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Fallout 76 Trap Camp Forces Victims To Do Math Problems, Or Burns Them Alive

Posted: Jan 10, 2020

Posted: Jan 10, 2020

Source:  IGGM

Do you think math is a challenging subject? If you are required to solve a math problem fast in the camp before escaping, can you survive well? If not, you will be burned to death. This is a new function added in Fallout 76 by Bethesda, creating a math camp, which is also known as a trap to require the victim to solve a math problem.

In Fallout 76, when one player enters the camp, an automated door shuts and locks behind him or her, there is a math problem to write on the wall, and a keypad for entering the correct answer, which unlocks the door. If someone couldn't solve the math problem quickly enough, they will burn to cinders.

Is there anything more frightening than this? Many players saw the corpse burning in Fallout 76, and the creator of Fallout acknowledged that the inspiration for creating math camp after witnessing countless inescapable CAMP traps, so he added various math problems to the game in order to increase the difficulty of the entire game.

Let's see how the Math Camp works?

As entering the classroom, the players can find some basic tasks written on the blackboard, such as "Page 9 math homework due Monday", and there is a "tutoring room" in the back of the room. After entering, everyone would be locked inside it, the flamethrowers in the room will be activated at this time, the only way to escape is by solving the math problems and entering the correct four-digit number into the door's keypad.

Although these math problems on the wall are easy to deal with, players are easily panicked in a limited time and fail to complete simple calculations and be burned to death.It seems that this is not a simple trap camp, although it is not the first time to add such a camp in Fallout 76, it is clear that this can still bring much fun to players when they don't know the result every time flipping the switch.

After players were burned to death in the classroom, this is not over. They would come back, and grab their dropped belongings and do the math again in piece without the locked and fire. As a result, most players thought this camp was really funny and interesting, they are willing to come back to try again if they lost for fun.

It seems that Fallout 76 is becoming an interesting MMO, not just to torture players. In the past year, Fallout 76 has been questioned many times by players, and now it is working hard to restore its poor reputation.

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