinished Reverie, will be her best choice.

    Unfinished Reverie

    The 2 piece bonus of this equipment increases attack power, and the 4 piece bonus increases damage by up to 50% when there are burning enemies nearby. If there are no burning enemies for 6 seconds, the damage bonus will be reduced until it reaches 0.

    This equipment set is very suitable for Emilie because both require nearby enemies to be affected by burning to work. When this set was first announced, I thought it might be designed for a future character, and that future character turned out to be Emilie.

    Deepwood Memories

    Deepwood Memories is also a good choice if there are no other current party members. This set provides a Dendro damage bonus, and when the user’s skill or Burst hits the opponent, their Dendro resistance is reduced by 30%.

    Deepwood Memories is good choice for Emilie, but it is a better choice for other party members. Any party member can use Deepwood, and simply hitting the enemy with a Burst or skill will provide a Dendro resistance reduction.

    Golden Troupe

    Golden Troupe does not perform as well as the other two sets because it only provides an elemental skill damage bonus. While Emilie is able to deal a lot of elemental skill damage, her first Passive accounts for a large portion of her damage, and the damage caused by her Passive does not count as elemental skill damage.

    Although Golden Troupe provides the most elemental skill damage, the other sets perform better because of the increased damage of Passives.


    Before discussing stats, let’s talk about Energy Recharge. Emilie’s Burst creates a level 3 Lumidouce Case, deals quite a bit of damage, and then creates a level 1 Lumidouce Case. So it’s even possible to rely on her Burst alone to create a Lumidouce Case.

    Overall, her Burst is useful, but Energy Recharge required can be a bit high. Since Emilie has a 50 Energy cost and is off the field without a second Dendro unit on the team, Emilie needs about 160% to 180% Energy Recharge to sustain Burst. If you add another Dendro unit, Energy Recharge drops by 30% to 40%. However, I wouldn’t recommend charging Emilie that much, as you might start to lose damage.

    While her Burst still deals decent damage, sacrificing skill damage to sustain Burst isn’t worth it. However, these are just estimates and don’t take into account the fact that multiple waves of enemies.

    Therefore, for the main stats, it is not worth choosing Elemental Mastery to increase her burning damage. Ideally, choose Dendro damage, which you can use if your attack goblet has better substats and allows you to get extra stacks for her passive.


    When it comes to weapons, Emilie doesn’t have the most outstanding choices.

    So, as always, her signature weapon, Lumidouce Elegy, will be her best weapon. The weapon has base attack damage of 608 and a 33% increase in critical strike rate.

    As for its effects, it increases attack damage by 15%, and when the wielding character triggers burning or deals Dendro damage to a burning opponent, the damage dealt will be increased by 18%, up to 2 stacks.

    Once 2 stacks are reached, 12 energy will be restored, which can be triggered every 12 seconds. These effects can also be triggered off-field. This weapon provides Emilie with many powerful properties. It can even reduce your energy consumption by about 30% because it will provide additional energy.

    The other 5-star weapons are pretty good too, and not too far off from her signature weapon. Calamity Queller, Staff of Homa, and Staff of the Scarlet Sands are all good choices.

    Overall, Emilie does have some options available, including multiple 5-star weapons and some 4-star weapons, but seems to lack a strong free option.

    That’s all for this guide. Keep in mind that Emilie is still in beta, so the information in this guide may differ from the final version. Regardless, let’s look forward to her arrival!

  • Genshin Impact 4.6: What Impact Will The Latest Changes To Arlecchino Kit Have? - New Rotations & Teams

    Posted: Apr 08, 2024

    Recently, we discovered that Arlecchino's kit will undergo some changes in Genshin Impact 4.6, both in the form of buffs and nerfs. Here we’ll summarize some of her key changes, and with this guide you’ll find out if she’s been buffed, and if her best teams and rotations have changed as a result.

    Kit Changes

    Before starting teams with her, I would do a quick review of her kit changes and try to keep it as simple as possible so you’re not clueless.

    Earlier, we could only get 85% Bond of Life with Arlecchino in a single target situation. Of this, 70% comes from marks imposed by her abilities and 15% comes from her burst.

    But right now, Arlecchino’s Elemental Burst doesn’t offer 15% Bond of Life. In return, it resets the cooldown of elemental skills. This is a great addition, since elemental skills are her primary way of gaining Bond of Life. This means you can get at least two casts in one rotation.

    Not only that, but the way she once obtained Bond of Life has also changed. Now, if you perform a charged attack after applying the mark from her skill within 5 seconds, you will gain 40% Bond of Life. If you wait 5 seconds, you’ll get 70%.

    So this means if you get 70% from the first skill cast, and 70% from the next skill cast, you’ll get 140% Bond of Life.

    Also, since healing is transferred to her burst, the second skill cast will not clear her Bond of Life.

    And the base multiplier of her red death state has been increased. Her elemental skill cooldowns have been doubled from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, but each basic attack reduces her skill cooldowns by 0.8 seconds. Therefore, about 19 normal attacks will reduce the skill cooling time by about 15 seconds. And Bond of Life reduction rate of her normal attacks has been increased to 6.5%.

    In short, she can now get more Bond of Life with an increased multiplier, and in exchange, Bond of Life reduction rate has been increased to 6.5%. Although there were many buffs and nerfs in her kit, she ended up getting a significant buff. So now is definitely a good time to buy a Genshin Impact Account and try out Arlecchino!

    General Rotation

    Regarding her rotation, I have to remind you that you need to cast at least 2 skills per rotation to get the most out of her kit.

    You may want to get 110% of Bond of Life or 140%, depending on how long you want to rotate. You can start with her skill and wait 3-4 seconds. During this time, you can switch to your support. Then use Arlecchino’s burst and a charged attack.

    It should be noted that do not perform a charged attack before the burst, because her burst will clear Bond of Life. After using burst, use her skill again, then you can attack normally for 5 seconds or switch back to other supports.

    Next, switch to Arlecchino again and perform a charged attack. This will give you the maximum Bond of Life, which is 140%. Or you can use the ability at the beginning for a shorter rotation, then cast her burst, and a charged attack.

    Use the skill again and switch to support, then switch back to Arlecchino after 5 seconds and perform a charged attack, then continue sending your normal attacks.

    Please note that this rotation will vary depending on your team, but this will be the general rotation.

    Which Is The Best Choice For Arlecchino Team?

    As Arlecchino’s rotation gets longer, it makes her harder to use with characters like Bennett or Yelan, as those characters have shorter buff durations and don’t fit into her rotation.

    Of course, you can still use her with Bennett, but the character in the spotlight right now is Chevreuse. Because Chevreuse has long-lasting buffs, Arlecchino can easily take advantage of them.

    Therefore, the best team to go with Arlecchino right now would be Chevreuse Overload team.

    For the next two slots, you need to adapt to these long-rotating roles. The perfect characters for these two slots are Fischl and Yae Miko, as you can easily get 100% uptime on their elemental skills.

    A quick swap team like this will make playing Arlecchino easier for you, as you can easily swap back to Chevreuse, Fischl, or Yae Miko to refresh buffs and skills.

    But if you don’t have Yae Miko, you can also use any other Electro Sub-DPS like Beidou, Kuki Shinobu, Lisa or Raiden Shogun. Alternatively, you can use Pyro Buffer or another Sub-DPS like Bennett or Xiangling in her place.

    But I don’t recommend using Bennett against light enemies, because overload can push them back, meaning you can easily get out of Bennett’s circle.

    Regardless, this is her best team lineup. Of course, you can still use her on other teams, such as Mono-Pyro team with Xiangling, Bennett, and Kazuha. Or you can use her in a Vaporize team with Yelan or Xingqiu and Bennett.

    But for now, Arlecchino is a perfect fit for Chevreuse. Therefore, I hope she will be added to Arlecchino’s banner so that every Arlecchino main can have her. Please let me know what your Arlecchino team is. See you next time!

  • Genshin Impact 4.5: Check Out This Concise Build Guide To The 5-Star Rerun - Kazuha

    Posted: Apr 02, 2024

    With Kazuha a rerun in Genshin Impact 4.5, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore and refine a outstanding build tailored specifically for him, maximizing your damage potential every step of the way. So, let’s dive right in how to build the ultimate Kazuha!

    Passive Talents

    Starting off with his talents, since Kazuha is a character whose buffs mainly scale from Elemental Mastery, leveling him up is actually very essential. Normal attacks for Kazuha are standard stuff, nothing too important. If you're interested in playing this character, get a Genshin Impact Account with Kazuha!

    However, leveling up this normal attack will result in more damage from the A1 passive Elemental skill, the main source of his crowd control. He lunges up in the air, pulling enemies in, and with a normal click, he does a plunge damage dealing damage to the enemies.

    Elemental Skill

    He also has 2 variations of Elemental Skill: Tap and Hold versions. In different scenarios, Tap and Hold versions have their own use cases. Ascension Passive, which is by far the most important Ascension Passive that Kazuha has. Also, a key thing to remember is that Kazuha can swirl 2 different elements in this manner, thus providing the elemental damage bonus to 2 elements.

    Elemental Burst

    Moving on to his Elemental Burst. Apart from making us completely blind for its entire duration, here's what else his Elemental Burst, the Kazuha Slash, does: It deals with an instance of Slash damage which scales from Attack, and then it creates an elemental field which observes a certain element. It can swirl an element from an enemy, which gives you the A4 passive. It can consistently swirl enemies, and the absorption priorities are based on Pyro > Hydro > Electro > Cryo.


    The weapons for Kazuha can be divided into 2 broad categories: ER and EM weapons:

    Freedom-Sworn: Freedom-Sworn stands out as Kazuha's signature weapon and his best option. However, it's worth noting that Freedom-Sworn is the only weapon among the mentioned options that lacks ER, necessitating the use of an ER Sands to meet the energy requirement for Kazuha's burst cooldown.

    Sacrificial Sword: The Sacrificial Sword offers Kazuha the ability to reset his skill cooldown when the passive is triggered. While this weapon can be beneficial for Kazuha, it's often considered more suitable for characters like Xingqiu. However, if you possess 2 R5 Sacrificial Swords, you can allocate one to Kazuha.


    Now, let's move on to the constellations for Kazuha. Kazuha is a character who is absolutely great at C0. However, his constellations do bring him some value.

    • C1 reduces the cooldown of his skill by 10%, and after using his burst, his skill cooldown is reset, so you can actually go and execute a combo.
    • C2 gives Kazuha 200 additional EM inside the burst radius and increases the EM of every party member by an overall 200, a great damage buff to the entire team. Should be an excellent stopping point if you are a die-hard Kazuha fan.
    • C3 increases the skill level by 3 levels.
    • C4 allows Kazuha to run a slightly low amount of ER, and also, whenever you glide with the C4, you also regenerate particles for your burst, so that's a really nice handy quality of life upgrade.
    • C5 increases the burst level by 3 levels.
    • C6 gives Kazuha 5 seconds of Anemo Infusion on his normal attacks after you use his skill or burst, a great DPS constellation.


    Moving on to his artifacts, 4-piece set of Viridescent Venerer. That's the artifacts that you should aim for, be it a DPS build or an EM support build. 4-piece Viridescent Venerer is the best value, providing resistance shred and increasing swirl damage, benefiting Kazuha's entire kit a lot. So, 4-piece Viridescent Venerer provides you 60% extra Swirl damage and 40% elemental resistance shred on the infused element.

  • Genshin Impact 4.4: A Concise Overview Of Yae Miko - Weapons, Artifacts & More

    Posted: Mar 01, 2024

    With the reappearance of Yae Miko’s Banner, now it’s perfect time to provide an enhanced and user-friendly Genshin Impact build guide for optimizing Yae Miko's potential. I will cover weapons choices, artifact sets and more you need to know about. So let's dive in.

    If you are interested in Yae Miko, you can get a Genshin Impact Account with this character.


    For weapons, choosing the right one is crucial. The Kagura's Verity is obviously her signature weapon and is tailor made for Yae Miko. Even the buffs stack 3 times every time you cast an elemental skill, which is perfect for Yae Miko because she casts her elemental skill 3 times. So, if you have this, obviously pick this one.

    If you’re looking for alternatives, A Thousand Floating Dreams is actually a good pick for Yae Miko, especially if you’re trying to run a dendro team. Other viable options include the Skyward Atlas, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, and Memory of Dust for 5-star weapons.

    Among 4-star options, the Widsith stands out as the best choice. It’s technically her best four-star weapon, so if you have the opportunity to obtain it, you should pick it. While the Solar Pearl can be a good pick, especially if you weave in normal attacks with your charge combos, the Widsith remains the preferred option.

    Considering the recent Fontaine content update, the Flowing Purity emerges as a viable weapon choice for Yae Miko. It enhances elemental damage, making it a favorable option. However, it comes with a caveat - you’ll need a healer capable of clearing the 1,000 HP Bond of Life effect triggered when casting an elemental skill with Flowing Purity. Despite this requirement, it’s still a solid pick and currently stands as the best free-to-play weapon for Yae Miko.

    Artifact Sets

    When it comes to artifact sets, I recommend focusing on 2 specific sets: the Gilded Dream set and the Golden Troupe set. Avoid selecting any other sets if your goal is to optimize Yae Miko’s off-field damage output. The Golden Troupe set proves to be highly effective, offering significant viability, especially if Yae Miko isn’t frequently kept on the field.

    For those aiming to build Elemental Mastery teams or dendro-focused setups, the Gilded Dream set remains an excellent choice. This set provides valuable buffs to both attack and Elemental Mastery, enhancing Yae Miko’s performance in such team compositions.


    When selecting artifact main stats for Yae Miko, consider prioritizing either attack percentage or Elemental Mastery for the Sands slot. In the Goblet slot, opt for Electro Damage to maximize her elemental capabilities. For the Circlet slot, choose either CRIT Rate or CRIT Damage based on your team’s needs.

    In terms of substats, prioritize crit rate and crit damage for optimal damage output. As a secondary priority, focus on attack percentage and Elemental Mastery, ensuring that your team has sufficient Energy Recharge to sustain Yae Miko’s abilities.

    Constellations & Talents

    If you’re not aiming for Constellation 6 (C6), Constellation 2 (C2) serves as the ideal stopping point for Yae Miko. This constellation enhances her turrets by increasing their level and extending their range to cover a significant portion of the Abyss Floor, allowing her to effectively target enemies across various distances.

    When developing the talents of the Yae Miko, priority is given to Elemental Mastery talents, followed by burst ability. Finally is her normal attack. You can afford to neglect her normal attack in favor of maximizing the effectiveness of her Elemental Skill and burst damage.

    Team Compositions

    When forming teams for Yae Miko, it’s important to note that she excels as an off-field damage dealer, primarily deploying turrets to deal damage. Therefore, she functions well as a sub DPS alongside various teammates. Here are some of my team composition recommendations:

    • Raiden Shogun Team: This team mirrors the national team composition, but with the addition of 2 pyro characters: Bennett and Xiangling. Include Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun in the lineup. Yae Miko serves as the sub DPS, while Raiden Shogun acts as the main DPS, utilizing overloads with Xiangling and benefiting from Bennett’s buffs and healing.
    • Aggro-Based Team: Construct a team featuring Zhongli, Nahayaiko, and Thoma. The flexibility of this team allows for interchangeability based on your roster. Nahida, Yae Miko can be substituted with Yaoyao, and Thoma with Albedo. Zhongli functions as the primary shielder, while Yae Miko deploys turrets and synergizes with Thoma, Nahida and Yae Miko for quicken and aggro reactions.
    • Chevreuse Team: This team centers around overloads, leveraging Chevreuse Ascension 4 passive to enhance damage for both Electro and Pyro characters. Include Chevreuse, Yae Miko, and Bennett for added healing. While overload reactions may occur frequently, survivability is generally not a concern, making this team effective against bosses.
  • Genshin Impact: How To Easily Defeat The Deer Boss Solitary Suanni? - Location & Boss Fight

    Posted: Feb 06, 2024

    Here's a comprehensive breakdown of all the attacks executed by the Solitary Suanni deer boss, along with a demonstration of how to earn the associated achievement in Genshin Impact. Apart from these, don't forget to farm Cloudseam Scales while you're in the boss fight.

    Where To Find?

    The new deer boss appears is in Northern Leeway, a new area in Genshin Impact. Just take the teleporter to the south of the boss, and you don’t need to do any quest or story to unlock it. You can just run there and take these little flying things to reach the boss.

    How To Defeat?


    This boss can be made super easy by having a Cryo unit on the team. I will take this phase with Level 1 Charlotte as a example. You can use a Genshin Impact Account with other characters, I believe the boss fight will be more exciting. That doesn’t have any gear just to show that any Cryo will do.

    After a little, the boss will enter a Hydro phase. Hit it with Cryo to freeze it. After freezing it, hit it with something that reacts with a frozen unit like Pyro or Electro, or even Claymore or Geo. This will stun the boss for a long time and make it take more damage. Hitting it with Geo or Claymore while it’s frozen is also how you get the achievement.


    The second unique attack is an Anemo phase where it summons 3 Anemo orbs, and you need to hit those with one of the 4 key Elements to react to it and make them blow up. Having a catalyst user is the fastest way, but you can also use Elemental skills or charge shots from your archers.

    Here’s what happens when you don’t have a Cryo unit: the boss will not get interrupted during the eruptions, and it’s very hard to dodge all the attacks. The last slam does a lot of damage too. To properly avoid the last slam, use your burst at the right time or iFrame dash properly, but the timing can be pretty tight.

    The Anemo is similar, where there’s a slam at the end, and for me, the Anemo version is harder to dodge. The Anemo version also creates tornadoes that slow you down and damage you if you’re near it.

    Wind Water Combo

    Outside of those 2 unique transitions, the boss has very few attacks. There’s the wind-water combo where it does an AOE Anemo followed by a Hydrocodone attack. The Anemo part is simply to dodge and has a very long startup. It’s hard to iFrame through the cone, so I found it easier to dash to the side or diagonal towards the boss so you can get through the cone.

    Hydro Tail

    Next attack is 2 tail slashes. They are very easy to dodge. You might actually dodge too early and get hit by the second slash. Another tail slash is the Anemo version where it shoots homing missiles. It only does this when you’re far away, and the best approach is to iFrame towards the boss. You can also dash to the side, but I prefer going towards.

    Wind Water Slam

    The last 2 attacks are an Anemo and Hydro slam. There are 2 versions: the Anemo is very fast, and the Hydro is very slow. The Anemo can be hard to dodge since it’s pretty quick, but it doesn’t do much damage, while the Hydro has a pretty long tail, and it gives you a lot of time to avoid that blue circle on the ground. And that’s all the attacks.

    This boss is very easy if you bring a Cryo unit to avoid the water phase, and with a strong team, you can just ignore the Cryo and skip all the mechanics since you’ll kill the boss before it even gets to the water phase. But later on in the spiral, when this eventually gets there, you’re going to need to bring a Cryo in order to stop it from doing all that damage.

  • Genshin Impact 4.4: Everything We Know About The New Character Chiori Kit Post Update

    Posted: Jan 30, 2024

    Hello, gamers! The complete details of Chiori Kit have been unveiled nowadays in Genshin Impact. It has been confirmed that Chiori possesses a Geo Vision. Chiori’s Geo Vision was obtained in Inazuma, so it does not have Fontaine’s casing. As such, it is unlikely that Chiori will have an Ary system alignment.

    If you find interest in Chiori, you have the option to purchase a Genshin Impact Accounts with this character upon her release.


    Chiori has been leaked to be a sword user. Uncle PPs leak also details Chiori’s alleged Elemental Burst. According to them, Chiori has a short animation in which she wields a scissor. After that, 3 scissors spawn around her, rotating around her before opening. The nearby enemies will then explode. After this, 3 scissor symbols appear behind the character. White’s leak mentions that Chiori’s burst deals damage to nearby enemies, thus sustaining the previous leak, while also mentioning that it provides a buff to the active character on field. According to the leaker in a Reddit post, the scissor symbols created behind the active character will support normal attacks. This buff may be what her burst provides.

    One of Chiori’s alleged passive talents will boost the entire team’s Geo DMGs. Whenever the scissor is active, another leaked passive talent highlights a coordinated attack in Genshin Impact. When there is one active scissor, it will open, and when there are 2 or 3 active scissors, the coordination attack will see the scissor close.This coordination attack scissors are said to last 6 seconds, up to 3.


    Analyzing Chiori’s alleged gameplay kit leaks, it does seem like version 4.5 leaks about her being a support and sub-DPS unit seem accurate, with her Elemental skills’ ability to gather opponents and deal damage, probably Geo DMG. This could be a way of gathering opponents together in a similar way that Kazuha regularly does it.

    It does, however, seem like Chiori’s Elemental burst is the star of her kit. The leaks imply that Chiori will start dealing damage but then activate a series of effects that can be beneficial to the team comp in Genshin Impact. The reported Elemental Burst generates petite scissor symbols, offering a buff to the current character's normal attacks. This is envisioned as a means to bolster the main DPS character within the party. In addition to that, Chiori’s leaked passive talent further indicates her role as a support, as having the scissor symbols active can grant the team a Geo DMG buff.

    Final Thought

    With these 2 pieces of information, it can be interpreted that Chiori will be a Geo support unit, empowering Geo DPS heroes that rely on normal attacks for damage output, such as Arataki Ito or Ningguang. In Genshin Impact, what may indicate that Chiori can also operate as a sub-DPS is the fact that the leaks mention coordinated attacks.

    According to Uncle PP, Chiori's scissor symbols generated by her Elemental Burst can initiate coordinated attacks resembling scissors. Typically, these coordinated attacks take place even when the triggering character is not on the field, making them particularly suitable for support and sub-DPS roles. Raiden Shogun, Xingqiu, and Yanfei are some of the characters that provide the best and most consistent coordinated attacks in Genshin Impact, dealing damage and spreading their elements while off-field.

  • Genshin Impact 4.3: Everything You Should Know About The Phase 2 Character Banner

    Posted: Jan 19, 2024

    The second phase character banner for 4.3 patch has been released. However, is this banner really worth the pull? Without wasting time, let’s discuss it together. If you are interested in these characters, purchase a Genshin Impact Accounts is absolutely a good idea.

    5-Star Characters

    It's good to see that we have Raiden Shotgun and Yoimiya rerun!


    First, we discuss Yoimiya. She’s a Pyro main DPS that focuses on single-target enemies, famous for her hyper carry and overload teams. Yoimiya is also very suitable for fighting enemies that don’t want to stand still, for example, like the Thunder Manifestation in the Spira Bas. Plus, her normal attack range is far, and she has a really fun play style. Yoimiya is also a character with a simple play style that is very newbie-friendly, suitable for casual players too.

    Raiden Shotgun

    Next is the 5-star character, the one who receives the spotlight in the second phase Banner – it’s the Raiden Shotgun or known as the Electro Archon. She has a role as a battery sub DPS and can even be a main DPS, especially since the release of Dandro. Raiden Shotgun’s value has increased even more and has become one of the best choices as an Electro applier and battery in several team comps. Electro battery sub DPS makes her very flexible in a lot of team comps.

    4-Star Characters

    So far, the 2 5-star characters look tempting, but what about these 4 stars?

    Kujou Sara

    The first 4-star is Kujou Sara, one of the 4-star support characters that is very good, especially for your Electro DPS. Kujou Sara can give additional Electro crate damage and a high attack buff, perfectly fitting with the 5-star that is currently on the rate up – the Raiden Shotgun. If you already have Sara, I recommend C6 for her for even more Electro damage.


    The second 4-star is Bennett. There is no doubt about this 4-star – Bennett is one of the best supports in Genshin Impact. Bennett’s ultimate can provide massive heal and attack buffs, making him a very flexible support for many DPS. If you have Bennett, I recommend C1 for the maximum attack buffs. C2 is also good for increasing energy recharge, and if you want to go all in, I recommend pulling his C5 for additional ultimate talent level, which means more buffs and heals.


    The last 4-star is Chevreuse, the new 4-star character in this patch. Chevreuse is a special support character for Overload Reactions. This might be the time for you to use an overload teamcomp, because this elemental reaction is rarely used by Genshin Impact players. But the arrival of Chevreuse will change that because she will make overload meta.

    Additionally, Chevreuse can provide a little heal from her skill. If you want to get her constellation, I recommend at least taking her C1 because it can give more energy regeneration to the team. If you want to go all in for her, take her C6, which is also very good for adding heal and buffs from Chevreuse!

    Final Thought

    That’s the discussion for banner characters in the second phase of 4.3 Genshin Impact. It can be concluded that this second patch banner is very worth the pull. They got a great single-target DPS and the most flexible Electro characters as the 5-star. We also have 3 4-star characters who have a support role and are perfect for complementing your party. If you combine all of them, then you got yourself a full Cyber team.

  • Genshin Impact: Who Is The Best DPS Characters? - Yoimiya, Ayaka & Raiden Shogun

    Posted: Jan 12, 2024

    I will compare 3 DPS characters in Genshin Impact by doing some boss fights - Yoimiya, Ayaka and Raiden Shogun. So, let’s find out who’s the strongest. I am sure that the results may surprise you! Now all of them are at C0. None of them have their signature weapon. So this showdown is completely fair. But in all seriousness, this showdown is going to be really close.


    Yoimiya may have her signature weapon, but she doesn’t have her best in-slot artifacts. Because even after farming the emblem domain for months, I didn’t get a good piece. And for the same reason, Raiden has mediocre artifacts. And she is using a mediocre weapon, so her C2 just makes up for that.


    Now that leaves Ayaka, she doesn’t have her signature weapon, and she is at C0, but, she got the support of Shenhe with her signature weapon. So this showdown is gonna be an interesting one.

    And on that note, Ayaka’s banner is ending soon, so if you want to get her or her weapon, you need to get a Genshin Impact Account with this character quickly or you will not have an incrediable experience.

    Raiden Shogun

    The last one I want to compare with is the Raiden Shogun. She is considered to be one of the best sub-DPS characters in the game. Thanks to her Elemental Skill, which creates an eye that deals periodic Electro Damage to enemies. Her weapon is

    Boss Fight

    1. Inazuama Boss

    Let’s start with an Inazuama boss, because all of them are from Inazuama. Here is the side-by-side comparison.

    Starting off with Ayaka. Ayaka finishes off the 1st part of this boss battle within 6s, and completed the rest in 5s. So in-total, she took 11s to finish off this boss.

    Next-up, we have Raiden Shogun. In comparison, Raiden shogun has done the 1st phase in just 4s, and then it was an instant kill. So let’s say, she took about 5s to kill this boss.

    Now it’s Yoimiya’s turn. When it comes to Yoimiya, she took 6s for the 1st part, and 5s for the rest. Which means, in-total, she also took 11s like Ayaka to kill this boss. So the winner of the 1st round is Raiden Shogun.

    2. Matrix Boss

    Now a similar thing happened while fighting the Matrix boss. Here is the side-by-side comparison. You must have guessed that Raiden Shogun has won the next round as well. And that’s exactly what happened.

    This time, Raiden Shogun took 6 seconds, while Ayaka and Yoimiya has taken 8 seconds respectively, to defeat this boss. So again, the winner is Raiden Shogun.The Raiden Shogun took the lead again. While Ayaka and Yoimiya have fallen behind, and took the same amount of time to defeat this boss. So the winner of this round is also Raiden Shogun. 

    Which means, Raiden Shogun is the winner of this showdown. But honestly, 2-3 seconds difference is not huge. So all of them are great DPS, and you can choose for anyone you like.

  • Genshin Impact: A Complete Guide On Skipping The Chasm - The Chasm Delvers Quest

    Posted: Jan 06, 2024

    We’re talking about a very special system optimization released with the last update in Genshin Impact. Previously, progression of the main story, Archon Quest 'Requiem of the Echoing Depths', was locked behind a series of world Quests called the Chasm Delvers—a series taking place in the chasm.

    Since this is a pain point for many players, I’m going to guide you on the steps required and guide you through this process in case you are one of those players. Be sure that your Genshin Impact Accounts are available.

    Get Into The Chasm

    First of all, let’s start 'Requiem of the Echoing Depths' by talking to Katheryne. After talking to Katheryne, we have the quest to look for the miner who posted the commission at the chasm. This is quite near the chasm, and we’re just going to use this teleport Waypoint to go there. After talking to him, the next quest is to enter the chasm underground mines.

    Now, if you open your map, then go to the chasm, they’ve added a very convenient Waypoint that skips these World Quests. But for players that just want to focus on the Archon story, the main story without having these other Quests get in the way, this is very nice. So, we’re going to teleport there, and we automatically enter a scene.

    Skip The Chasm

    Navigating The (Archon Quest) Chasm Section, a few things to keep in mind when doing it like this. First, the map and the mini-map over there will be covered in fog, and you can’t really see exactly where you’re going. The Chasm Delver World Quests have you get the Lumin Stone and light up all these areas so it’s not covered in black fog. However, it’s not really necessary to know where you’re going because you always have these neat little Quest markers. You can mitigate this somewhat by going into settings and graphics and turning the brightness a bit up, at least until you’re out of the chasm.

    Once you get to the next Quest marker, there’s another scene. After the scene, there will be a minor battle. Then we will into another scene, and we’re just going to continue on to the next marker. After the next scene, we’re just going to traverse over some broken platforms, and we have another battle to do.

    After the battle, there is an opening in the ceiling, along with some vines on the wall. We’re going to go there to continue the story. There is another minor battle here. From there, just a bit forward, is our next Quest point. We’re just going to hop over these broken platforms, follow this Ciel while we’re here, we can activate the upside-down teleport Waypoint as well and continue on through this massive hole in the wall, making our way to the next objective which just requires a little bit of jumping and flying.

    From here, we’re just going to take a right, jumping over some broken platforms until we get to the next Waypoint. And from here, we’re actually not going to go through the hole in the wall. We’re actually going to climb up this wall and go through this hole in the wall and follow this Vine all the way to the next Quest Point. There’s another opening on the left. we’re just going to glide over there, hop up, and here’s our next Quest point. After the scene, we’re just going to continue on, following the quest marker.

    We do have to investigate some things here, just looking around this hill of Trail Camp. After the next scene, we’re just going to leave. We then have a bit of a tougher fight versus an Abyss Herald. Preferably, while entering this area, you would have some cryo or dendro to help get rid of its Shield a little faster, but we’re just going to persevere, and it’ll take a little longer.

    Once the battle in the story is over, we have to make our way back to the top here. I found it easiest just to teleport back to this Waypoint we unlocked a little earlier. And directly in front of us is this Void I’m going to touch, which will teleport us back to the center.

    Now we have to destroy all these charging devices. We’re going to touch it, and we’ll have some more battles to do. In this first room, we got some Abyss Mages, and once they’re defeated, we’re just going to destroy this device, and then we can go back in the portal and do the other 3. The last one we completed was next to this upside-down teleport Waypoint.

    Chapter 3 Starts

    That actually marks the end of the quest. Going into our Quest log, we can now do in Chapter 3, Act one, which of course takes place in Sumeru. So, for those that don’t necessarily want to explore the chasm immediately and just want to focus on the Archon Quests, this change helps with that immensely. And of course, actually getting to Sumeru and the next Archon Quest isn’t hindered either. You can just walk there from the above-ground chasm area, and right over there is where act 3 would start.

  • Genshin Impact 4.4: Is Gaming Worth Being Pulled As F2P At C0?

    Posted: Jan 05, 2024

    Here, I am going to talk about Gaming in Genshin Impact's upcoming 4.4 update and determine if he is worth for F2P

    To help you understand him better, I will go over his skill, burst, and then talents followed by an assessment. 

    If you have played the game Genshin Impact, you will know that generally new characters are very difficult to pull. You need to accumulate enough Primogems in advance to have a chance to obtain them. Therefore, buying Genshin Impact Accounts directly will be your best choice!


    Beginning with his skill, Gaming basically moves forward and then shoots up into the air where he gets a special attack. 

    Using this specific attack, he essentially descends and inflicts pyro damage, which scales separately from the standard plunge attack scaling.

    With the skill, he will also lose 15% of his max HP each time but he will not lose HP if he is below 10% HP. 

    The skill has a 6-second cooldown, which is actually pretty good. But the reason why the skill may seem a little basic other than the fact he is a 4-star is because of how it is used during the burst. 


    Through his burst ability, Gaming will summon a lion and receive an initial set amount of healing. Won’t be lion, it will run to a target and deal AoE pyro damage, and then will link up with Gaming again by rolling back to him. 

    Once linked up, Gaming's skill cooldown will reset and will allow him to do the skill again. Since the skill uses some HP, if Gaming's HP is above 50% after using the skill, then the lion will deploy again and do the same thing, and then reset his cooldown again. 

    The primary source of his damage emanates from this aspect, and I find it intriguing as it truly highlights his skill.

    The thing with the skill though is that it consumes 15% of max HP so it’ll only take 4 uses of the skill to get below 50%. So, you really do need a healer to keep him above 50% to get max skill uses. 


    Now that the burst and skill are out of the way, I’ll get into his talents

    With his first talent, it basically states that when using the plunge attack during his skill duration, he will regain 6% of HP, so in reality he would only be losing 9% HP during each skill. This does make it better where he can have up to 6 uses of the skill during the burst. But since HP can fluctuate from enemies hitting you and whatnot it still is ideal to have a healer. 

    The second talent is kinda similar to Bennett’s burst, where if he has above 50% HP then his plunging damage is increased by 20%. And if he has less than 50% HP then his incoming healing bonus is increased by 20%. This is once again a reason why it’s important to keep him above 50% to maintain the maximum damage output possible for him. 

    Lastly, his third talent increases movement speed by 10% throughout the day, which is the opposite of Rosaria who does it throughout the night. This could prove beneficial since they complement each other, enabling a consistent movement speed when used together. 


    Overall, I do think that Gaming has huge potential to deal insane amounts of damage in melt teams or maybe even vaporize teams where you can use Kokomi to heal while applying hydro

    However, if you have his first constellation, which basically states that the lion in his burst will heal him for 15% HP, you likely don’t need a healer anymore and now have an open slot.

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