Animal Crossing Summer Guide: How To Set Up You Pool?
Animal Crossing Summer Guide: How To Set Up You Pool?

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a seasonal game, in July, for players living in the northern hemisphere, summer begins, they started to endure high temperatures and hot climate, so it is a very cool thing to stay under the water, such as swimming or diving.

You are able to collect all kinds of sea creatures when swimming and diving near the islands, you can keep them yourself, or donate them to Blathers at the museum.

Not only they can have fun swimming in the river, the players of Animal Crossing New Horizons are looking for new ways to create more fun, and their next goal is to set up the pool.

Although the pool in Animal Crossing New Horizons is tiny, players are very good at using various decorative objects to improve its visual effects, such as floor tiles and wallpaper.

Moreover, players can interact with the items in the pool, such as beach balls, slides and floaties. There is nothing more comfortable than soaking in water throughout the summer, isn't it? So, are you ready to dive into the water, or the pool? Don't forget to put on your wetsuit and shoes.

Also, you are able to receive the mermaid-themed DIY recipe set, allowing you to craft the recipes with shells, coral and other items, which can be found on the beach. And then, Pascal will trade you with pearls.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, almost everything can exchange for ACNH Bells, but it can also buy everything. There are multiple ways to make money, such as catching bugs, fishing, planting trees, etc, each of which is very easy to complete. This is also in line with the original intention of the game itself: no one will be required by the game's goal or economic requirements.

You can buy Animal Crossing Bells at IGGM, also another virtual currency, Nook Miles Ticket, where you are able to create a perfect shopping experience. In order to make your journey better, why not try the shop soon?

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