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Which is the Scariest Island in Animal Crossing?

Posted: Aug 17, 2020

Due to the global pandemic, what Animal Crossing: New Horizons represents is limited in real life: the ability to travel and find solace outdoors. But in this game, we can do things that we can't do in real life. This game is easy to play and presents a virtual aesthetic that we all look forward to. The best part is that you can't go wrong in the game, it's almost like a Second Life. The game is colorful and vibrant, but there is one ominous space in it, which is Aika's island. Originally it came from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the island has found its way to the New Horizons.

An Ominous Space

You enter Aika's island by dialing a code, and this code redirects you to it. As you can expect, the theme of this scary island is ruinous, and you are welcomed by a huge dinosaur fossil.

All the houses on the island are designed in a unique way and show what might have transpired. When exploring the island, you will also come across Aika's house. The house is decked in a birthday theme and there is a birthday cake. When her parents are not at home, you can see a picture of the family portrait. This island and Aika's home will give you an ominous feeling that something very dark must have gone down on her birthday. Throughout the island, you will find wrapped gifts that hint at the same things. There are many houses you can visit, and most of them have a sign of a harrowing experience.

What Does It Mean?

Aika's island attempts to present a rather terrifying landscape. Although there is no correct answer or correct explanation, there is a notice board on the island with a series of notes that may contain clues. They may have been left by Garakku who designed this island.

If you want to explore the fun of this game, you can take advantage of Animal Crossing Bells, which is the currency in this game. Buying clothes, furniture, capturing, etc, and you also need to participate in various activities to develop the island, all of which are inseparable from Animal Crossing Bells. If you are looking for a suitable website to buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells, then IGGM will be your most suitable choice. Because the price of animal crossing bells on IGGM is much lower than the market price, which means that at the same price, you can buy more animal Crossing Bells on IGGM. It's definitely worth it!


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