How To Earn Fallout 76 New Currency, Gold Bullion?
How To Earn Fallout 76 New Currency, Gold Bullion?

As the release of Fallout 76 Wastelanders, it added a new in-game tradable currency, Gold Bullion, which can be used to purchase advanced weapons and equipment.

While playing Wastelanders, players need to use Gold Bullion to maintain the economic balance in the game, compared to Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, there are more ways to get the new currency, also, the guide is to teach you how to earn it as soon as possible.

Before making Gold Bullion, you'd better figure out the limitations that players must complete the Wastelanders main quests first, luckily, these are not hard to reach.

The players are allowed to complete public events and daily faction quests for the Settlers or Raiders, and change Treasury Notes into Gold Bullion at a Gold Press Machine in Wastelanders located in both Foundation and Crater. Each Treasury Note can exchange 10 Gold Bullion, up to 200 Gold Bullion every day.

Also, caps and Gold Bullion can be exchanged with each other, at a rate of 1,000 Capes per 50 Gold Bullion, from a vendor located inside The Wayward called Smiley, who can only sell up to 300 Gold Bullion per week.

Both of the above methods prove that players can't obtain Fallout 76 new currency endlessly, which requires players to complete their daily faction quests and focus on grinding public events.

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