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  • NBA 2K24: Here Are 15 Things You Need To Know Before Jumping In!

    Posted: Sep 06, 2023

    NBA 2K24 releases on September 8th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch, retailing for $69.99 on current gen consoles and $59.99 on PC and previous gen.

    It offers several new features improvements and gameplay changes aside from the presence of excessive micro transactions. Here are 15 things that you should know about before picking it up.

    1. Kobe Bryant (Cover Athlete)

    While last year’s title focused on Michael Jordan, this year is about Kobe Bryant.

    He’s the cover athlete for the Kobe Bryant and Black Mamba editions. But this is his fourth time headlining a title in the series with 24 representing his jersey number.

    Considering the legacy of the Los Angeles Lakers Legend from winning five NBA championships to an 18-time All-Star, it’s appropriate, especially with this year’s new Mamba Moments mode.

    2. Mamba Moments

    Like the Jordan Challenges in NBA 2K23, Mamba Moments sees players controlling Kobe Bryant throughout some of the biggest moments in his career.

    These include 2003, where he scored 12 three-pointers playing against the Seattle Supersonics and the 2001 playoffs against the Sacramento Kings with 48 points and 16 rebounds.

    There’s even a head-to-head confrontation against Michael Jordan to look forward to.

    3. ProPLAY

    A new feature that provides even more realistic animations is ProPLAY exclusive to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 and captured from real-world scenarios. 

    So, you’ll recognize signature moves from Steph Curry’s dribbling or Kevin Durant’s free throws. Whether it’s jump shots, layups, dunks or your average motions, it’s all captured faithfully, adding to the immersion.

    4. The City Returns 

    Of course, it wouldn’t be a modern NBA 2K title without the city and this year’s version exclusive to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 players is on the beachfront.

    You can expect street ball some typical rays and optional side quests as you climb up the ranks to reach the Hall of Fame. There are more details to come, so it remains to be seen how this improves in NBA 2K24.

    5. The Neighborhood Returns 

    For PS4 Xbox One and PC players, there is the Neighborhood. 

    It’s also set on the coast with Cliffside sites to discover and streamline quests. You can take on other players with the My Player System receiving some revamps and improvements. 

    Again, further details are pending, but at least it’s a brand new location instead of venturing on the G.O.A.T. Boat for a third year running.

    6. MyCAREER

    MyCAREER is again the place to create a custom NBA player and some significant changes have been made. In any case, NBA 2K24 MT Points are helpful for you to achieve quick customization!

    You can now start with a template based on different NBA players. These can be adjusted however you like, offering a good baseline for new players.

    Takeovers are removed from the MyPLAYER creation process and each position has seen its max height and weight updated and much more.

    7. Badges 

    Badges have also seen an overhaul.

    There are 77 in total, with 24 being brand new to the game, though several, like Limitless Takeoff, Volume Shooter, and Bully, are removed. They’re split into S, A, B, and C tiers with different attribute requirements. And some levels dynamically change based on usage, though none of them will drop below bronze.

    Progression on each badge knits special perks, like Overdrive for increasing badge progression in games or the seasonal High-Risk for accelerated progression in PvP at the cost of losing it faster if you use it less.

    8. The W Mode 

    The W returns this year with players creating a character and rising through the ranks of the WNBA. Of course, this process requires the support of a large number of 2K24 MT Coins.

    You can choose the prospect to play as the number one overall draft pick or the MVP from overseas, aka the Undiscovered Gem, each with different starting OVRs.

    As you play through, a season in pursuit of greatness assigns a rival to compete against the route. You also have 3v3 street games good for earning batch perks or going up against legendary players.

    9. Favorite Plays 

    NBA 2K24 still offers Rookie difficulty for new players to jump in and cut their teeth. 

    However, there are also favorite plays, comprising up to 16 of the most plays for quick access. 2K Smart Play also returns and provides a pop-up that advises on the best player and action for a given scenario.

    Thus, familiarizing newcomers with the ins and outs of play.

    10. Comp and Substitutions 

    Do you want full control over your AI teammates? A new freelance comp is available with no pass or cut actions and favorite plays are on standby.

    New double action plays also allow for more combos. You also have new lineups and substitutions with the AI now keeping scores on the floor instead of subbing out all the players at the same time. 6 main lineups are also supported.

    Thus, ensuring games remain more competitive.

    11. Shot and Layup Timing 

    Visual concepts promises more intuitive offense for all skill levels with more forgiving Shot Timing and Quick Play. MyNBA and MyTEAM though Hall of Fame and the city operate on green or miss for more challenge. 

    Shot Timing release time is now Shot Timing visual cue allowing you to follow different animation cues as a release point. As for Layup Timing, it’s enabled from the start and more forgiving while advanced moves, like hop steps, scoops, and reverses, are more potent.

    12. Paint Play and Dribble Breakdowns 

    Paint Play is adjusted to allow for going from an offensive rebound to attempting a putback with strength and weight making a difference. 

    Dribble Breakdowns are also interesting, as players can utilize regular breakdowns by pressing up on the right analog stick.

    However, while sprinting, doing this triggers an aggressive breakdown for signature moves that branch into a drive or allow for separation. 

    More dribble combos, like double crosses and hesitation crosses, are also included.

    13. Takeover Changes 

    As noted earlier, Takeovers have changed instead of assigning one from the outset.

    You now fill the Takeover meter and choose from different categories of the same, like shooting, play making, finishing, physicals and defense rebounding

    It allows for adjusting your strategy based on the game fill up the second meter for a double takeover. And you can choose two categories with the Mamba mentality, boosting all attributes for the same.

    14. System Requirements 

    If you played NBA 2K23 on PC, then the requirements for NBA 2K24 will look very familiar.

    15. Crossplay and Cross-Save 

    Cross-platform play is supported for all modes, but only PS5 and Xbox series X/S. It can also be disabled though that will probably affect matchmaking times. 

    There’s also cross progression on the same console family for MyTEAM, including tokens, cards, NBA 2K24 MT and the VC Wallet. So, players on PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S can maintain their progress.

    Of course, you’re out of luck when going from PlayStation to Xbox.

  • NBA 2K24: How To Earn NBA 2K24 MT Effectively? - A Complete Guide

    Posted: Sep 06, 2023

    As we all know, the release date of NBA 2K24 has been confirmed as September 8th, and no delays are expected. When you first get into NBA 2K24, players typically want to climb the ranks in MyTeam mode quickly. The most obvious way to do this is by accumulating NBA 2K24 MT Coins. This can also have a big impact on your subsequent development.

    So, here we will dive into the different ways and tricks to earn MT in 2K24 and maximize your earning potential to start your coins-making journey.

    What Is NBA 2K24 MT?

    First, MT is an in-game currency used to purchase Boxes, Packs, Player Cards, Shoes, Jerseys, Contracts, and other in-game items in MyTeam mode. You need to take part in various games, challenges and auctions to get MT.

    How To Earn NBA 2K24 MT?

    If you want to earn some quick 2K24 MT in NBA 2K24’s MyTeam mode, there are a few ways to do it.

    Play As Much As Possible

    Of the many ways to earn 2K24 MT Coins in NBA 2K24, the most straightforward is simply to play as much as possible. Because you will receive some 2K24 MT at the end of each game. It is enough for these MTs to accumulate slowly. In addition to this, the amount of 2K24 MT you get will increase as the season progresses.

    Also, don’t forget to log in everyday to play MyTeam mode. Every day you log into this mode, it will reward you with free 2K24 MT.

    Sell Remaining Players On Auction House

    Second, the auction house itself offers players a range of ways to earn NBA 2K24 MT Coins. If you have some unwanted players on your MyTeam roster, you can sell them on the NBA 2K24 Auction House. And you can also try to get the players you want at a cheaper price.

    So, you go to this ‘Auctions’ tab on MyTeam menu and select the player you want to sell. Next, you need to set the starting price and duration of the auction, and wait for someone to buy your player. This is a great way to earn extra 2K24 MT Points, especially if you have a lot of players to spare.

    It’s important to note, though, that it’s important to know the best time to sell NBA 2K24 cards. Card prices on the market change rapidly, and you should always pay attention to specific days of the week:

    • 1. Late Sunday night to early Monday morning: Players often sell cards at the lowest price. You can buy some items for yourself or resell them for 2K24 MT Coins.
    • 2. Thursday night and Friday morning: Peak hours are the best time to profit from the cards. There are many online players, and the card price will rise.
    • 3. Weekends and Mondays: Time for players to unlock weekly event rewards. The market is flooded with cards of all kinds, and their prices have dropped accordingly.

    Complete Challenge

    Alternatively, the official Challenges tab in NBA 2K24 also has a series of tasks you can complete earning NBA 2K24 MT.

    NBA 2K24 offers a variety of Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Lifetime Challenges on a regular basis. You can earn NBA 2K24 MT Points by completing these challenges in MyTeam mode.

    Play Multiple Game Modes

    Finally, another way to earn NBA 2K24 MT quickly is to play multiple game modes every day. Through Challenge, Triple Threat, Unlimited Showdown, Draft, and Domination will also net players 2K24 MT. And different difficulty levels have a direct impact on rewards.

    You can also use player cards to achieve various Season Agendas when you win matches. This will increase your XP and overall MyTeam level. At certain levels, you may receive additional NBA 2K24 MT Points as a reward.

    Also, one reward is Ascension MyTeam Board, where you choose cards to flip over to earn prizes. Many of these cards contain varying amounts of NBA 2K24 MT Coins.

    Following the above methods can help you successfully get NBA 2K24 MT. But these methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you do not have enough time and energy to earn 2K24 MT, then, which has enough 2K24 MT for sale, may be your best choice. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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