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You Are Not Able To See The Sea Bass In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Posted: Jul 20, 2020

Posted: Jul 20, 2020

Source:  IGGM

There is a common recreational activity in Animal Crossing New Horizons, fishing, the villagers are often seen standing by the river and fishing on the islands, this is also a way to make money. The types of fish are multiple, and among them, the sea bass is infamous, which has been caught by almost everyone, even tired of it. Therefore, a modder named "SmuggestGirl" first decided to eradicate the sea bass from the game through reducing the spawn rate of the fish to zero percent.

Throughout Animal Crossing New Horizons, people often claimed, "I caught a sea bass!" although this is quite common, it can still sell hundreds of bells. The villagers want to find rarer fish, they hate the sea bass, which often fools the fishermen.

With the mode, you never had to see another sea bass in Animal Crossing, now it is all quids, olive flounders, and red snappers.

Why did people hate the sea bass? There are too many sea basses in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but they are extremely low value. People could be given a rough idea of what fish they are going to catch by the size of the shadow the fish make under the water. Generally, larger shadows indicate some rarer and more valuable fish, except for the sea bass having a big shadow, but worth very little, which often confuses the villagers.

Not just fishing, the villagers of Animal Crossing can make ACNH Bells in various ways, such as catching bugs, planting trees, etc. Also, the Nook Miles Ticket has greater use in visiting the Mystery islands.

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