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Fallout 76: Where And How To Get The Cultist Clothes

Posted: Sep 01, 2020

Although there have been many bugs since the game was released, actually in Fallout 76, the player trend needs to do a lot of things. In the Appalachian Wilderness Journey, players can complete the major quests, and they can also complete countless side quests.

Another interesting thing that Fallout 76 offers players is the ability to complete different challenges every week. These games require players to obtain specific items or kill a certain number of enemies or beasts out in the wild. Some recent weekly challenges require players to put on specific items when completing game actions.

Where To Get The Cultist Clothes?

Players may not immediately realize a major problem with this challenge: there is no clothing called Cultist Clothes in Fallout 76. If the players don't know what the real name is, it will be difficult for them to find something in the game. In the game, Cultist Clothes refer to Ritual Bindings and Ritual Masks. Fortunately, these items can be found in several different areas on the map.

The easiest and most likely place for players to find these items is in the Lucky Hole Mine in the southeast corner of the map. If players travel southeast from The Wellspring Resort they will eventually stumble across these mines. Players should then find the entrance and begin looking around for their new outfit.

How To Get The Cultist Clothes?

Once players enter these mines, they will have their work cut out for them. The whole place is full of creatures like roaches, they just want to kill the players. There is also a group of mutant humans called Mole Miners, who have a variety of weapons. Once the player has cleared all these enemies, they will find themselves at the bottom of the mine, where there is a secret room hidden behind a bush. In this secret room, players can find their Ritual Bindings, Ritual Masks and a brand new Serrated Cultist Dagger.

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